Absolute Great Teacher

The lecture hall that was enough for 300 people to sit in was packed to the brim now. Many new students came over to watch the show, and there were even some teachers among them.

The whispers of everyone were like ants crawling across a leaf, emitting a slight rustling sound.

Zou Ping, 12 years old. 1st-level of body refinement realm.

Strength: 6. Very normal, nothing eye-catching.

Intellect: 5. The standard.

Agility: 6. Still very ordinary.

Will: 4. The temperament of a youth, not too stable.

Potential value: Above average

Note: No flaws, no strong points. For such students, I find it hard to muster the interest to give an evaluation.

After Sun Mo read the data, he turned to look at Zou An.

Zou An, 12 years old. 1st-level of the body refinement realm.

Strength: 6

Intellect: 5

Agility: 6

Will: 4

His potential value was a hair better than his elder brother.

Note: As expected of twins, their basic stats are basically the same. Suggestion for them to practice combination attacks to maximize the advantage of being twins.

Sun Mo knew the system classified potential value into seven tiers: extremely low, low, below average, average, above average, high, extremely high.

Zou Brother’s potential value was above average. In a class, they could be considered third-tier students. Their results would surpass the majority and if they worked hard, they might enter the top twenty or even exceed expectations slightly to enter the top ten. However, if they wanted to be in the top three, that was definitely impossible.

This pair of brothers didn’t even have a ‘high’ potential value. No wonder the system didn’t show any interest.

Seeing Sun Mo remain silent, Qin Fen thought that he was afraid. He complacently shook his head and pointed to the door with his chin. “If you don’t dare to compete, scram now. Don’t embarrass yourself here!”

“Would our number one great teacher in Jinling City be afraid?”

“Sun Mo, f*** him!”

“Sun Mo, I support you!”

A few intern teachers egged them on. Although people were cheering for Sun Mo, they actually wanted him to ‘die’ because they were jealous that he managed to recruit students. Hence, they wanted to egg him into battle.

Who was Qin Fen?

He was a graduate of Jixia Learning Palace, one of the nine famous schools. How could Sun Mo win? If he lost, he would be in an embarrassing position. At that time when the few students under him saw his true appearance, they would definitely feel cheated. If they took the initiative to resolve their master-student relationship, Sun Mo would have a stain on his reputation forever.

“My teacher is not afraid!”

Lu Zhiruo argued.

“What do you want to compete in?”

Sun Mo glanced at Yuan Feng. This fellow was still drooling and was like an idiot, vacantly staring around. He didn’t even know how to turn back when he knocked into a wall. He simply continued to try and walk forward.

“We are teachers, we definitely have to compete in our guiding abilities!”

Qin Fen’s voice was bright and clear. He confidently swept his gaze through the crowd. “I’ve already asked earlier. The cultivation bases of this pair of twins are the same. Their strength is relatively similar too. Why don’t we each instruct one of them? Two hours later, they will have a competition. Whichever side wins will be the one with a better teacher.”

The students nodded. This idea wasn’t bad.

“What if someone concedes intentionally?” Xuanyuan Po scratched his head. “Why don’t they just fight against me? The one who persists longer will be the winner!”


After Xuanyuan Po finished speaking, hissing sounds rang out from within the lecture hall as the other students cursed at him. (Aren’t you too brazen?)

The Zou students stared at Xuanyuan Po with unfriendly looks on their faces. They were all in the prime of their youth, who among them wouldn’t have an ego? How would they allow someone to step on them?

“A combat addict whose brain turned into muscle. Just by thinking about it, you will know it’s impossible for Qin Fen to agree. This is because he’s worried that you might throw the fight!”

Li Ziqi was speechless but on account of her junior martial brother, she explained, “Many great teachers are here for the student recruitment meet. If the Zou brothers have an outstanding performance, some great teachers might regard them highly. So, will they give it their all or not?”

“Are you all willing?”

Qin Fen glanced at the Zou brothers.

“We are willing!”

After the Zou brothers exchanged a mutual glance. Both of them agreed in unison. With such a good chance to display their abilities, only a fool would give it up. Looking at the number of people in the lecture hall and the spectators outside…this could already be considered a big scene.

“We should find one more respectable teacher as the judge. Things will be fair then.”

Li Ziqi suggested.

“Let me do it!”

Jin Mujie spoke.

Everyone turned their heads. When the students and teachers here saw the three golden threads on her white robe’s cuff and collar, their expressions immediately turned into one of respect as they bowed in greeting.

“Good day to Teacher Jin!”

These were the students.

“Teacher Jin!”

Then the teachers.

“Teacher Jin!”

Qin Fen was astonished. This incident actually drew her attention? His mind and spirit stirred. With a great teacher on the scene, there was no need for him to be afraid that Sun Mo would refuse to acknowledge the result.

As long as his performance was outstanding and was appreciated by Jin Mujie, he would be able to have much better days in the Central Province Academy in the future.

“The two of you first have an exchange of ten moves.”

Jin Mujie walked out of the crowd and instructed the Zou brothers.

After this pair of brothers learned of Jin Mujie’s identity, they were so agitated that they were trembling. After agreeing, they started to attack.

At this moment, how would they still remember Sun Mo and Qin Fen? They wanted nothing more than to show their abilities to Jin Mujie.

“Very well. Both of you can stop now.”

After the Zou brothers exchanged ten moves, they still wanted to continue, but they were stopped by Jin Mujie. “Their strengths are indeed comparable. Sun Mo, Qin Fen, you guys can select your candidate!”

“Zou An, are you willing to receive my guidance?”

Qin Fen asked, directly naming the younger brother.

Zou Ping started. His expression showed a hint of indignation and disappointment. Didn’t this mean that Qin Fen held his younger brother in higher regard than him?

“Don’t be depressed. Because you are the elder brother and would usually take care of the younger brother, your personality is also more mature. Hence, your strength should be slightly higher. I’m not willing to take advantage of Sun Mo; hence, I allowed him to choose you.”

Qin Fen explained.

“So this is the case!”

Zou Ping’s expression relaxed.

“Do you have any objections?”

Jin Mujie asked Sun Mo.


Sun Mo shook his head, but his eyes involuntarily surveyed Qin Fen. This fellow was as expected of a graduate from the Jixia Learning Palace, his judgment was pretty good.

Speaking of potential, Zou An was slightly better than Zou Ping.

“You guys can go and guide your respective student. Two hours later, gather at the public square before the teaching building for the competition!”

After Jin Mujie finished speaking, she involuntarily snuck a glance at Sun Mo. Her favorable impression of him became much weaker. He was after all inferior to a graduate from a famous school. He wasn’t able to tell that Qin Fen had seized a better student.

“Sun Mo, see you later!”

Qin Fen appeared very polite, but his heart was filled with a sense of superiority. (You are a salted fish graduate from a rubbish school. Most probably, you don’t know I’ve already won the starting gambit, right?)

“There’s no need for us to look for a classroom. This place is fine, it is pretty spacious.” After Sun Mo finished speaking, he clapped his hands. “Can I trouble everyone to leave? I want to proceed with the solo-guidance!”

Although the audience felt curious, they knew this incident concerned the reputations of the two teachers and the future of the Zou brothers. Hence, they didn’t cause a disturbance and decided to leave.

Zou Ping didn’t say anything. His heart was filled with trepidation as he looked at Sun Mo.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Sun is very awesome,” Li Ziqi consoled.

“That’s true.”

Lu Zhiruo nodded.

Jin Mujie was the last to leave. After that, Yue Rongbo closed the door and walked over. “That Qin Fen has some skill. Sun Mo, you shouldn’t do things according to what he said!”


Seeing that Yue Rongbo was clearly not optimistic about Sun Mo’s chances, Lu Zhiruo’s heart clenched.


Jin Mujie initially wanted to leave, but after she heard these words, she halted her steps. (Who’s this middle-aged guy? How could he see through Qin Fen’s scheme?) She had thought he was the parent of a student.

In order to prevent Sun Mo from cheating, Jin Mujie stopped and listened attentively outside the door. Her personality was strict and serious. If Sun Mo cheated, she wouldn’t show any mercy.

“Do you think he can win just by having good judgment?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Mn? You also saw through Qin Fen’s scheme? In that case, why didn’t you say anything?”

Yue Rongbo couldn’t understand.

“What scheme?” Xuanyuan Po scratched his head. “Can you guys make things clearer?”

“Zou Ping, don’t be fooled by Qin Fen’s words. In truth, he feels that you are inferior to Zou An. That’s why he took the initiative to ‘seize’ him.”

Sun Mo looked into Zou Ping’s eyes as he explained.


Zou Ping laughed. “You want to arouse my spirit of competitiveness? It won’t work. Me and my younger brother have sparred many times throughout the years, and we are relatively evenly-matched. Also, many elders have said that our level of talent is roughly the same.”

They were twins, how much different would their level of talents be?

“Teacher, if you only have such a minor trick up your sleeves, I’m afraid you won’t be able to win.”

Zou Ping didn’t think highly of Sun Mo anymore.

“You are mistaken. In terms of attacking, Zou An is more aggressive while you are calmer in comparison.”

Sun Mo waggled his index finger. “I think that usually in your spars, you would give in to your younger brother more, right?”


Zou Ping started. When he thought back, things were truly the case. Because he was the elder brother, although he was just older by a few minutes, he should have the appearance of an elder brother. There were many times where he would give in to his younger brother.

“It is fine if it’s a normal spar. But once this concerns your futures, the importance of this competition is far greater. Given Zou An’s aggressive personality, the chances of him winning are higher.”

In order to teach students better, back in his world, Sun Mo had bought over 1,000 books about psychology.


Zou Ping was stunned.

Outside the lecture hall, after Jin Mujie heard this, a look of amazement appeared on her face. After that, she showed a self-mocking smile. She had thought that Sun Mo was in the dark and she had even looked down on his identity as a graduate from a normal school.

Seeing Zou Ping’s expression, Li Ziqi knew that Sun Mo was correct. After that, she felt happy and proud. (Teacher Sun is truly awesome!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +10.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi. Neutral (96/100).

Upon hearing the system notification, Sun Mo snuck a glance at Lu Zhirou. (Ai…what an adorable dumb girl, she still doesn’t understand how awesome I am.)

However, it was fine. It was enough to have big breasts. After all, she could raise his luck.

As for Xuanyuan Po, Sun Mo had no hopes that this muscle-brained student could contribute a lot of favorable impression points. After he sighed, he suddenly started. Xuanyuan Po had already acknowledged him as a master, but the prestige connection between them hadn’t been activated yet!

There was no mistake. Xuanyuan Po hadn’t even contributed a single favorable impression point.

Yue Rongbo was surprised, his gaze was filled with even more admiration than usual. However, he still didn’t understand. “Since you know about this, why didn’t you bring it up and display an initial show of strength against Qin Fen earlier?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.