Absolute Great Teacher

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Qi Shengjia’s brain had always been slow. He didn’t know what to reply upon being asked like this. After a while, he suddenly remembered a reason. “There must be someone among the higher-ups who was jealous of Teacher Sun’s talent. This was why they forced him into the logistics department!”

Wang Hao shrugged. “Sure, sure. Whatever you say!”

“I’m not lying to you guys.”

Qi Shengjia was anxious. “I’m telling you guys this because I wanted you guys to get his guidance. If he used his massaging technique on you guys and allowed you to level up, how good would that be?”

Wang Hao’s heart stirred.

“Tell us how he guided you?”

Zhou Xu was more intelligent. He wanted to judge Sun Mo’s capability through the guidance process.

Qi Shengjia stated everything truthfully.

After Zhou Xu finished hearing it, he nodded. “Understood, actually he didn’t guide you much. He only gave you a massage.”

“Seems like Sun Mo’s massage techniques are not bad. We can try it!”

Right now, Wang Hao was stuck at the 4th-level of the body refinement realm for three months, showing no progress at all.

“It’s Teacher Sun!”

Qi Shengjia strongly emphasized. He had wanted to say that they didn’t have enough time last night, and so Teacher Sun only had time to help him recover and would guide him later on. However, he was interrupted by Zhou Xu.

“You should rest. We will go and take a look!”

The two of them walked out.

“You all have to be more respectful to Teacher Sun!”

Qi Shengjia reminded them. He lay down for a while, but he couldn’t feel at ease. Hence, he got up, wore his shirt, and went out to chase after his friends.


Li Gong kicked the door to the storehouse open, having an unfriendly look on his face. His gaze was like a razor blade, wanting to slice Sun Mo’s flesh off.

Sun Mo didn’t even lift his eyelids. He continued to practice the first level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.


Seeing Sun Mo ignoring him. Li Gong unhappily roared. However, this display of dominance was completely useless. During these few years in the Central Province Academy, he had seen quite a lot of intern teachers. The vast majority would be filled with trepidation when they first arrived. They were cautious and overly friendly, fearing that they might make mistakes.

However, this Sun Mo was very good indeed. He was extremely calm.

Despite having received the instructions from the logistics department head to chase Sun Mo out of the school, Li Gong had to admit that Sun Mo’s temperament was very good. In addition to his exquisite face, as well as his body that was as straight as a ramrod, he was indeed very good-looking.

“As expected, you have the capital to eat ‘soft-rice’.”

Li Gong mumbled. When he thought of his own ugly face, his unhappiness toward Sun Mo started to rise rapidly. He was preparing to ruthlessly teach Sun Mo a lesson.

“Oh, so you like to be a cripple?”

Sun Mo smiled lightly.

“You are the one who likes to be one!”

Li Gong angrily cursed.

“In that case, why is your attitude toward me, someone who can cure your lameness, so rude and unreasonable?” Sun Mo counter-asked.

“You can cure me?” Li Gong’s eyelids twitched.


Sun Mo’s words were simple and concise.


Li Gong’s chest heaved. He glared at Sun Mo with rage in his eyes. His fists were clenched tightly and wanted to hit someone. The mouth of this fellow was so toxic.

“If you don’t believe it, you can scram!”

Sun Mo’s attitude became domineering.

“Could it be that you don’t want to join the faculty after the internship?”

Li Gong threatened.

As the saying went, it was easy to talk to the Yama King but hard to deal with the little ghosts. For a foreman in the logistics department like Li Gong, he could truly make an intern die if he was determined to mess with them.

If the higher-ups arranged an intern under Li Gong, the intern would simply be in hell. After all, if an intern committed ‘too many mistakes’ during his internship, he would directly be fired. Whether the mistakes committed were a lot or little, it was naturally dependent on Li Gong’s judgment.


Sun Mo coldly laughed. Although An Xinhui was his childhood sweetheart and this school was also a part of his childhood, he absolutely wouldn’t give in and fawn on Li Gong.


Li Gong was so angered that his lungs felt as though they were about to burst. At this moment, a call of ‘Teacher Sun’ interrupted their conversation.

Qi Shengjia and his two friends stood at the door.

“This is the storehouse area, what are you doing here?”

Li Gong suppressed his temper.

“We are here to look for Teacher Sun!”

Qi Shengjia replied.

“Teacher Sun?”

Li Gong’s gaze was filled with suspicions as it landed on Sun Mo. “You are talking about him?”

There was no need for Qi Shengjia to reply because he directly pulled Wang Hao and Zhou Xu along as they jogged to Sun Mo. “Good afternoon, Teacher Sun!”


Li Gong was shocked. He had a foolish look on his face as he surveyed Qi Shengjia. He wanted to ask if Qi Shengjia had gone crazy? Sun Mo wasn’t even a teaching assistant!

“Teacher Sun, recently my cultivation hasn’t been smooth. I wish to seek your guidance!”

Zhou Xu had a glib tongue. He was the first to speak.

Sun Mo didn’t reply. He used Divine Sight and surveyed the two students.

The name ‘Wang Hao’ appeared above the head of the slightly shorter guy on the left.

Strength: 6, mediocre.

Intellect: 5, standard.

Agility: 6, mediocre.

Will: 3, extraordinary mediocre.

Potential value: below average.

Note: Don’t waste time on mediocre people.

“System, I thought you said I was toxic? Your notes are also quite brutal.”

Sun Mo glanced over. There wasn’t any especially dazzling data. Everything indicated mediocrity; it was so boring that people would fall asleep if they saw it.

As for Zhou Xu, he was slightly more good-looking, but his stats were mediocre as well. However, his potential value was slightly stronger, evaluated at ‘average’.

“Why are there no geniuses looking for me?”

Sun Mo sighed.

Seeing that Sun Mo wasn’t speaking and was surveying their bodies, Wang Hao and Zhou Xu couldn’t help but squirm as they felt a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t tell me he is a pervert that likes pretty boys?”

Zhou Xu, who had always felt himself to be handsome, touched his left face.

“Oi, you guys must have been tricked by him. He can’t even be a teaching assistant and can only come to the logistics department to help me do odd jobs.”

Li Gong vilified Sun Mo.

“Please do not insult Teacher Sun!”

Wang Hao and Zhou Xu had no reactions. But Qi Shengjia couldn’t take it anymore and turned to roar at Li Gong.

Li Gong’s expression stiffened. A nameless evil fire rose in his chest. In the end, he was only a foreman in the logistics department, and even a trash student like Qi Shengjia dared to roar at him. Moreover, when facing Sun Mo, even if he was just an intern teacher, no students would dare to show him disrespect on the surface no matter how badly they were cursing Sun Mo in their hearts.

This was the status of a teacher in society.

In truth, if it wasn’t for the logistics department head instructing him to make things difficult for Sun Mo and even saying he would bear all consequences, Li Gong wouldn’t have messed with Sun Mo.

Sun Mo lowered his head and stared at the light-blue robes he was wearing. Although this was made from cotton and the design was simple, it represented the identity of an intern teacher. Li Gong, although he was wearing a buttoned mandarin jacket and blue-cotton pants, including a gemstone ring on his finger that was unknown to be genuine or fake, he was still just an unskilled worker in the logistics department.

“I definitely have to wear the sky-blue teacher’s attire!”

Sun Mo suddenly felt that the set of clothes he was wearing was very irksome.

“Teacher Sun? I heard you helped Shengjia breakthrough in a single night?”

Zhou Xu also couldn’t control his emotions.

“You guys can return. I’m busy now!”

Sun Mo naturally understood that these two students wanted to use his guidance as an excuse to experience the ancient massage technique.

“Zhou Xu!”

Qi Shengjia felt a little unhappy. Was this the attitude you should have when asking someone for help? What if this annoyed Teacher Sun?

“Teacher Sun, my cultivation has made no progress for three and a half months, please provide me with some guidance!”

Compared to Zhou Xu, Wang Hao’s performance was more obedient.


Li Gong stared at them with disdain. The Central Province Academy had truly declined. The students they recruited were getting more and more trashy, and they didn’t even have basic judgment any longer.

“Your problem lies in you wasting too much energy. Stop thinking about women, and you should also not overly indulge in mast*rbation. After resting for a while, your problem will be solved as long as you focus on your cultivation.”

Sun Mo’s expression was calm, but he was laughing in his heart. The data showed that Wang Hao’s will was only 3 points. It was very bad. The data also showed that he would frequently stay up late through the recent half of the year. He needed to mast*rbate five to six times a day. No matter how strong a young man’s body was, it wouldn’t be able to take it.


Wang Hao didn’t expect Sun Mo to point out something like this. He was in a daze. After that, his face turned as red as a baboon’s buttocks.

“How embarrassing!”

Seeing that his secret was discovered, Wang Hao was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do. He was fond of reading novels. Half a year ago, he had managed to borrow a book named [Silver Lotus] for reading. After he finished it, it was like a brand new world had opened up for him. From then on, he couldn’t stop.

It was also at that time that he got into the habit of mast*rbation. He wanted to get rid of the habit, but sometimes, he couldn’t bear the impulse.

“This is nonsense, right?”

Zhou Xu glanced at Sun Mo, feeling that this Sun Mo was good at talking bullshit with a straight face.

“Teacher Sun, thank you for your guidance!”

Wang Hao bowed. Compared to earlier, his attitude was much more respectful now.

He wasn’t a fool. Sun Mo had merely taken a few glances at him earlier and could tell where his problem lay. Wasn’t his judgment a little too terrifying? If Sun Mo took the effort to guide him, he might be able to improve his strength by a lot.


Favorable impression points from Wang Hao +5.

Prestige connection with Wang Hao unlocked. Current state: Neutral (5/100)!

“Ah? His words were correct?”

Zhou Xu was shocked after seeing Wang Hao’s attitude. Speaking of mast*rbation, he recalled that during these few days, Wang Hao’s toilet time had become longer and he would frequently stay in the toilet for one hour. Zhou Xu had initially been worried that Wang Hao was not feeling well.

Qi Shengjia had a stupefied look on his face. He didn’t understand what mast*rbation was!


Li Gong stared at Sun Mo doubtfully. Was he so awesome? Or was this a prank? This must be a prank, right?

“I really didn’t judge wrongly. Teacher Sun is so awesome!”

Qi Shengjia was proud of this.


Favorable impression from Qi Shengjia +1

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia: Neutral (51/100).

Sun Mo glanced at Qi Shengjia while feeling a myriad of emotions in his heart. Honest people were so nice. It hadn’t been a day and Qi Shengjia had contributed over 50 favorable impression points to him.

“In the future, why don’t I look for students with lower intellect?”

Sun Mo was silently contemplating. To nurture such students into talent, the difficulty was greatly increased.

Zhou Xu and Wang Hao wanted to experience the ancient massage technique, but they didn’t know what they should say. Qi Shengjia was an honest man. As he couldn’t bear to see his good friends in such an awkward position, he decided to help them say it.

“Teacher Sun, they wished to experience your massage technique!”

Qi Shengjia’s EQ was too low. He basically didn’t think that if Sun Mo was unwilling, this sentence would cause Sun Mo to be very unhappy and start to loathe him.

Sun Mo didn’t think too much about this and wanted to reject it. (You say you want to experience it, and I have to let you experience it? What about my reputation?)

However, before he could say anything, the system notification rang out.

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