Absolute Great Teacher

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Gu Xiuxun was extremely famous in the Myriad Daos Academy, as she was the honor graduate of this year. This also meant that out of the 2,000 graduates from the 18th batch, she was their top genius.

Given Gu Xiuxun’s aptitude and achievement, it had long since been decided that she would join the faculty. She was someone whom An Xinhui had personally paid a visit to and spent a huge amount of money to recruit over.

In Jinling City, even a three-year-old child knew that the Central Province Academy and Myriad Daos Academy were arch-enemies. This move by An Xinhui had greatly dulled the sharpness of the Myriad Daos Academy. It also allowed the Central Province Academy that had always been suppressed to feel exaltation.

Someone cursed Gu Xiuxun for being a traitor. Others cursed her for being a white-eyed wolf that only saw money and had forgotten the school that had nurtured her. However, the fiercer the curses and scoldings, the more it proved that the Myriad Daos Academy couldn’t endure the pain. Their losses were extremely huge.

With the halo of the honor graduate, Gu Xiuxun would naturally attract the full attention of everyone when she came to the Central Province Academy. Naturally, her graceful bearing also caused those who saw her to praise that ‘An Xinhui had benefitted’.

Gu Xiuxun, who was 19, was now at the most beautiful time of her life. However, because she matured early, the puerile look on her face had faded, and a steady maturity replaced it.

Gu Xiuxun didn’t laugh, and her mouth was always pressed together into a thin line. This was a minor trick she used to maintain her teacher’s prestige.

“How beautiful!”

The crowd was mumbling to each other incessantly. There were even some guy students who hurriedly ran to a combat-strength bronze man and took out their most serious attitude as they hit it. They hoped their results could be seen by Gu Xiuxun, and she would accept them as her personal disciple.

Gu Xiuxun’s figure wasn’t tall. But because she was more on the slim side, she appeared taller than guys with ordinary height.

She was clad in the school’s long robe for intern teachers. The style was old and rigid, but Gu Xiuxun evidently made some changes to that. The robes covering her chest and waist area had some additional folds, which made her figure appear even more lithe and graceful.

“Is there something wrong with the food in Tang Country?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. She was yet another sunny-side-up. (small br*asts)

“Sun Mo, in order to join the faculty, you are truly unscrupulous!”

Zhang Sheng spoke. If it wasn’t for the fact that he still had some rationale and knew some words shouldn’t be said, he really wanted to ask how much did Sun Mo spend to hire all these actors.

However, Sun Mo’s brain was really good. Not only did he hire actors, but he even came to a place like the combat strength dojo to act. By doing so, his fame would certainly spread.

“Why didn’t I think of this?’

Zhang Sheng felt vexed in his heart. He had always flaunted himself as someone whose intelligence was off-the-charts. But for this matter, he completely couldn’t compare with Sun Mo.

“But it’s fine. My intellect is used on the correct path. Sun Mo likes to play all these minor tricks so much; he would be out of luck sooner or later.”

Zhang Sheng consoled himself. When he glanced at Sun Mo again, his eyes shifted a little and exuded a thick sense of superiority.

Gu Xiuxun furrowed her brows. As a top student, her IQ and EQ wasn’t low. By thinking a little, she understood the meaning of Zhang Sheng’s words.

In truth, Gu Xiuxun had no interest in these intern teachers. Other than Qin Fen and the other graduates from the nine famous schools, no one could catch her attention, including Zhang Sheng who kept trying to bootlick her. But when she heard the name ‘Sun Mo’, she still subconsciously cast a glance over.

“So that is Headmaster An’s fiance?”

Gu Xiuxun surveyed Sun Mo and discovered that he was looking at her as well. But that was nothing strange. Through these many years, as an honor graduate with both beauty and ability, she was used to being in such a situation.

“In any case, even if he took a few more glances at me, he wouldn’t be able to see my ability.”

Gu Xiuxun was very calm.

“She has an extremely high potential value? How awesome, An Xinhui’s judgment is really accurate.”

Sun Mo had long since activated Divine Sight and was staring at the data floating from Gu Xiuxun’s body. It was truly a sight that delighted the eye.

Strength: 26. Above-average.

Intellect: 27. Extremely rare, not even one in ten thousand. Your intellect can crush the vast majority of people.

Agility: 28. Fast speed, when you run, many people are left behind in your dust.

Will: 25. Average stat, there’s room for improvement.

Endurance: 22. Your only shortcoming.

Sun Mo read through everything, and the last part was the note from the system. ‘As a sunny-side-up girl, although you no longer have room for growth, you should feel happy as you are not a steelplate girl. (flat)’

“Steelplate girl?”

Sun Mo laughed. “System, what’s going on with these stats?”

“An ordinary adult male would have 5 points in every stat respectively. Those at the body refinement realm would have 10 points per stat, spirit refinement realm would have 20 points per stat, and the limit of blood-ignition realm would be 30 per stat.”

The system explained.

“As you cultivate, the cultivator’s various stats would gradually rise. If not, why would cultivators be immune to a hundred diseases and gain increased longevity?”

“The limit is 30? In that case, the stat values of this Gu Xiuxun can be considered really outstanding!”

Sun Mo clicked his tongue.

“Seems like there are some mistakes in your understanding of the term ‘outstanding’.” The system corrected, “The word ‘outstanding’ isn’t worthy to be used on this girl!”

“How are my stats? Why can’t I see them?”

Sun Mo had tried using Divine Sight on his reflection in the mirror, wanting to see his stats. However, the stats displayed were of an unknown value.

“It’s impossible for the host to check his own stats.”

The system explained.

“Oi, have you seen enough? It’s very rude to act like this!”

Seeing Sun Mo keep staring at Gu Xiuxun, Zhang Sheng took a step forward and blocked his line of view.

Sun Mo leaned to the side and continued staring. Because at the thigh area of Gu Xiuxun, another note appeared.

“When this spot is stimulated by an ache or pain, it will generate excitement.”


Upon seeing this data, Sun Mo started. Was this the legendary ‘M’ type? He didn’t expect that he would meet someone like this in real life.

Gu Xiuxun’s beautiful brows furrowed. Given her personality, she would never dodge any gazes directed at her. But when their gazes met and she saw his large, clearly defined eyes, her heart pounded rapidly all of sudden, and she subconsciously averted her gaze.

His eyes seemed as though they could see through the hearts of people. Gu Xiuxun felt as if all her deepest secrets had been discovered.

“Hehe, I actually evade his gaze?”

Gu Xiuxun gave herself a self-mocking laugh.

“Oi, are you done or not?”

Zhang Sheng grew unhappy. He stretched out his hand to push Sun Mo feeling, as though the rice at his home had been stolen by someone.

Sun Mo didn’t retreat. His right hand grabbed hold of the black sandalwood blade on his waist.

“Teachers, please calm down!”

A docile male student with large ears followed beside Gu Xiuxun. Upon seeing this, he immediately took a step forward and blocked the space between the two of them.

Zhang Yanzong had a smile across his face, and no one would feel any malice from him.

“Hmph, if I hit him, I’m afraid he might die from my blow!”

Zhang Sheng was filled with disdain.

“Zhang Yanzong, go and hit the combat-strength bronze man and start the test!”

Gu Xiuxun instructed. As for the scenes of men fighting because of her, she had seen too many of such things.

“Sun Mo, did you pay this student to be an actor? How much did you spend?” Zhang Sheng mocked. He originally didn’t wish to expose Sun Mo, but his goddess was just beside him. He had to win beautifully.

“I’m sorry then, you can only become my stepping stone!”

Zhang Sheng’s gaze was filled with superiority like he was looking at an ant that he was about to trample.

Because of these words, people in the surroundings started whispering.

“Teacher Zhang, don’t talk nonsense!”

Qi Shengjia was badly frightened and hurriedly sought to clear their names. If this matter was believed by everyone and became the truth, not only would Sun Mo be affected, but Qi Shengjia would also be expelled.

Gu Xiuxun’s brows furrowed again. Her impression of Zhang Sheng wasn’t too good. Although this was a possibility, there was no evidence whatsoever. Slandering Sun Mo in public would undoubtedly damage his reputation.

“Today, seven students were waiting for you outside our dorm early in the morning, sincerely begging you to guide them. As an intern teacher, you are truly very awesome. You are almost at the level of Qin Fen and Gu Xiuxun,” Zhang Sheng mocked.

“Is his brain too dumb or what? Even if he is getting them to put on an act, isn’t that a little too exaggerated?”Gu Xiuxun mumbled silently to herself.

She believed that she had done her job as a teaching assistant well, but it wasn’t that well to the extent that there would be seven students coming to her door early in the morning to seek her guidance.

Upon noticing Gu Xiuxun’s expression, Zhang Sheng became even more complacent. His brain spun rapidly and searched for loopholes to attack Sun Mo. He then glanced at a familiar-looking student. “What’s your name?”

“Qi…Qi Shengjia!”

Qi Shengjia was very nervous, and this was especially so given that he was standing beside Gu Xiuxun. This was something he had never once dared to imagine. As he smelled the fragrance from the beautiful intern teacher, his thoughts were in a whirl and sweat flowed down his back.

“This is the honor graduate of this year from the Myriad Daos Academy, a true top student. If you have any questions, you can seek guidance from her.”

Zhang Sheng knew how to act in such a situation. Not only did he strike at Sun Mo, but he also created a chance for Gu Xiuxun to display her abilities.


Qi Shengjia started as he glanced at Gu Xiuxun. In terms of martial arts, he truly had many questions. However, after his mouth opened and closed a few times, he shook his head. “It’s fine, Teacher Sun Mo has already answered my questions for me.”

Whispering sounds rang out~

Many people were hissing in displeasure. In their eyes, Gu Xiuxun was overflowing with talent and had a beautiful appearance. She was simply a goddess. They would naturally choose to stand with her.

Seeing that Qi Shengjia was not seeking guidance, wasn’t this a case of giving someone face but that person didn’t want any? No matter how anyone looked at it, Sun Mo was simply inferior to Gu Xiuxun!

“You are his personal disciple?”

Zhang Mo ridiculed. “If you are, there’s basically no need to seek other teachers out for their opinions as this would be disrespectful to your teacher.”

“This student is too stupid. I’m not worthy to be Teacher Sun’s personal disciple!”

Qi Shengjia lowered his head and had a downcast expression. He knew he was stupid; hence, he had thought about this before but he hadn’t dared to speak up and ask Sun Mo to accept him as a personal disciple.

“Hehe, Sun Mo. You didn’t waste your money indeed.”

Zhang Sheng’s words left the rest for the audience to infer. But the acting skills of this person named Qi Shengjia was not bad.

“Stop your nonsense!”

Gu Xiuxun put a stop to this; she looked down on Zhang Sheng for many things. As for Qi Shengjia’s reply, she basically didn’t put it in her heart. He was just an actor, if not, when given a rare chance to consult with someone like her for guidance, how could ordinary people give it up?

She still had this bit of confidence. Hence, when she glanced at Sun Mo, Gu Xiuxun’s gaze became filled with some loathing.

“Headmaster An is such a perfect woman. Even if she had no choice and had to marry someone, she wouldn’t have chosen a scheming person like him who likes to play minor tricks, right?”

“If I don’t rebut, you are really going to climb over my head, right?”

Sun Mo coldly laughed as he glanced at Zhang Yanzong before turning to Zhang Sheng. “Didn’t you self-proclaim to be overflowing with talent, and you will become a great teacher within a year? Tell me then, what’s the problem with this student’s fist technique?”

“Testing me?”

Zhang Sheng sneered. “Open your dog-eyes wide. The fist technique he is executing is called the Thunderclap Fist. Each of his movements is as fast as a thunderbolt, creating sonic booms. This is the sign of the major-completion stage of the Thunderclap Fist. You actually asked me what’s his problem? Tell me, are you retarded or what?”

“He has an old injury on his right arm.”

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