Absolute Great Teacher

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On the square that was filled with flowers, that male student was swinging his spear vigorously, sweeping out a current that pressed down against all the peonies around him.

“He isn’t bad with his spear.” the square-faced guy praised.


In comparison with the square-faced guy, Sun Mo was able to see more data of this guy after using his Divine Sight.

Chu Jian, 12 years old, 2nd-level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 7. Top-notch amongst those from the same age group.

Intellect: 5. Average level. Sufficient.

Agility: 6. Still could be said to be sufficient, but not very agile.

Will: 7. The young man has a strong and outstanding will.

Potential Value: Above Average.

Remark, practices spear arts. About to reach the expert-grade.

Sun Mo used his thumb to stroke the sandalwood blade. Although Chu Jian’s potential value wasn’t considered high, it was above average. It might be one tier lower, but it wasn’t considered bad. Given his age, he should be a new student who was planning to enroll. Moreover, he must have had an expert giving him guidance in his spear arts before.

The system’s grading scale was the elementary-grade, good-grade, expert-grade, grandmaster-grade, and then the ancestor-grade!

At the expert-grade, a cultivator was familiar with the technique and was starting to develop their own insight and understanding about it.

Sun Mo’s Circulation Technique was at the expert grade, thus he roughly knew what level the spear arts of this young man called Chu Jian had reached.

If he hadn’t put in hard work, it’d be impossible for him to have such achievements.

Sun Mo threw a glance toward the full-time teacher.

Liu Wenyan, 42 years old, at the peak of the blood-ignition realm.

Potential Value: Average.

Remark, has reached a bottleneck and has been in the blood-ignition realm for three years, unable to advance to the divine force realm.

As for the concrete data, Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to read it. A teacher at his level was considered one who wouldn’t realize his desires. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be landed in a plight where he’d have to come to recruit new students.

“Go and take a look!”

The square-faced guy said and walked over first. He couldn’t even bother to glance at Liu Wenyan.

A person like this wasn’t within his area of concern.

Sun Mo followed after him and looked at the square-faced guy.

Yue Rongbo, 45 years old, Longevity Realm.

High potential value.

Remark, obtained the 4-star great teacher title three months ago.

Looking at the words marked in red next to the square-faced guy’s face, Sun Mo didn’t need to look at the other data.

In order to become a 4-star great teacher, one would need to gain enlightenment in at least 12 great teacher halos, be at the expert grade in four secondary occupations, and have personal disciples on the Heroes Rankings.

There were only a few great teachers of this level in the entire Central Province Academy.

This was a big shot! However, Sun Mo’s attitude was as usual, not changing. He merely started to have a new analysis in his heart.

“Could he be a new teacher that An Xinhui invited?”

In order for a school to increase its grade, having experienced great teachers was an absolute must. Of course, the salary for recruiting such a person would be unbelievably high.

After all, great teachers were very rare existences.

Chu Jian saw Yue Rongbo and the other two but didn’t mind it much. It would be weird if someone of his talent didn’t have people surrounding him. Therefore, he asked Liu Wenyan calmly, “What do you think of my spear art?”

“It’s excellent.”

Liu Wenyan’s face turned grim and he lost confidence. From his judgment, a person who could cultivate their spear art to this level at only 12 years old must be a genius. Liu Wenyan was worried that he wouldn’t be able to teach Chu Jian. He felt that Chu Jian’s spear art was perfect.

Chu Jian shook his head after seeing Liu Wenyan’s countenance. It was useless to listen to the opinion of a teacher who was lacking in confidence.

Lu Zhiruo tugged at Sun Mo’s sleeves and asked softly, “Can you give him any guidance?”


Sun Mo did have guidance to give him. He could analyze a lot of things by looking at the data he saw with his Divine Sight.

Lu Zhiruo immediately became more spirited. She tiptoed and shouted toward Chu Jian, “If you have any questions, you can ask Teacher Sun, Sun Mo.”

Chu Jian looked toward Yue Rongbo while Liu Wenyan frowned, assessing Sun Mo. This couldn’t be An Xinhui’s fiancé, right?

“It’s not him.”

Lu Zhiruo panicked and tugged at Sun Mo’s hand, wanting him to say something.

Chu Jian instantly lost interest. As they said, youngsters were inexperienced and unreliable. Putting aside the fact that Sun Mo was young, he was also wearing a light blue long robe.

As Chu Jian was planning to enter Central Province Academy, he knew some information about its system. Sun Mo’s clothes were the representation of an intern teacher.

“He’s looking down on you.”

Yue Rongbo teased.

“Your spear art is good, and you have made a small achievement in it. But you shouldn’t continue with it in the future.”

The moment Sun Mo spoke up, he said something really astonishing.

Chu Jian frowned. Before he said anything, Liu Wenyan was already displeased. “If you don’t know things, then don’t spout rubbish. Do you know that you’re misleading students? Given the talent he showed in spear arts now, he’d definitely become a renowned spear grandmaster in the future!”

Liu Wenyan was truly thinking of Chu Jian’s sake. He had heard that Sun Mo wasn’t even a teaching assistant and had gone to the logistics department; thus, it was clear that Sun Mo didn’t have much talent. Moreover, the rumor had it that because he looked handsome, An Xinhui would let him sponge off her.

Hearing Sun Mo’s assessment, Yue Rongbo’s eyes lit up. His interest in Sun Mo surpassed his interest in Chu Jian.

“Your spear art is very good now, but your progress will be increasingly slower in the future.”

Sun Mo wasn’t angry but instead looked at Chu Jian. Over 100 lines of detailed data appeared next to Chu Jian. “It’s because you made the wrong choice right from the beginning.”

“What rubbish!”

Liu Wenyan reprimanded.

“Go on.”

Yue Rongbo wanted to listen on.

“Your stature is too short and your arms aren’t long enough. You’ll be at a disadvantage if you were to practice the spear. You won’t be able to release the greatest advantage spear arts have.”

Sun Mo sighed.

One inch longer, one inch stronger. Chu Jian’s disadvantage was that his arms were too short. If he were to encounter another spear expert who was of a similar level as him, but taller, he would be at a disadvantage.


Liu Wenyan was flabbergasted.

Chu Jian was also stunned. He suddenly recalled what his father had told him back in the past.

“Jian`er, it’s too disadvantageous for you to walk on the path of the spear with your short body and short limbs. Even if you go to the very end, you won’t be able to reach my level.”

As Chu Jian admired his father, liking the way his father was domineering and challenged the world head-on with his spear, Chu Jian ended up being infatuated with the spear. He thus put in hard work at it over the years.

After achieving a small success in his spear arts, everyone would praise him when they saw him. There were even quite a number of people who wanted him for their disciple.

Chu Jian started to feel proud of this, thinking that what his father said was wrong. However, in the last half a year, he had made no progress in his spear art. This was why he came to the Central Province Academy, wanting to find a way to attain a breakthrough.

He hadn’t expected to hear the same rating his father had given. For that instant, he was very angry. However, he immediately suppressed his anger and the contempt on his face disappeared. Instead, he bowed solemnly.

“Thank you for your guidance, Teacher Sun.”

It was the tradition in the nine provinces to respect teachers and honored their teachings. Regardless of his age, a teacher who could say the same thing his father, whom he held great admiration for, deserved some respect.


+20 favorable impression points from Chu Jian.

Prestige connection with Chu Jian initiated: Neutral (20/100)

Sun Mo let out a soft laugh after hearing the system’s notification.

“Teacher Sun is so amazing!”

Seeing Chu Jian bowing, Lu Zhiruo immediately felt as if she shared the honor.


+10 favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Neutral (18/100)


Liu Wenyan let out a surprised cry, and his countenance turned increasingly grim. He was trying to help this young man out, but he turned to bow to Sun Mo.

“Could it be that what he said is right?”

Liu Wenyan looked toward Sun Mo. The light blue long robe that Sun Mo wore pierced his eyes strongly.

He wasn’t even comparable to an intern teacher!

“I really don’t have the talent to be a teacher!”

Liu Wenyan sighed and turned to leave.

“Since Teacher Sun’s guidance is accurate, then do you want him as your teacher?”

Lu Zhiruo opened her eyes wide, looking at Chu Jian, hoping that he’d agree immediately.

“I’m sorry. I need to give it some thought.”

Chu Jian drew his spear back and left. The reason he came to this school was to find a way to attain a breakthrough. He didn’t give up on the spear in the past, and he wouldn’t give it up in the future.

“Oh, then how long are you going to consider?”

Lu Zhiruo asked.

Sun Mo raised his hand and knocked on Lu Zhiruo’s head. “Stupid. He’s rejecting discreetly.”


Lu Zhiruo was too innocent and couldn’t read between the lines.

“His aptitude isn’t bad. Are you not going to consider him?”

Sun Mo tried asking Yue Rongbo.

“Compared to him, I admire you more.” Yue Rongbo chuckled. “Do you have a way to take him as your disciple?”


Sun Mo replied honestly. A young man who could train his spear to this level was someone who wouldn’t change his mind easily. Moreover, his will was at 7, showing that he was clearly very stubborn. If there weren’t any accidents, he’d probably study under a spear art master. Sun Mo knew that he didn’t have a chance and thus didn’t want to waste the effort to try.

“Young man, you must learn to take on challenges head-on.”

Yue Rongbo was a little displeased that Sun Mo was giving up. He was hoping to see Sun Mo showing a better performance.

“I’m off. I’ll go take a look at the Martial Arts Platform. There might be students with good potential there.”

Sun Mo had no intention of running into a brick wall.

In order to let students better display their talents, the school set up a wooden platform on the field that was the size of a basketball court. Right now, only three to four students were displaying their martial arts there.

The Martial Arts Platform was surrounded mostly by students, with only a few teachers. Therefore, everyone didn’t have a strong desire to perform.

Sun Mo looked over and saw a lot of data popping up, almost blurring his vision. Therefore, he only focused his attention on the students whose potential values were at least above average or higher.

It was a pity that there were very few of them.

“As expected, these are the students leftover after people have made their selection.”

Sun Mo tsked. Suddenly, an ‘extremely high potential value’ appeared in his sight. He was about to take a careful look when a commotion broke out in the crowd. There were even some girls screaming.

“Teacher Liu Mubai is here!”

With the chaos, he lost sight of the ‘extremely high’.

“Who is Liu Mubai? He’s so popular?” Lu Zhiruo tiptoed and looked around. “Is he a great teacher?”

Sun Mo noticed that Yue Rongbo, who was next to him, also wore an interested expression.

Liu Wenyan stood next to the Sorrowless Lake, looking at the calm lake while wearing an aggrieved expression. He kept on recalling the scene in which Sun Mo had given Chu Jian pointers when he was unable to. After hesitating for very long, he eventually let out a long sigh and returned to the dorm.

When he came out again, he was holding onto a letter. After a short moment of hesitation, he walked toward the administrative building. He couldn’t get himself to face An Xinhui and thus handed the letter to Zhou Lin.

“Teacher Liu, this is…”

Zhou Lin was surprised. It was because the words ‘resignation letter’ was written on the envelope.

“Please help me to pass this letter to Headmaster An.”

After saying this, Liu Wenyan’s expression became a lot more relaxed. He swung his sleeve and turned to leave. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.