Absolute Great Teacher

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The fight eventually didn’t happen.

Sun Mo took the money and went out to look for food. Although a conflict had just occurred, his inner heart was calm. This was because he was confident that as long as Yuan Feng had some brains, he would endure it. Even if he wasn’t able to endure it, the two other roommates would stop him.

Leaving aside the fact that one couldn’t break the school rules during the internship period or they would be fired, he was now already targeted by malicious people. They were just waiting for him to commit a mistake before firing him.

If Yuan Feng attacked, he would be out of luck together.

Naturally, if a fight broke out, Sun Mo wasn’t scared either.

“I still have to quickly research about spirit qi and succeed in training my Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. If a conflict occurs again, who would still be quarreling? I will directly explode their dog heads!”

For a conflict of this level, Sun Mo might seem extremely agitated and wanted to fight the moment they quarreled. However, his heart was extremely calm. He had long since considered all the situations that would happen and how to handle them.

Yuan Feng’s eyes were protruding. He felt extremely disgruntled and smashed his fist against a wall.

“The day he is sacked will be the day I’ll buy a hundred firecrackers to set off, sending him off ‘respectfully’.”

Yuan Feng gritted his teeth.

“That fellow is done for sure. Why do you have to lower yourself to his level?”

Ludi consoled. From his point of view, there was basically no hope for Sun Mo to join the faculty. As Yuan Feng had a high possibility of being his future colleague, he would naturally stand on Yuan Feng’s side.

The campus under the starlight had a different feel to it. The night wind gusted as Sun Mo took a night walk, pondering over the matters of him and his fiancee.

Although An Xinhui was older than him by three years, the two of them were childhood sweethearts.

As An Xinhui grew older, her shocking talent was also displayed and she eventually chose to join the Heavenly Mystery Academy of Cloud Province. Also, her fame began to spread when she was just a freshman.

On the contrary, Sun Mo’s aptitude was far inferior. He was only slightly stronger than ordinary people. He could only depend on his hard work and barely manage to join the Songyang Academy.

Sun Mo knew that he wasn’t worthy of An Xinhui. He also didn’t take the joking words of the old headmaster to heart. But who knew that a few days before he graduated, An Xinhui suddenly sent a personally written letter of appointment and marriage contract to him. Other than hiring him to be an intern in the Central Province Academy, she also hoped that they could finalize their marriage as soon as possible.

An Xinhui was very beautiful, and she was Sun Mo’s first love. Hence, the moment he graduated, he packed up and came over quickly. In the end, he was targeted everywhere and chased into the logistics department.

“My old self is so stupid. There are definitely some ulterior motives behind all this.”

Sun Mo was speechless. He also understood why the old Sun Mo would head to the outskirts to relax. This feeling was like when one was waiting to eat a sumptuous lobster meal and found out that they could only eat shit.

“What should I do then?”

Sun Mo most probably wouldn’t be able to return. Besides, he had the two missions the Absolute Teacher System had given him. It seemed that he could only continue being a teacher.

Luckily, he had six years of experience being a teacher-in-charge and he also possessed the Divine Sight now. With them, there shouldn’t be a problem for him to establish a foothold in the Central Province Academy.

However, Sun Mo seemed to have forgotten that the things taught here weren’t foreign languages, physics, or chemistry. It was martial arts, spirit rune words, herbology, astrology, etc.

“I wonder how’s the salary is like. Would the pay be the same even if one worked for five years straight?”

When he thought about the terrifying rental, Sun Mo suddenly panicked. The rental prices of Jinling City wouldn’t be so high as to cause people to commit suicide, right?

The Sorrowless Lake of the Central Province Academy was a famous scenery spot in Jinling City. Under the silver moonlight, it looked even more beautiful.

Sun Mo suddenly heard a slight noise coming from the forest of his right when he was walking. He hesitated and eventually decided to enter.

In the sparse forest, there was a half-naked youth currently practicing his fist techniques. His cotton pants were drenched with sweat and were rolled up. He was wearing a pair of cloth shoes.

Sweat trickled down his back. As he executed the military fist technique, his beads of sweat also scattered through the air from the impact.

Sun Mo had the impulse to whistle in admiration. The figure of this youth was really good. Although he wasn’t tall, there were no signs of any excess flesh on his body. The contours of his muscles were clear, and his physique was robust. The sight of this youth caused Sun Mo to recall the powerful slender figure of Bruce Lee.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gusts of wind from his punches broke the air, creating low booming sounds. The young man was very focused. He attempted to execute each of his punches perfectly. He didn’t bother to glance at Sun Mo, a stranger who suddenly arrived.

Sun Mo crossed his arms and leaned against a maple tree at the side as he watched.

His Divine Sight was activated.

One meter above the young man’s head, three words floated out.

“Qi Shengjia? This name isn’t bad.”

Sun Mo praised silently.

After that, streams of data floated out from other parts of his body.

Strength: 8, he’s considered outstanding among peers. It isn’t a problem for him to kill a bull with his fists.

Intellect: 4, a little wooden (slow thinking) and slow of speech. He only knows how to train diligently.

Agility: 6, ordinary standard.

Will: 3, can reach 7 points at its peak. It isn’t normal for such a young man to have this temperament.


Compared to Li Ziqi, this Qi Shengjia’s data had an additional ‘will’ stat. There were also red words describing it.

“Recently encountered a setback, his will is gradually weakening.”

“This Absolute Great Teacher System is truly personalized. It even knows how to add a note of importance in red!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. In his mind, he asked the system, “What is the normal standard of an ordinary male adult’s intellect?”


The system’s reply was concise and comprehensive, as though if it said an extra word, it would get tired to death.

“Doesn’t that mean this Qi Shengjia is a little dumb?”

Sun Mo was speechless. The system’s reply was too simple. However, given Sun Mo’s intellect, he understood that each respective stat of an ordinary person was 5.

The system didn’t have the obligation to chat with him.

“Endurance: 7, Strength Eruption: 6. Not bad!”

Sun Mo thought of Li Ziqi. That beautiful girl’s intellect was 10, and so her potential value was extremely high. Although she was a klutz, the system still recommended him to take her as a disciple.

As for this person, after Sun Mo found his potential value data, which was hovering at the side of his right leg, he involuntarily shook his head.

Potential Value: Extremely low!

Even if Sun Mo didn’t know the average potential value of ordinary people, when he saw the words ‘extremely below average’, he knew that this guy had no future.

Age: 15.

Realm: 3rd level of Body-Refinement Realm

When Sun Mo saw this, he frowned. After reading for a day in the library, he had understood the dao of cultivation.

The beginning realm of the dao of cultivation was the Body-Refinement Realm. It meant to use cultivation-type martial arts, tonic food, and medicinal baths to strengthen one’s physique.

The body was a human’s origin. As long as one’s body was strong enough, they wouldn’t need to fear illnesses and could survive even with a myriad of wounds. Only by living would they be able to climb to an even higher realm.

Simply put, if the death of a person was equivalent to their light snuffing out. The body-refinement realm was something that allowed this lamp of light to burn brighter and for an even longer period. It wouldn’t be extinguished just from a gust of wind.

The body-refinement realm had a total of seven levels. The most notable sign was one’s improvement in terms of cultivation realm and strength.

Qi Shengjia’s realm truly did match the ‘extremely low’ evaluation of his potential value.

Usually, when one was still a child, they wouldn’t practice refining their bodies because they weren’t fully grown. This was to prevent leaving behind any residual injuries. Hence, they would at most do some simple tempering of their bodies. The majority of their time was spent in learning rune words, the four books, the five classics, and the six arts.

In the nine provinces of Middle-Earth, 12-years-old cultivators were considered coming of age. At that time, one could gradually start to cultivate and refine their bodies.

“At 15, normally, one would have reached the 4th or 5th level.”

Sun Mo didn’t feel surprised. The Central Province Academy’s students had their uniforms, but Qi Shengjia couldn’t bear to wear it for training during the night. If he damaged it, he would have to spend money to purchase a new set.

This set of cotton-padded clothes had long since lost its original color, and there were also patches on it. For people from poor families, there was no need to mention anything about eating tonic food or taking medicinal baths. Hence, poor people could only depend on their talent and hardwork.

Qi Shengjia’s actions were somewhat awkward. Being observed by Sun Mo caused him to feel a little uneasy. Hence, he might as well choose to take a break. He walked to his clothes, which were on the floor, and picked up a bottle of water to drink a few mouthfuls.

“Stop training!”

Sun Mo spoke.


Qi Shengjia turned his head and stared at Sun Mo with puzzlement. Evidently, this person was talking to him.

As a teacher, Sun Mo still admired hardworking students like him.


Qi Shengjia drank his water. Rubbing the muscles on his arms and thighs, he walked to the empty space ahead and began to practice the Skywolf Fist.

The test of the battle hall a week later was his final chance. If he couldn’t pass, he would have to return home and be a farmer. If he didn’t train hard now, he wouldn’t have a chance to train hard in the future.

When he thought of this, Qi Shengjia punched out with even more effort.

“It’s incorrect for you to train like this!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to be a busybody. However, the data showed that the fatigue level of this youth was already very high. Also, many parts of his muscles had suffered slight injuries.

“You are…?”

Qi Shengjia stopped his movements.


Sun Mo didn’t know what to say. He also had self-respect. Without first gaining the school’s recognition, he wouldn’t claim to be an intern teacher.

“Are you an intern teacher?”

Qi Shengjia probed. Sun Mo was wearing a blue-colored long robe, and this was something only intern teachers would wear. When he thought of this, he felt a little agitated. As long as an intern teacher could guide him a little, his strength would be able to increase.

“My name is Sun Mo.”

“Ah, you are Headmaster An’s fiance?”

When he heard this name, Qi Shengjia subconsciously called out. After that, he widened his eyes and surveyed Sun Mo. Indeed, Sun Mo was born with handsome and exquisite features. His countenance was like jade. The capital he possessed for him to eat ‘soft-rice’ was truly robust and strong.

Comparing himself to Sun Mo, he was like a clod of dirt on the road.

“I said, it’s incorrect for you to practice this way. You should hurry back to rest.”

Sun Mo hated wasting time the most. The fact of him repeating his words for three to four times caused his tone to become strict.


Qi Shengjia mumbled, but he didn’t listen to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. After that, he gave a self-mocking laugh and turned to leave. The other party didn’t believe in his suggestion. He also didn’t intend to provide any guidance and merely spoke out because his heart was stirred by how hard-working Qi Shengjia was.

Qi Shengjia was indeed doubting Sun Mo, as he was a very hot topic in the school. From Qi Shengjia’s point of view, this intern teacher, who couldn’t even become a teaching assistant and had to do odd jobs in the logistics departments, would not have a good teaching standard.

This matter was an important one that concerned his life. How would Qi Shengjia listen to some random, unreliable guidance?

“Pay attention to your right arm and left leg. Don’t overuse your strength at those parts!”

Outside the forest, a reminder drifted over. One couldn’t help but say that Sun Mo’s voice was still quite melodious to the ear.

Qi Shengjia involuntarily laughed. His method of practicing bitterly had caused all parts of his body to ache in pain. But other than enduring this, what could he do?

“In any case, working hard will never be wrong!”

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