Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 35: Never Seen Such A Shameless Man

Mu Sihan gripped onto Nan Zhi’s shoulder with one hand, his other hand wrapped tightly around her waist.

He cursed in his heart. This woman was probably made of water!

It was unbelievably soft.

Nan Zhi’s waist that was held by the man’s large palm against the refrigerator was starting to itch. She struggled, hissing at him with her eyes sparking angrily, “Let to me explain first. I didn’t appear before you on purpose.”

A lazy smirk appeared again on the man’s handsome face. A low chuckle resonated from his chest as he drawled indifferently, “I haven’t done anything. What are you shouting for? Why are you so defensive?”

Nan Zhi could not help but roll her eyes. She had shouted because of the pain in her shoulder from the force, okay?

What was in the head of this pervert?!

Nan Zhi was about to answer when she heard him tease her again, his voice languid and lazy, “Pft, I’m already hard from your voice.”

Nan Zhi looked towards his abdomen instinctively.

The man’s handsome and well-defined chin rested on the top of her head conveniently. A teasing laugh resonated from the man’s throat. “Do you want me to take off my pants to show you?”

“Pervert!” Nan Zhi placed both her hands on the man’s chest to push him away with all her strength. “I’ll call for someone if you keep acting like that,” she huffed, turning her face away from him.

She must be really unlucky.

She had already met this man three times, including their meeting today. She had already vowed she never wanted to see him again. We’re the heavens truly against her? She would always feel an inexplicable fear from deep within her every time she saw him.

He was extremely handsome. He looked cold and arrogant when he did not smile. His face was mostly impassive and expressionless. On the other hand, he looked cold, evil and uninhibited when he did. She shivered.

His chest was firm and hard, like they were made from cement bricks. She could not push them away no matter how hard she tried.

He was both good and evil. He was also unpredictable and with his mind so deep. it was hard to differentiate his thoughts. He was extremely hard to read.

“Woman, where are your hands touching?”

It was only then that Nan Zhi noticed he was wearing a black V-neck shirt. Not only did the black and her fair skin form a stark contrast when her fair and slender fingers pushed against his chest, both of her index fingers also went under his collar accidentally and directly touched his cold skin, it was slightly cooler than the rest of him.

Nan Zhi removed her fingers hurriedly. She had yet to have the chance to say anything when she heard the man speak extremely shamelessly, “It’s my turn to touch you.”


He thought that she was touching his chest just now?

“Young Master, I think you’re mistaken… Hey, what are you doing?!”

Nan Zhi watched his large palm go under the collar of her sweater directly. Her hands tried to push them away but she was held down, completely immobilised. She was so angry that her face was completely red and steam seemed to form above her head.

She had never seen someone so shameless and despicable!

The man pressed where she was most soft and full before he took out his hand. He smirked wickedly, “It feels okay.”

Nan Zhi was furiousn her eyes flashed. She had forgotten that this person had bipolar disorder and she could not make him angry, or the consequence will be very serious. Her eyes were red from the loss of her rationality as she lifted her leg and kicked towards his weakest area.

Mu Sihan watched the woman who acted like a cat whose tail was stepped on, when she was angry. It was strangely atttractive. A faint trace of humor flashed in his dark black orbs. He caught and pressed down her knee that was inflicting the attack, just as she was about to kick him. His tall and fit body leaned forward, and his firm chest pressed against her softness tightly.

His legs were slightly apart, trapping her slender legs between them.

This ambiguous position made them even closer to each other. Too close. Strong breaths left the man breathing in their every inhalation and exhalation. Nan Zhi could not move at all, being trapped between his legs and his chest.

Their height difference was even more obvious since she had worn flats today. He towered other her.

Nan Zhi lifted her neck and glared at the man. However, her eyes fell into his endless deep orbs. They were so dark that it seemed to be able to absorb everything in the world. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.