Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 44: Who is Aggressive, Who is Submissive?

Mu Sihan kicked Lan Yanzhi. “Go to hell!”

“Or are you secretly in love with Boyan?”

Mu Sihan raised the corner of his lips into a faint smile. “Lan Yanzhi, do you want to die? I can easily grant your wish.”

Lan Yanzhi raised his hands in surrender before Mu Sihan could attack him. “Fourth Brother, I was wrong! You don’t love me or Boyan, does that mean you are interested in that little girl who almost died by your hands?”

Mu Sihan took a breath of his cigar and narrowed his dark eyes. He did not admit or deny Lan Yanzhi’s probing words.

“Are you tempted?”

Bang! Mu Sihan kicked over the coffee table, and the expensive wine on it rolled to the floor, breaking into shards. Hearing the noise, several young stars huddled together in horror.

The expression of the man who had kicked over the coffee table while sitting on the sofa, was dark and menacing. He stubbed out the cigar between his fingers and flung it into the trash can. He glowered at Lan Yanzhi’s innocent face. “Can you not be so damn gossipy tonight?”

Lan Yanzhi shrugged his shoulders and gave a provocative smile. “Seems like you got dumped.”

Without waiting for the cold-faced man to speak, Lan Yanzhi jumped up from the sofa and escaped cowardly.

Just after Lan Yanzhi had jumped away, the phone that Mu Sihanhad thrown on the sofa gave out an alert tone.

Mu Sihan’s slender, long fingers picked up the phone and activated the screen.

Seeing that the woman had accepted his friend’s request, he snorted with a cold look in his eyes.

Rejecting him but accepting his friend’s request.

Such a scheming woman.

But, as a single mother who wanted to find a man, how else would she attract them without being a little more calculative?

Mu Sihan placed his phone face down on the sofa and asked the attendant who was clearing up the coffee table to pour him a glass of wine.

Lan Yanzhi was dancing under a colorful lamp with a gorgeous young woman but the corner of his eye kept glancing at the man who was drinking alone on the sofa.

He felt that there was something wrong with Fourth Brother tonight but he could pinpoint the reason as to why. Fourth Brother was still Fourth Brother. Handsome and wild, he could make people shiver with his cold air, could make people willing to surrender with his violence and could make people unable to stand his evilness.

About half an hour later, Lan Yanzhi saw a faint light coming from the screen of Fourth Brother’s face down phone.

Fourth Brother picked up his phone and glanced at it. His face, which had had a cold expression on since he entered the room, suddenly gave a smile that looked very strange in Lan Yanzhi’s eyes.

This piqued Lan Yanzhi’s curiosity completely. Who had sent something to Fourth Brother?

Ah, what on earth was it that could make the bad tempered Fourth Brother laugh?

The woman in front of Lan Yanzhi was trying her best to make eyes at him, swaying her slender waist coquettishly, her breasts brushing over the man’s blue shirt from time to time. But no matter how much effort she had put in, the man had no reaction and did not respond at all.

The woman followed Lan Yanzhi’s gaze which was fixed on the corner of the room and saw the awe-striking tall figure of the man, whose emotions were hard to read, sitting in the dim light.

One did not like women to be near, one had no reaction when women were near. Could it be that there was something fishy between the both of them, as the rumours said?

Both of them had unbelievably good looks. If there was really something between them, it was such a waste for them to be together!

But who is the aggressive one and who is the submissive one?

The man sitting on the sofa was wild, arrogant and egotistical. Would he be the aggressive one?

When the woman realized that she was seducing a submissive one, she felt a little listless.

Lan Yanzhi did not notice the changes in the woman’s expression. When he saw that Fourth Brother kept on staring at his phone, he could no longer hold back his curiosity and pushed the woman away, striding purposefully towards the man in the corner. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.