Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 49: My Kitten, Are You as Sweet as a Candy?

Although he was arrogant, where did he get the confidence that she would be his woman? This was blackmail!

What’s more, he had already told her the other day that being his woman was equivalent to being his mistress.

Even during her most desperate and helpless times, Nan Zhi would never allow herself to be degraded.

She did not answer him and seeing that he was not stopping the car, she reached for the steering wheel.

With a screech, Mu Sihan stepped on the brakes and the cool sports car stopped by the roadside.

Nan Zhi did not want to talk. She unfastened her seatbelt and pushed the door open quickly.

But she had just opened the door a crack when a slender arm reached towards her from behind.

She was hauled back by a great force and was pulled back down onto the seat. At the same time, the car door was closed.

“Young Master Mu, I have a very important interview later. Would you please have mercy and stop bothering me?”

Mu Sihan lifted his eyebrows, his eyes growing darker. He grabbed Nan Zhi’s wrist and pulled her from the front passenger seat and onto his lap.

The space in the sports car was narrow and small and with two people sitting together, they almost occupied the entire space of the driver’s seat. Nan Zhi stiffened her body, her back ramrod straight. While struggling, she accidentally bumped into the car horn and the ‘beep’ sound caused the pedestrians along the roadside to look over. Nan Zhi quickly dropped her head down, feeling the fury twitch from inside her.

She bit her tongue to keep her emotions in check as she knew very well in her heart, in front of this narcissistic man, no matter how angry she got, he would not care. On the contrary, it would arouse his anger and that was much more terrifying. It was not like she had never witnessed how he was when he became angry. She did not want to ever have to deal with that again.

If she were to be tough, he would be even tougher.

Nan Zhi held down the emotions rumbling in her heart and stared at the man with her face tensed.

His handsome face under the light was dark and unreadable. Although it was bright outside, there was an added chill and hostility to his well-defined facial features.

His gaze looking at her was like an x-ray. With one sweep he could see through her completely, down to her trembling heart.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips, unconsciously feeling panicked and fearful.

He wouldn’t strangle her again, would he?

Mu Sihan saw the panic that flashed through her eyes and the corner of his lips lifted slightly. “You blocked me? Do you know what happens to women who play me like a fool?”

His long fingers lifted her chin, forcing her to meet his dark eyes.

Nan Zhi’s breathing tightened.

Under his strong and bloodthirsty aura, her face turned a little pale. She tried to collect herself, thinking about the meaning behind his words.

What block? When did she play him for a fool?

Except for the day of her first interview where she deliberately dropped her ring under his seat to see what he looked like, she did not do anything else, right?

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“That night you sent me a picture of yourself after your bath.” When he thought of the picture, the eyes looking at her darkened a little, his gaze smouldering black and his voice became husky and sexy. “What are you inviting me to do, sending that picture?”

Nan Zhi was getting more confused.

She did not even know his phone number, how could she send a picture to him?

Mu Sihan looked at her confused face and already knew what was going on, but he did not say anything. His handsome face came towards her beautiful creamy neck and gave a gentle sniff. “My kitten, I wonder if you are as sweet as that candy?”

Nan Zhi did not understand what he meant, there was a hot and damp touch on the skin of her neck, followed by a slight sting. The man had bitten her lightly.

Nan Zhi looked at the head buried in her collarbone and she gasped.

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