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Quite early on the following morning, Bai Jing received information about the supplies from Xiao San. But soon after, before he even had the chance to get busy, he received a call from the said man.

Xiao San directly questioned him with a tone so sour it caused Bai Jing to laugh on the inside.

“Who was that woman? Why was she in your house?”

“Who she is? Don’t you already know?”Bai Jing asked back.

His face was emotionless, for he knew Xiao San personality and already had a feeling he was under constant observation. Nonetheless he was a bit puzzled; by-passing the district security system just to keep an eye on him, just how powerful was this man and how possessive was he, that he knew everything that happened in his life?

“You tell me.”

Xiao San said, his voice dropping a degree or two and turned colder.

He was mad because he didn’t know who that woman was, but most of his frustration was cause by the fact that he knew he had no other choice but to ask him directly.

Bai Jing smiled, knowing that Xiao San was dying to know, and he softly whispered

“… The daughter of the Vice Mayor.”

Xiao San choked. He had many questions in his head but his heart felt so bitter he could only curse those poachers and old lovers that appears only when he happens to be away for a couple of days. At that moment he decided in coming back as often as possible.

“What is your relationship?”

“Did you not investigate that already? Old lovers.”

Bai Jing caressed his smiling lips, rejoicing in seen Xiao San struggling to get the truth out of him.

“And you broke up with her?”

Xiao San heart boiled with anger and thus could not help it when his voice came out a lot louder than expected.

Han Yan who happened to be near Xiao San at that moment, and having heard the exchange between them choose wisely and ran away, very aware that his brother was not having it!

“If you know… then why are you asking?” said Bai Jing coolly.

He was acting more cold then he really felt. This whole conversation was predictable as Xiao San’s reaction was not unexpected; but he was a bit distracted thinking about his secret, and its possibility of it been discovered.

” … … I was worried!” after a long silence, Xiao San spoke with a tangled voice.

But Bai Jing completely ignored him and was instead increasingly concerned about what could be the potential cost of this lack of privacy.

Xiao San was the kind of person that no matter how much you criticize him it was impossible to get him to admit his faults but Bai Jing still went on and asked,

“Who did you send to spy on me? How come I didn’t perceive it?” Because nor him, Xuebing or Cao Lei discovered anything suspicious which in itself was highly abnormal.

“It’s a camera.”

Knowing that Bai Jing hasn’t investigated the situation he didn’t bother concealing it. Xiao San had been told that the community security was very strict. Not even reporters could get inside, so sending someone to monitor Bai Jing would be meaningless as he would have been spotted.

“I see… Anyways, that woman is of no importance. When are you going to receive the stock?” Bai Jing suddenly asked.

Tranquilize, he was smiling again as he talked… He really enjoy teasing Xiao San, but he wouldn’t do it and risk creating misunderstanding, therefore he easily confessed. And as the day of the apocalypse was getting closer, he was undergoing an increase in his anxiety.

“Soon enough.”

Xiao San on his side was over the moon. Bai Jing giving him an explanation could only mean he had a place in his heart.

Little did he knew that indeed he has, but Bai Jing would never let Xiao San know that, for Xiao San’s temper was too dominering and insatiable. Xiao San needed to learn how to behave by his rules, and before that happened he will not let any of his real feelings show.

“Ah! Then I will wait for the good news!” happily exclaimed Bai Jing.

This piece intelligence was so welcomed it reinvigorated him and yesterday’s bad aftertaste was subsequently washed away.

“Good!” Xiao San lips also curved into an unexpected smile.

Next to him, Han Yan whose eyes were fixed on Xiao San’s face couldn’t help but to yelp in surprise and consequently Xiao San expression immediately went cold. Really… Certain people just don’t know how to keep themselves in check, Han Yan being one of them. Little he knows that a life of bitterness was about to start for him.

(Translator’s note: remember that Bai Jing dislikes Han Yan since in his past life the guy tried to murder him after learning of Xiao San death!)

After hanging the phone, Bai Jing went directly to the warehouse. He checks around for a while and contacted all of his suppliers one by one, neatly organising the arrival of the goods. He wasn’t scared of ordering quantities of such a variety of material and equipment. This so-called supermarket was really his smartest idea.

The next morning, he was still managing the warehouse from his couch, when Cao Lei entered the living room with three strangers. Since the day Bai Jing got everyone fired, Cao Lei technically also lost his job but the money he received in compensation made him a joyful creature.

Bai Jing seemed to casually stare at the group walking towards him but in reality, he was feeling a great deal of surprise. He did not expect Cao Lei to be so fast.

They only had their talk the day before and yet today two men and a woman were standing in front of him. Age-wise, one of them looked younger than him, the woman had short hair and the other man appeared very competent. But Bai Jing felt something was weird. The timing was appropriate when Cao Lei mentioned some comrades in need of a job but how come not even 24 hours later they were already brought to him?

“Young master, they arrived.” said Wang Xuebing.

“Hello. My name is Qin Yi, here is my brother Qin Hao and my girlfriend Xu Lei.”

Qin Yi was very calm and Bai Jing sensed that this man had experienced many storms in his life as his face revealed the vicissitudes of it.

He’s the kind of person who, thought Bai Jing when faced with a helpless situation will turn downright ruthless.

(Translator’s note: Definition Vicissitudes = a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant. In other words, his life has been very painful up till now.)

“Qin Yi?” contemplated Bai Jing “this name sounds a bit familiar …” Then he suddenly remembered that during the apocalypse, he had heard of a powerful man called Qin Yi. When himself was very weak it was known that this man was already three times stronger than anyone around. But really, there was virtually no way to determine if they were one and the same.

But what appeared to be a mere doubt casually spoken produced a disproportionate reaction in those who were listening. Qin Yi face went rigid as he threw a meaningful look at Wang Xuebing who then slowly shook his head. Qin Yi gradually relaxed, but just the way he was standing expressed his level of alertness. His girlfriend also gravitated towards him and silently stood by his side.

Bai Jing who had learned how to fight with Xiao San easily saw that although those two were not moving anymore, they had coordinated themselves and were now are in battle mode. The little brother reaction was a less restrained as he bluntly put himself in front of Qin Yi, staring at Bai Jing as he was his most fierce and irreconcilable enemy.

“What’s the matter?” said Bai Jing nonetheless stunned by their reactions.

Wang Xuebing hesitated, then awkwardly answered “Do not mind them, they are simply anxious.”

Bai Jing eyes colored with doubt, glared at them disgruntled and said :

“Why be anxious? Are they wanted terrorists or what?”

“Don’t you know?”

Wang Xuebing stared at Bai Jing, His face full of regrets.

“I don’t, but now you must tell me.”

Bai Jing answered as he watched over Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei expression showing some form of scruples.

“But I guessed right, didn’t I?” His tone made it evident It wasn’t a question.

Speechless, Cao Lei stared at Bai Jing, his fingers slowly caressed his forehead.

“Since you don’t know, why did you say his name sound familiar?” Does this boy frighten people as a hobby?

At that point Qin Yi also realised that this young master outsmarted them and even if his heart he holded some regrets for having reacted so intensely, he was still very much on his guard. But Cao Lei attitude was lay back and clearly, no daggers were being drawn.

Bai Jing disdainfully looked up and, curling his lips : “As he happens to have the same name as so many others, tell me exactly what rules have I violated? And now both of you, is that a normal reaction from people looking to get hired? Now explain and remember to talk clearly.”

Wang Xuebing whose face was holding a mix of both hope and embarrassment, scratched his head and said, “Actually Qin Yi is a great man, young master please be assured that as long as they are here, they will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.”

Bai Jing eyebrows knit together. “And are they really worth the trouble?” Sure, he needed more subordinates and they seemed to have a strong temper, but he didn’t want people with high risk of being disobedient.

Cao Lei gave up and, admitting his defeat hurriedly joined his hands together and fixing his eyes on Bai Jing said : “It’s up to you.”

As frustrated as he felt, Bai Jing couldn’t help smiling at irony of the situation. Even though accepting them could be the right decision, they even dared to try to trick him into doing it so?

At that moment, Qin felt he could not keep silent anymore and decidedly took a step forward: “I’m very good at what I do and if the young master could trust me, your safety would be assured.”

Bai Jing glanced at him, nodding in understanding and, not interested in looking at Cao Lei face again straightly said, “Tell me what happened.”

Although Qin Yi was perplexed by this young master straightforwardness, he could see that he had no other emotions but simply wanting to know. He hesitated, thinking of Cao Lei who brought him here and Wang Xuebing who just vouched for him and wondered if by talking he would drag them down with him. He also had his younger brother Hao and Xu Lei to take care of but, fortunately they have not been implicated in his lost of fortune (here in the sense of : luck) so nothing he could say would hurt them. The day before, they had left D city after much hesitation, not expecting a job opportunity like this would present itself so fast… and he was so close to messing things up.

However he also understood that Cao Lei made him come probably because he had the assurance that his boss although arrogant, would be different. The fact that Cao Lei’s evident unprofessional attitude was not angering Bai Jing could also be taken as a sign that things here were unconventional and Qin Lin suddenly felt like trusting him with his side of the story.

Bai Jing listened to Qin Lin, thinking about how this was a very common story of a soldier who caught a bad guy, only to realise later that he was the son of some important official. He was then secretly ordered to let him escape and forget about the mission, but as a fugitive with obviously many enemies, it didn’t took long for the son to end up as somebody’s hostage and finally, a corpse.

“I see. It’s good you told me. You can move in now, I will deal with this situation myself.” said Bai Jing lightly, knowingly throwing Qin Yi under the bus of moral obligation. If simple kindness could help build a bond stronger than one of the ordinary employer-bodyguard, when the end of the world comes those people’s loyalty will not falter.

To have them by his side, taking on their burden was worth it.

Qin Yi was so ecstatic, his face blissfully went through three shade of color. Qin Hao also blushed and kept staring at Bai Jing. (translator’s note : boy do you even blink?)

“But you must be tired, for today unpack your things and rest. I do not need much protection so for now, you can stay at home.”

“Protecting the young master is my duty.”

Automatically disagreed Qin Yi. He was a soldier for a long time, his manners were therefore very strict.

Bai Jing waved his hand as a teasing smile reached his lips : “I am also very good at what you do. I happened to have some skills in that area.”

” … …”

It wasn’t just Qin Yi, but also Qin Hao and Xu Lei who were surprised. Bai Jing with his visibly delicate and tender skin truly did not appear to be someone skilled in martial arts.

Cao Lei smiled and said, “You just leave the young master be and when he will need you for something, he will come and find you.” and having said that, he apparently lost interest in the conversation as he casually went to Wang Xuebing for a hug.

His lover blushed immediately and a flying elbow, which Cao Lei skillfully avoid, was thrown in his direction.

Following their comical exchange, the atmosphere in the room was more relaxed and looking at them flirting and playing around while working made Qin Yi feel quite envious of their situation. Things been set, Bai Jing left the house for the day leaving Cao Lei to explain who the young master was and why their help was needed. After listening to his analysis of the family pattern, Qin Yi was left with a bitter taste in his mouth.

A few days later, Xiao San finally returned from D city. He had some trouble here and there but nothing worth mentioning, the weapons were now in some abandoned factories in the south.

Bai Jing was overjoyed and on the same day he was fetched to take a look at the goods. His eyes swept around the factory, recording the number of men guarding it. His eyes turning scornful as they fell on Han Yan. But it didn’t last long as those feelings belong to his past life and truly, he had more important things to do. After the visit, he fearlessly instructed Xiao San’s guards to move the good into his truck as his own idle people were on standby.

Xiao San was powerful enough that nobody would dare sell him mediocre weaponry. But if Bai Jing had a doubt, Wang Xuebing’s too-lost-for-words face with Cao Lei’s beyond-excited-and-too-eager-to-try body language was enough to assure him he had been bestowed with the best.

And talking about reactions, Qin Yi’s attitude was picking Bai Jing interest. It wouldn’t be wrong to think that this newly retired soldier would hate working hand in hand with the mafia. Although he has no other choice but to participate in this whole illegal weaponry business, you would imagine him feeling disgusted with himself for dirting his hands like that. But he was instead quiety concentrated on the road as he drove the truck up and down. He gave off a strange feeling of taking his responsibility very seriously.

So much the better, secretly thought Bai Jing. He remembered how people changed after that day, how the darkness breeding in their heart had been set loose. Bai Jing did think about looking up at the injury that made Qin Yi heart so unbending and resilient but he ended up deciding against it. In the end what matters is that the way his mind works will do very well for a life in the apocalypse.

Time passed quickly and in an instant it was already may. The weather suddenly turned gloomy and gray as the rain kept falling continuously.

Watching the news on television about a massive earthquake, followed by other news about multiples mudflows happening around the world, Bai Jing heart felt uneasy. His chest always felt heavy but now, it was like a boulder was crushing him enough to leave him gasping for air. That day his mood fell and became equal to the weather. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.