Xiao Sa returned to the room extremely exhausted. He found Bai Jing reading a book in his hands, minding his own business. He didn’t notice that Yu Yue was also in the room.

He let out an angry sigh. Damn! He had never felt so frustrated. But he blamed himself for not properly thinking things through. The original plan had been to quietly leave with only his closest subordinates. Who would’ve have guessed that Bai Jing would suddenly disappear and that the Burning Flame Alliance would split up? To tell the truth, the brothers had gladly followed him, but he had overlooked one point: adding their family members to the equation would make the situation that much more complex to deal with.

Back then, he had been anxious to find Bai Jing and so he needed to use the people around him, thinking that they could at least reduce the amount of work on his plate. But now he realizes that a person really can’t be lazy, even more, they can’t be kind-hearted. The division of the Burning Flame Alliance, Bai Jing’s disappearance, and the break out of the apocalypse, one after another, these things had thrown his plans into disarray.

That being said, this outcome was also good, since he didn’t want any unnecessary rubbish hanging around him. This once he would be a good man. This once he would send Buddha to the West. It can be considered as him awarding a round of points to the brothers who had willingly followed him. Under no circumstances would he ever accept betrayal from anyone, so from here on it was goodbye. Xiao Sa’s eyes flashed with a cold glint.

“You’re back? Has everything been handled properly?” Bai Jing looked up and saw the hard expression on Xiao Sa’s face. The ominous glint in his eyes made Bai Jing think in his heart: yes, now Xiao Sa’s look matches the one from his past life.

Xiao Sa nodded, his facial expression softer. He wouldn’t hide anything from Bai Jing, so he plainly said: “I’m planning to leave the supplies in the West City warehouse to them.”

Bai Jing sneered but didn’t say anything, after all, these were Xiao Sa’s family affairs. Actually, earlier today when that old woman had rushed out, he’d endured for a long time not to go up and slap her in the face with both his hands. What were they playing at huh? They were very lucky, Xiao Sa was still the head of an organized crime syndicate, yet in spite of that, he didn’t say a word and allowed that woman to extremely disrespect him.

To a certain extent, Bai Jing could understand the behavior of the subordinates because in the apocalypse social rules no longer existed, only human nature ruled over everything.

When Xiao Sa saw his reaction, the corners of his lips curved up as he smiled and said: “Don’t be angry. There is not much in the warehouse so I can afford it. Since I made a wrong decision, I must pay the consequences. They followed me, now I’m only paying back what I owe to them.”

Bai Jing turned away from him. Talking about warehouse supplies so lightly, wait till a few days later when supplies are scarce, then he’ll know just how much a warehouse is worth, and how many things could’ve been saved, and how many lives could’ve been saved.

Xiao Sa walked over and grabbed his waist, his nose filling with Bai Jing’s fragrant scent. He suppressed the urges in his heart, then leaned into Bai Jing’s ear and whispered: “They see that the world is chaotic, so they asked me to give them these things. Anyway, later on, you can always go and collect them back. After all, from here on whether they live or die has nothing to do with me. And besides, now that I’ve already played the role of the good guy, there is no need to once again become a villain. In short, it was my lack of consideration that led to this outcome today, so what harm is there in being generous this one time?”

Bai Jing’s ears itched, his body heated up and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks. He started to struggle, but Xiao Sa grabbed his hands. Losing his chance of getting free, he angrily said: “you knew all of this already, so what on earth were you thinking? Didn’t they follow you out in order to conserve their future? Since you are the boss, the first thing they should’ve done is to listen to your orders. They don’t even have a modicum of respect.”

It was rare that Xiao Sa felt awkward, but when confronted by Bai Jing, he couldn’t come up with any excuses. In fact, the hearts of his subordinates were quite restless after leaving the Burning Flame Alliance. Only that at the time he was too busy worrying about Bai Jing and making preparations for the apocalypse. It was his negligence that was to blame and nothing else.

He changed topics and asked: “Oh that’s right, did you call your bodyguards?”

Bai Jing was still angry, so when he heard these words, he was stunned for a moment. Then he slouched and shrugged while listlessly saying: “Don’t even mention it. Compared to you, their situation is much worse. Those people are currently busy guarding some university community. You’re lucky I had previously warned you repeatedly, otherwise, you would’ve surely already died several times over.”

Xiao Sa was very unsympathetic, only raised an eyebrow and apathetically said: “I didn’t think they could be so kind-hearted.”

“Kind-hearted my ass.” Bai Jing rarely swore, but whenever he thought about this matter, his heart would automatically fill with anger. However, when he thought about it, it was also fair to say that since he’d known earlier, he shouldn’t have let them go to the school. The students were not good people, but the benevolence of Lin Lao and his wife was also to blame for their current predicament.

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were quite helpless. The students were scared, so they took their kindness as something that they were entitled to. If it hadn’t been for Bai Jing insisting that they stay by the Lin Lao couple’s side, and also because of their somewhat friendly relations, they would’ve already abandoned these people.

“And now…”

Bai Jing frowned: “I’m not worried about them. They probably can’t return to D city, but I’ve already accomplished what I needed to do because the Lin Lao couple and their son are alive. I know there’s a difference between close and distant relationships, but I can’t always solve their problems for them. In terms of relationships, I’m closest to Wang Xuebin, but I’m not as kind-hearted as you are. Why bother taking responsibility for everything? I’ll let them learn this lesson first-hand the hard way because I don’t want any of the people close to me to be taken advantage of. ”

Xiao Sa didn’t reply and only sighed softly. He never knew that in little Jing’s eyes he was a benevolent woman (In short, this is a term used to describe someone who is excessively kind-hearted even in situations when people don’t deserve kindness).

Bai Jing saw that he wasn’t saying anything, so he continued speaking: “By the way, after leaving here, where are we headed to? After we determine the place, I’ll immediately inform them to meet up with us there.”

“We are going to L province.” While saying this Xiao Sa eyes lit up, his entire body thrumming with excitement.

Bai Jing thought deeply, then after a while, his eyes became equally as bright, though he wasn’t sure if Xiao Sa and he were thinking of the same thing or not. If it really was that place, then it would be a good place to go. Damn, he would really like to cut open Xiao Sa’s head and look inside, he could even come up with such a crafty idea.

“L province? Are you thinking of the national maximum prison for heavyweight criminals?”

Xiao Sa nodded, his eyes showing that he was impressed with Bai Jing: “Correct, precisely there. Almost all of the prisoners there are international criminals, and they are all extremely serious violators of the law. There have been some attempts at jailbreaks, but the ten meter walls and several kilograms of explosives have limited this. The government put great efforts and skill when developing that place. Therefore, in addition to the large area that it covers, it will also be fairly easy to both guard and patrol the location. It is almost a self-contained system and the perfect stronghold for resettling. ”

At first, Bai Jing was happy hearing this, but then he calmed down and directed an extremely cold look at Xiao Sa, then said: “Yes, yes, that is a really good location, but the moment we arrive there, the place will either be a city of zombies or will be already be occupied by people. Do you think people are stupid?”

Xiao Sa was unconcerned, so with an indifferent tone, he spoke about plundering like it was as easy as eating and drinking water: “If the place has been occupied by people, then it’s best to forcefully take it from them. On the other hand, if there are zombies, then it will troublesome and we’ll need a more comprehensive action plan. However, if the future turns out to be the way you said, then I must have that place”

Bai Jing thought for a moment then concluded that this plan was good. Besides, in the early days of the apocalypse, it was unlikely that the prisons would be occupied by people. When selecting a place for occupation, people must first consider the availability of food and drinking water. Therefore, where there was a shortage of supplies, there would also be a shortage of people within a radius of 100 miles. In the case of zombies in the prison, if played well you can beat them, otherwise, they are unbeatable. You can open the doors so as to draw them out, but one must act quickly after that. If he doesn’t estimate it wrong, after a month, there will be evolved zombies who will be very difficult to deal with it.

“Well, according to what you said, you’ll complete your dealings with your men tomorrow. After that, we’ll head to L Province, but we’ll pass through D City first. I’ll tell my men to wait for us at home.” As Bai Jing plotted their route, he unknowingly smiled. He had been having some regrets over all the supplies that had been left in D city.

He suddenly felt sleepy and leaned his head back, only to have it be supported on something solid which he assumed was a pillow.

The corners of Xiao Sa’s lips turned up slightly as his eyes darkened with lust. He hugged Bai Jing’s waist from behind even more tightly, then buried his nose in his smooth neck as the tip of his tongue softly dipped for a lick. Feeling the shiver run through the body in his arms, Xiao Sa smiled in satisfaction then sucked harder on Bai Jing’s neck.


Hearing himself moan, Bai Jing panicked. He would never admit that such a sound had come from him. He was struggling to break free when he noticed the person on the ground move. His heart filled with even more anger out of humiliation making him angrily kick Yu Yue and say: “Get up! Are you still playing dead?”

He hatefully glared at Xiao Sa, this shameless guy taking advantage of him when his guard was down, did he think that Bai Jing was that easy?

Bai Jing was unaware that the combination of his watery eyes, flushed cheeks and angry look as he tried to intimidate Xiao Sa, only made him want to turn into a wolf even more. He coldly stared at Yu Yue who was currently in the process of getting up, then sighed in his heart, deciding to give up on the idea; there would be plenty of time for that later. Plus he wouldn’t rush his kitten, after all, it was only a matter of time and he would be his.

Yu Yue’s bitter facial expression reflected his misery. At that moment, all he wanted was for his head to be swallowed up by his neck. He really had not intended for this to happen. He cursed himself, damn it, that was the worst moment to wake up. He had intuited that today he would encounter a lucky star, but why does it all just feel like bad luck!?

“Why are you here?” Xiao Sa frowned, his face showing his displeasure.

Yu Yue looked away and rolled his eyes. He remained on the ground for quite some time, but since he had already been discovered by this elder brother, he sullenly hangs his head and honestly said, “I’ve been here the whole time. Young master Jing was showing me how to use my psychic power.”

These words instantly peaked Bai Jing’s interest: “Could it be that you’ve made some progress.”

Yu Yue nodded and excitedly said: “Thank you young master Jing, you’re my great benefactor. I’ve decided that in the future I’ll work extremely hard to repay you for your deeds.” He had already picked up on the situation here, so he decided that the first thing he would do after waking up was to grab tightly onto this thigh, before saying the rest of his speech.

Xiao Sa suddenly directed an ice cold energy towards him. His icy eyes flashed with danger and ruthlessness making Yu Yue shudder. He quickly slapped himself and humbly said: “Brother, don’t misunderstand, we both know what my place is; I could never replace you. Young master Jing, all I want it for you to allow little me to serve you.”

Bai Jing was so embarrassed. From his past life to this life, he had never met such shameless people.

Yu Yue was on the verge of tears as he put forward all his positive points: “You see, I’m a cute person, I’m funny, I have vast interpersonal skills, I can sing and dance and also play guitar. My intuition is very accurate and my psychic power is currently developing -”

“Stop,” all the noise was making Bai Jing’ ears hurt. He looked Yu Yue up and down, then dismissively said: “It doesn’t seem like you’re crazy or have any weird habits, you can articulate yourself well, and although your appearance is multi-colored it’s still a cute look. So, since you want to follow me, clearly state everything about yourself, and also explain how far your psychic power has progressed. Report everything truthfully.”

Yu Yue scowled miserably because his appearance had just received a heavy blow. He had put so much thought into his style, only to have it deemed worthless. It was the greatest put-down. However, when he heard the words that came afterward, his spirits instantly lifted.

When speaking about his family, his facial expression would naturally morph into a sarcastic one: “you should’ve heard of my father Yu Manjiang, he is the president of the S Group. Sadly my mother passed away a long time ago, and I have no interest in getting to know my younger brother. But because my family is so kind, they still pay for my living expenses. I have lost all contact with them though; I’m basically the prodigal son.

Bai Jing only nodded, since at the moment he had nothing to say regarding Yu Yue’s family matters. Whether what he had said was true or not, only time would tell: “Continue.”

Yu Yue heaved a sigh of relief. He had been worried that Bai Jing would want to know more information about his family. He didn’t want to speak about that family, they really made him sick. Then he said: “At that time, it was like I got a glimpse of my surroundings, but there was too much noise and my mind was a complete mess. Before I knew it, I had fainted. I still feel a bit weak.”

Bai Jing pursed his lips. Yu Yue had used up too much spiritual power, so it’d be a wonder if he wasn’t feeling weak. Besides, judging from his pulse, he’d probably been attacked, but Bai Jing certainly wouldn’t mention this. He just nodded his head and said: “We’ll continue this exercise later.”

“Yes, boss.” Yu Yue’s face lit up with joy as he loudly replied.

Bai Jing shot a questioning look at him, making Yu Yue put on a mask of seriousness and solemnly say: “Yes, young master Jing.”

He ignored his behavior and concluded like this: Yu Yue was currently his reserve team member. If his story checked out, then he could fully join. He believed that this kid had a lot of potential, so adding him to his circle wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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