The fact that Xiao Sa was still lingering about in the room made Bai Jing’s face go black with annoyance. He grabbed Xiao Sa and pushed him out of the room, making him leave with Yu Yue while he was at it. Bai Jing smiled coldly. Humph! Don’t think he wasn’t aware of the thoughts running through Xiao Sa’s mind, which were only filled with indecent fantasies of taking advantage of him.

Alas, little Jing! Could it be that you still haven’t realized that in fact your cheapness has already been captured by Xiao that big pervert…

Xiao Sa rubbed his nose, then opened his mouth to say something but changed his mind, only sighing as he left the room. All he wanted to say was that this was actually his room, but he was worried that his kitten would fly into a rage out of humiliation.

He remembered those misty eyes from before that made Bai Jing look so intoxicating. Although he really wanted to sleep in the same room, he had to forget this idea since he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back. It’s not that he was weak, but his kitten was just too seductive. Faced with the one he likes, all a man wants to do is devour them. So to be on the safe side, Xiao Sa simply decided to call his remaining men for a meeting.

The first thing he had to do this time around was to establish the rules. A ‘whatever will, be will be’ attitude without any rules, Xiao Sa had never been such a kind-hearted person. It was enough to endure insubordination this once. Loyalty was greatly valued in the criminal world. Although at that time he was concerned about his brothers, he should have waited for them to ask for his help instead of trying to anticipate and meet their needs. But still what was the problem? Was that kind of life so unbearable?

Did he have to be considerate to them just because they were his brothers? No, why should he be so lenient? For the sake of his own reputation, he could never bicker with grandmothers and women. So the scheme he used for dealing with those rubbish meddling women and men was quite perfect. He accepts that he deserved everything that happened today, but in the future, if they once again decide that they want to follow him, they would not be receiving a friendly reception.

That night, Bai Jing had a good night’s sleep.

Xiao Sa’s meeting went on until midnight. Out of the 56 subordinates plus their 16 family members who had wanted to leave with him, only 31 people attended the meeting. Other than Li Yi who had the burden of a family in the form of an eight-year-old son, the rest were bachelors with no families.

Xiao Sa was very pleased about this. The number of people had reduced significantly and he was only left with the cream of the crop. For ten days straight, he has been unable to get a wink of sleep. But finally, after the meeting, he could have a peaceful sleep.

Early the next morning, he dragged Bai Jing out of bed, and after forbidding the others from following them, the two people drove directly to the west warehouse.

Looking at the fully packed warehouse, Bai Jing felt a pang of pain in his heart and ferociously cursed Xiao Sa in his heart. He very slowly packed up the supplies with a sullen expression on his face and a pout on his lips.

Xiao Sa remained silent only smiling the whole time. Then he took Bai Jing to another place, a large warehouse that was not only fully stocked with supplies, but there were several gasoline trucks and from the looks of it, none of them had been opened yet.

Bai Jing’s eyes widened: “You smuggled -”

Xiao Sa lifted his eyebrows, an evil grin spreading across his face: “I have a finger in every pot, you still don’t know this?”

“So you’re not stupid, huh!” Bai Jing eyes lit up as he excitedly slapped Xia Xiao on the shoulder. He immediately dove into action. The speed at which he worked now compared to that at the West of the City warehouse was simply incomparable. In just a few moments, the full warehouse was completely cleaned out.

Bai Jing’s face was full of expectation as he looked at Xiao Sa with sparkling eyes: “Are there others?” A cunning rabbit will always have 3 holes. He refused to believe that Xiao Sa had only prepared this one warehouse. After seeing this place, he could finally understand why Xiao Sa had been so confident in his generosity.

“Try one kiss.” Xiao Sa brought his face closer and smiled as he gazed intently at him. He would never give up even the smallest opportunity to take advantage of Bai Jing.

Bai Jing face turned red as his heart filled with resentment. He knew that this guy is up to no good, but he could also see that Xiao Sa had no intention of backing down, so he told himself that just one kiss on the cheek shouldn’t matter, right……

Bai Jing quickly placed a feather light kiss on Xiao Sa, and then he angrily turned his face away, his cheeks flushed red. Xiao Sa’s request had been granted, even though he had actually been looking forward to a kiss on the lips. Although he was somewhat dissatisfied, he would not rush things; it was better to boil frogs in warm water, so he would take his time. For one, he was very confident, and two, as long as little Jing got used to being close to him, then it would be very easy for him to land his attack and capture him.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Sa couldn’t resist holding his hand as they walked out.

After that, they went to two other places. They met with some minor troubles on the road that didn’t require Xiao Sa’s intervention since Bai Jing quickly disposed of them with his gun.

The third place was on the outskirts of the city. The minute they entered a forest grove, Bai Jing frowned: “There something wrong, it’s too quiet here.”

Xiao Sa’s facial expression sank as he increased the speed of the car. Earlier on, he had already noticed that the surroundings were too silent, to the point that one couldn’t even hear a single sound. The area was void of all the vitality of any living things.

They encountered nothing until they reached an abandoned factory. Xiao Sa stopped the car, then carefully surveyed their surroundings. The more the silence persisted, the more he felt the situation was wrong.

Bai Jing released his psychic power and tuned into his surroundings, but still, no sound could be heard. Then he opened his eyes to look around, that’s when he finally he saw it straight ahead of them: “Fuck! Damn it! How can there be zombie birds?” The animal infection from his past life had occurred seven days from now. Shit, could there be a piece of meteorite in this area that could be causing such a huge deviation?

Yesterday, he was researching on the internet and found that on the night of the lightning, the meteorite that had dropped from the sky did not have a hidden dimension with other pieces of stones in it, and he also noticed that its coloring was different.

Xiao Sa’s eyes turned a deep black before taking out a toolbox from the back seat. On the other hand, Bai Jing was dumbstruck, but he decided to set aside the worry in his heart since it would be of no benefit. He looked inside the toolbox, only to find that it was unexpectedly filled with nails.

Xiao Sa didn’t hesitate to chase after his target. He stepped on the gas pedal and rushed forward.

The flock of zombies flew up when they heard the noise from the car, leaving behind the badly mangled and mutilated carcasses and scattered bones on the ground. That dense mass of darkness rushed over towards them, seemingly having discovered a delicacy over there.

Xiao Sa quickly braked, and then cracked the window open before shooting out the nails, one after the other.

Bai Jing wiped his sweaty palms and couldn’t help but admire Xiao Sa in his heart. In his past life, he never discovered that metal warriors had this advantage. It was simply an infinite desert eagle. No, it was better than a desert eagle. A bullet has to be fired one after the other, but Xiao Sa had just sent out countless arrows, which would not go to waste, but could be reused over and over again.

Bai Jing was deeply impressed as he watched the numerous nails fly in the sky and the zombie birds fall to the ground. It didn’t take long before they were all disposed of.

Afterward, Bai Jing was flushed with shame. In his past life, when people encountered such a scene all that they could do was hide or avoid the situation. Even the more powerful warriors were helpless in the face of this group of animals that can fly. But indeed everyone had their own strengths; there was no point in comparing. Also, it could be said that Xiao Sa had an advantage here. This was not such a large group and zombie birds still at rank 0 were not difficult to deal with, you could even just wait until their powers ran out…

Bai Jing’s complexion turned pale as anger rose in his heart. He glared at Xiao Sa and reproached, “Next time we can’t handle it like this.”

“Rest assured. I am well aware of the situation.” Xiao Sa’s calm smile clearly reflected his confidence in his ability, which seemed to have increased since yesterday. He took Bai Jing’s hand in his as he led the way while also clearing a path for him.

Due to the rampage caused by the zombie birds, other than the dead remains of various creatures, no other animals could be seen in the area.

They came to a large field, where Bai Jing saw two medium-sized helicopters. He quietly turned his face away and hung his head in tears. Hey, could it be that he forgot to tell Xiao Sa that during the apocalypse helicopters could no longer fly?

Xiao Sa turned to look at Bai Jing so he wouldn’t miss the smile on his face, but only found that he remained silent with a serious look on his face. It was obvious that something was wrong, so he asked, “Can’t the helicopters be used?”

Bai Jing’s frowned. In his past life, they couldn’t be used, but he was unsure if that was the case in this life. So after thinking for a moment, he said: “we should look for someone to give it try. Oh and by the way, haven’t the airlines already stopped flying?”

Xiao Sa sighed. He always used to go bird hunting, who would have guessed that a day would come when his plans would be thwarted by these same birds. The airlines had stopped all scheduled flights as early as the night of the lightning incident. At first, it was only due to avoiding any harm from the powerful lightning, but in the following days there was a heat wave, so all flights were banned, which was to be expected. It never occurred to him that there would be another reason for grounding all flights.

Seeing that Bai Jing seemed a bit unhappy, Xiao Sa smiled in a carefree manner and said: “Don’t worry about it, without these two helicopters, we won’t consume as much fuel, it’s more cost effective this way. Let’s go to where I’m taking you.”

They didn’t leave the abandoned factory instead Xiao Sa took him straight to a workshop. At first glance, the worn outdoors seemed like they could be easily kicked open and the door lock seems to have rusted. It was completely unremarkable, yet Xiao Sa fussed for five whole minutes before the doors could open.

It was a building stocked to the brim with weapons and ammunition, fifteen large artillery vehicles, rockets, micro-bombs, time bombs, all manner of large caliber weapons.

Bai Jing’s pupils contracted, his palms broke out into a cold sweat and his breathing became hurried. With these things, they were more secure than with only guns. With regards to this, even if their base doesn’t match the one in B City, in the future, they will definitely still be better off than all the other bases.

Xiao Sa was very pleased with Bai Jing’s reaction. Other than his previous miscalculation, he had actually made many preparations in anticipation of the end of the world. The only regret was that the helicopters couldn’t be used, otherwise, he would’ve considered it a completely perfect preparation.

Without hesitation, Bai Jing put everything into his dimension.

If there was any hesitation or confusion before, after seeing all of these things, this big guy was no longer confused about a damn thing.

Although previously he had collected enough supplies, he was still worried about safeguarding against both zombies and people. But now with these, he was no longer concerned. If zombies came, they would be struck down. If people came, they too would be struck down. He now believed in the saying “big fists are the absolute truth” even more.

After returning to the apartment, they didn’t delay for even a moment and went straight to the basement. Bai Jing took out all the goods from the warehouse in the West of the City then Xiao Sa immediately called everyone and fairly divided up the supplies in front of them.

This warehouse in the West of the City had originally been prepared for everyone, therefore, each item was recorded in a register, and so Xiao Sa wasn’t worried about any false rumors or complaints from anyone who was not satisfied. It’s possible that his indulgence during these past few days may have made people forget who he was. Before he only thought of his brothers, but now that he had other things to care about, he would not be such a pushover.

As expected, Yang Wenhao was the leader to receive the items on behalf of everyone, while Li Qiang was his right-hand man.

The whole process took place without a hitch. Fifteen minutes into the process, there were some elders who started grumbling, however, under Xiao Sa’s powerful suppression, the small rebellion died away and they put up white flags.

Those emotionless cold eyes, Yang Wenhao knew very well how his elder brother always treated outsiders with this kind of ruthlessness. He took a deep breath. Since he had made a choice, he would not regret it. The brotherhood they shared was broken today. When he looked at the gang of people who were now his responsibility and when he thought of his younger brother locked up in a room, he felt very justified…

Immediately after they finished the allocation, Xiao Sa ordered his remaining subordinates to pack up, and then together with Bai Jing and Yu Yue they totaled 34 people and took off with four cars. They did not stop for a moment as they headed straight for D City at high speed.

En route, they heard it broadcasted on the radio that three vehicles numbered x1355, x4556, and x2346 were wanted.

Bai Jing smiled faintly, feeling completely unconcerned. After his trip with Xiao Sa today, he was in high spirits, and feeling a lot more confidence and a little less bitter. The military had a tendency of labeling people as wanted criminals as they wished, so he couldn’t resist gloating in his heart over their misfortune. Presumably, the military had suffered a great loss yesterday or else why would they use so much fanfare to chase after an escaped person with abilities?

Bai Jing called Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei to set the time and place for meeting in D city. Time was now running out. When the eighth day arrived, the whole world will be thrown into chaos. D city is still a distance away from L province, so it was a race against time, they couldn’t afford to waste even the littlest bit of time. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.