Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 13: Breaking! Thousand-Year Wolf Dying from Blood Loss!

He did not even know how much willpower he had in order to fit the white hide dress on Gu Mengmeng. He believed that the discomfort he felt would lessen once he had helped her wear it.


It did not go as planned.

The huge white rabbit dress was fluffy and soft, with the longer hair removed during tanning, leaving behind fur of one centimeter thickness. The flawless, pure white fur had made Gu Mengmeng look even more lovely and adorable, with her round shoulders showing from the sleeveless dress, white and smooth.

Below the shoulders were two even and plump arms, resembling white lotus roots. As Elvis’s nose filled with her scent, his heartbeat was pounding non stop in his chest:

These arms had hugged around my neck moments before.

The A-line design did not emphasize on one’s waistline, yet the unintentional crease at the waist had illustrated Gu Mengmeng’s figure to be even more irresistible and letting his imagination run wild.

Even further down, her pointed butt had supported the second curve of the dress, a beautiful sight obviously.

The hemlines stopped abruptly at a fist’s length above Gu Mengmeng’s kneecap, her straight legs were as beautiful as a jade sculpture with the perfect shape.

Elvis felt the warm liquid flowing out of his nose at a more rapid rate, while Little Elvis stood firmly with its head held high, showing its mighty figure.

“Are you okay?” Gu Mengmeng was worried that Elvis might die from loss of blood if this continued.

The first werewolf in history to die from… a nose bleed?!

Ha! This would definitely make the headlines in the modern world with the title ‘Breaking! Thousand-Year Wolf Turned into Man Form Ended up Dying from Loss of Blood in a Single Day. What Lies Beneath the Truth? Fall of Humanity or Loss of Integrity?! Please Watch Channel Nonsense Tonight at 8 pm, See You There!’.

Elvis felt a little panic towards Gu Mengmeng’s concern. While he did not want her to see him in such a terrible state, he also felt warmth.

Conflicted, Elvis did not know which side he was leaning more towards.

Just when he was struggling, a sharp and screeching voice pierced through the cave from the opening, “Elvis, get the hell out here!”

Elvis frowned. All the anxiety and sweet atmosphere had been destroyed by this scream. Bending down and wrapping the hide dress that Gu Mengmeng had just changed out from around his waist, Elvis signaled her to rest at the nearby pile of hay with his chin, then turned around to deal with the frantically screaming Nina.

Nina did not know what was happening inside the cave between Gu Mengmeng and Elvis, due to the extreme territorial behavior in the Beast World. No males shall be near other males’ territories without permission, or else they would be attacked. Even though Nina was a female, she was not well-liked by Elvis. Every time she tried to come near Elvis’s cave, her partners would receive a beating from Elvis.

No choice, the rules in the Beast World were as said, the troubles females got into were settled by their males.

The number of times Nina’s partners had received beatings increased and Elvis became more and more rough, the last time he even warned Nina that if she come near his cave again, he would not brush it off even if she was a female. From then on, Nina had exercised more self-restraint. She would stand two meters away from the cave and scream at the top of her lungs, until Elvis get fed up and come out to meet her.

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