Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 14: Bitch! Get the Hell Out!

Elvis’s veins bulged. The anger resulting from Gu Mengmeng’s teasing had nowhere to vent, and Nina’s words had ignited a flame in his eyes, just like throwing a matchstick into a warehouse of explosives.

Elvis walked past Nina, without even stopping for a second.

Barete had started a fight with Nina’s males? Ha, a battlefield, just nice for some stretching.

Orcs were sensitive to smells, with Elvis being the best out of all. Barete and Nina’s males seemed to have put up an intense fight, he could smell blood easily from so far away. Hence, Elvis effortlessly located where they were and dashed off without looking back.

On the other hand, Nina that came to ask for help did not leave with Elvis. She sneered, turned around and walked into Elvis’s cave.

That bitch! Not only did she get near Elvis, wear his clothes, she even went into his cave?! Unforgivable, totally unforgivable! Even she, the most beautiful female in the tribe, had never entered his cave before, how could that bitch?

With that thought, Nina aggressively walked into Elvis’s cave.

She thought to herself, if that bitch could go in, so could she! Even if Elvis came back and got angry, the most he would do was to beat up her males, so what if they were beaten to death? She was after all the most beautiful female in the Saint Nazaire Tribe, there were an uncountable number of males wanting to mate with her, even if her current partners were beaten to death, it was them being too weak to be blamed. Those rubbish, nobody cares if they die.

“Bitch! Get the hell out!” Being certain that Elvis would never hurt a precious female like her, Nina became more confident. For the first time in her life, she gave a command in Elvis’s cave like she was the female owner.

Gu Mengmeng had heard the conversation from inside as the cave was really not well-soundproofed. Looking at the manner Nina was coming, as though she was the first wife catching the mistress, even a fool could tell that she was not being friendly.

Could this Puffy Hair be Elvis’s partner?

Gu Mengmeng sighed silently just thinking of that, such a waste of Elvis’s good looks. Being the first to be introduced, even if he was not the male lead, just being together with this ugly Puffy Hair had ruined her values.

Thinking about that in her head, Gu Mengmeng darted to the edge of the cave opening and tried to hide herself there, with her back against the cave wall. But before she could steady herself, Nina had rushed in. The white hide dress on Gu Mengmeng stood out so much that Nina could not even pretend to not notice her. Hence, the two stood on the spot and stared at each other in silence, as though time had stopped.

“Would you believe me if I said it wasn’t intentional?” Gu Mengmeng let out an awkward laughter and asked timidly without moving.

“What?” Nina could not understand what Gu Mengmeng was saying out of the blue and she felt confused whenever she had conversations with Gu Mengmeng.

“Hehe,” Gu Mengmeng let out a dried laughter, before abruptly taking out the wooden stick she had hid behind her ever since Elvis left the cave, and hit Nina’s head with it forcefully.

Nina was caught off guard and was hit right in the head, before seeing stars and losing strength in her legs. She wobbled for a while and uttered “You…” before fainting. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.