Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 16: Barete’s Hatred

Gu Mengmeng shrugged her shoulders. If she said she intended to escape, will Elvis perform swallowing a living person in public?

She scanned her surroundings and saw Barete standing not too far behind Elvis. His right hand still sagged in an unnatural manner while his body was filled with wounds of different sizes and severity. However, he still stood up straight, not showing any signs that he was like weakly breathing his last gasp.

Coincidentally, this type of manly sight filled with blood and sweat was to Gu Mengmeng’s liking. This was practically a wilder version of Yoo Sijin in ‘Descendants of the Sun’, and even better, a Yoo Sijin injured after a mission. Stop being so handsome!

Thus, Gu Mengmeng bypassed Elvis and walked straight to Barete, gently touching the wound on Barete’s chest with her index finger, “It’s very painful isn’t it?”

Barete was taken at a loss after her sudden concern and he felt the blood in his entire body rushing to his head. Besides his crazily frantic and deafening heartbeat, Gu Mengmeng’s voice was also repeating endlessly in his mind, “Very painful, isn’t it? Must be very painful…

Barete shook his head stiffly, both of his eyes fixed on Gu Mengmeng. Although he already saw Gu Mengmeng not too long ago, he was still mesmerized by her stunning beauty.

After all, Gu Mengmeng was still a freshman. Being openly stared at with such a bewitched but not at all frivolous look by a good-looking guy, her vanity was deeply satisfied. This was more pleasing than complimenting her looks through words. Thus, Gu Mengmeng grinned widely at Barete, rebutting, “There’s already so much blood dripping out, how is it not painful?”

Barete’s eyes followed Gu Mengmeng’s to the wound on his own chest. That was Elvis’s work, but he still knew when to stop. So, although Barete’s flesh was slitted open and even bleeding, his bones and internal organs were not damaged. It was really nothing much to fret about for a male.


That mere superficial wound actually invited the little girl’s concern.

Gu Mengmeng’s fingers brushed across the sides of Barete’s wound lightly. The wound was so deep that the bone could be seen and blood rolled down along his chest, wetting half of his beast-skin dress. But, this fellow did not frown even the slightest bit, what a tough man!

Gu Mengmeng gave Barete a thumbs up deep down in her heart.

Looking up, Gu Mengmeng’s face was met with the rays from the sunset as she looked at Barete, her clear and bright eyes curving up, forming a shape that resembled crescent moons. She said, “I am Gu Mengmeng, how about you? What’s your name?”

“Ba… Barete.”

Barete’s voice was shaking! His heart beat wildly, shaking till his entire body shook along as well.

The little girl told him her name and even asked for his name!

Gu Mengmeng, she’s called Gu Mengmeng!

“Barete.” Gu Mengmeng nodded her head, implying that she remembered this name.

Barete felt that his beast life was fulfilled at that moment. There was nothing else more blissful other than the little girl he liked remembering his name! If there was, that must be her not only remembering his name but also telling him hers!

Barete felt that he was the most blessed male beast in the entire world.

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