Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 17: Damn……It Was Too Embarrassing

Behind Elvis was an even larger bunch of single males with their eyes spewing out hearts and kisses. They looked as if they can’t wait to throw Barete aside so that the soft little hand can also hold their own. What a pity, between them and Barete stood Elvis whose face was as dark as coal. There was no one who dared to overtake Elvis.

After reaching the stream, Gu Mengmeng could not stand the chill on her back anymore and could only let go of Barete, supporting him to under a big tree, “Just sit here for a while and wait for me.”

“… Ok,” Barete felt a sense of disappointment after Gu Mengmeng let go of his hand.

He did not know what did Gu Mengmeng want to do, but he still held back the urge to wrap that soft little hand into his for eternity and nodded his head.

Gu Mengmeng was a precious female. Barete felt that he should be satisfied since she had already walked such a long distance with him while holding his hand. He should not request any random demand from Gu Mengmeng just because he felt like it. This would not only invite dislike from the females but he would also be looked down upon by the other males.

After all, the females in this beast world were the most favored. As a male, having the chance to dote on a female was a blessing in three lifetimes, it was too much to request a demand from a female.

However, Gu Mengmeng was unaware of Barete’s thoughts. She just felt the chill on her back reduce by a lot after letting go of Barete and she heaved a sigh of relief silently. Peering at her surroundings, she realized that the leaves here were so much bigger than those in the present world.

The tree that Barete was leaning against had its leaves shaped like an elephant’s ears. They were deep green and had a thickness of around 1cm with a countless number of them stacked and crowded together. Gu Mengmeng chose a leaf that was as big as two palms but as she walked under the leaf, she found out that the height of it was higher than she expected.

She thought that she could reach for the leaf just by stretching her arm, but she failed despite trying her best for some time.

The atmosphere became a tad awkward. Tens of males surrounded Gu Mengmeng in perfect silence, watching her jump on the spot a few times until her face became red. They were puzzled at what she was doing.

Gu Mengmeng was sullen. Damn… it was too embarrassing.

Pulling up her sleeves, she glared at that leaf and uttered, “Just you wait, I don’t believe that I’m not able to take you down!”

After that, Gu Mengmeng turned around and marched to under the tree, nodding her head at Barete with her face full of confidence. Seeing how Barete was going to stand up, she hurriedly held his shoulder and said, “It’s alright, just sit here and not move.”

“… Ok,” Barete sat back and maintained the position Gu Mengmeng ordered, not moving a single inch. Not even blinking his eyes a bit.

Gu Mengmeng grew up wilding around, climbing a tree or to a roof was not a big obstacle for her. Thus, like a wild monkey, she grabbed the thick tree trunk and climbed upwards. Although it was a little tiring, she eventually climbed to the tree branch and with caution, she successfully plucked that leaf she took a fancy to.

“I picked it~” Gu Mengmeng was elated beyond words, she has finally proven herself in front of Elvis and the rest and not remain as a joke.

Now then, here came the problem… why did the tree look a little too high?

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