Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 19: His Special Gu Mengmeng

Damn it, in that split second, Gu Mengmeng felt that her previous behavior of climbing the tree with so much vigor and hanging from it was extremely foolish.

She held it in till her face was as red as a tomato but she could not throw a tantrum. Instead, she clenched her teeth and said, “Thank you!”

Fuming, she ran to the stream with the leaf, folded it into a conical shape and scooped a leaf full of water before unfolding it back. As she walked past Elvis, she tilted her head to the other side and snorted neutrally before leaving.

Elvis was dumbfounded.


He helped her, didn’t he? Or else how long did she want to hang on the tree for?

But why was she fuming mad? And, the way her two cheeks bulged roundly was so adorable…..

Elvis felt a baffling sense of pride. Because other females would only order males around and would not need to complete things like climbing the tree to pluck a leaf. Not to say hanging from a tree…

Wow, his Gu Mengmeng was so special, one and only in this world~


Elvis did not have the chance for his smile to bloom when his face froze like icicles.

This was because Gu Mengmeng was using water to clean Barete’s wound slowly, her actions gentle and detailed while her gaze fixed on Barete’s wound. At the same time, she commented, “Your physique is so good, the bleeding actually stopped. But it still has to be cleaned thoroughly or else an infection will be very troublesome.”

Elvis’s fingers curved up slowly and eventually clenched together into a fist, his eyes looked as if they were on fire.

So, she went to great trouble to climb the tree, pluck the leaf and even almost fall from it, dirty the skirt he gave, injuring her slim arm, all of this, just for Barete?!

Like Elvis, Barete who was currently being treated by Gu Mengmeng and the other males who wanted to make themselves known to her were also taken by surprise.

Throughout history, it was an unquestionable principle for males to take care of females. The most gentle female was also said to just merely smile at males sometimes or comment a few words of consideration and honor. The way Gu Mengmeng took care of a male on her own… was simply unimaginable, even in dreams.

And such a fine chance actually landed in the hands of Barete?!

Although the elephant-ear leaf was very big, it could not store much water. To make matters worse, the surface area of Barete’s wound was very large, the water from a single leaf was not enough to clean it thoroughly. Thus, Gu Mengmeng shook the leaf, her face filled with a smile that nurses carry (please pardon the fact that Gu Mengmeng has already delved into character naturally, treating herself as Kang Moyeon in ‘Descendants of the Sun’). She stood up, getting ready to bring back more water from the stream.

Just as Gu Mengmeng stood up, her whole body was lifted up from the waist with her feet off the ground. This sudden movement gave Gu Mengmeng a scare until the elephant-ear leaf, that took her so much energy to pluck, dropped to the floor. She struggled for a while before realizing that the person holding onto her waist was Elvis. She immediately stopped moving and could only furrow her brows while asking, “What are you doing? Hurry and put me down, Barete’s wound has to be washed thoroughly or it will get infected.”

“Yeah,” Elvis responded lightly, then bent forward to pull Barete who was still not moving an inch against the tree up. He swung his arms with force, throwing Barete directly into the stream.

“What?! What are you doing!” Gu Mengmeng was taken aback by the sound of Barete being thrown into the water and she raised her brows, glaring at Elvis.

“Someone will help him wash,” Elvis gave the bunch of males at the side a look. The males who were long jealous till their teeth ached swarmed into the stream and started ‘taking care’ of Barete with all their might. A few of them whose bodies were big and burly stood on the outside on purpose to block Gu Mengmeng’s view. All of this were in vain as they forced their smiles towards Gu Mengmeng, exposing themselves.

Elvis was very satisfied as he nodded, “And, this will be much cleaner.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.