Gu Mengmeng felt like crying without tears. She had the strong urge to roar at the sky and asked if anyone could explain to her what on earth was going on?

She had just experienced the inhumane National College Entrance Examination and successfully went into College S. Her four years of shameless college life had just begun, how did a swim lead her straight to here? W… where is this place?!

Gu Mengmeng’s brain went blank and she could not think at all. There was only one baffling thought in her head: Had she travel to the past? Just like some story?

Thinking about that, Gu Mengmeng again noticed the man hugging her that had kept quiet throughout.

According to story plots, the first male to appear was usually the male lead. Well…

A royal highness? An emperor? Head of a cult or a miracle-working doctor?

“May I ask who are you, sir…?” Gu Mengmeng selectively forgot that she had just teased the man moments ago, the prodigal character that she had let herself to be, the forced kiss, the “I would not be responsible”, let us forget all that nothingness together.

The man was filled with curiosity at the little female in front of him. Her mood was ever-changing and her delicate small face always had eye-catching emotions, sometimes taunting, sometimes playful, sometimes charming, sometimes as fearful as a deer.

“Elvis.” Elvis blurted out his name.

“Greetings Mr. El, I am Gu Mengmeng,” Gu Mengmeng stiffly nodded her head as a form of salute, while she quickly searched for anyone with such a surname in her head. To her disappointment, however, she could only recall Erkang from My Fair Princess, although she vaguely remembered Erkang’s surname being Fu.

“Gu… Mengmeng.” Elvis playfully repeated Gu Mengmeng’s name and felt an uneasiness in his heart, as though telling him that this strange name would be of great significance to him.

“Mr. El, may I ask what dynasty is it now? Is this the Qing Dynasty?” Although Gu Mengmeng knew that the question seemed really weird, just like someone suddenly holding your hand on the streets and asks you if this is the People’s Republic of China. You surely would feel that he was crazy!

If possible, Gu Mengmeng would also want to find opportunities to probe a maidservant around her, but the current situation… Ha! Appearing in a polka-dotted bikini was strange enough even without asking what dynasty it was. A dead mouse feels no cold, what could possibly be worse than being viewed as a maniac?

“I am Elvis, not Mr. El.” Elvis corrected her coldly. He did not like her calling his name wrongly.

Gu Mengmeng watched as Elvis looked at her directly. Why on earth did she see anticipation in his look?

For some reason, Gu Mengmeng followed Elvis’s will and called, “Elvis.”

After seeing Elvis nodding with satisfaction, Gu Mengmeng laughed lightheartedly. Little did she know her smile had blinded Elvis’s eyes and also occupied his heart.

Gu Mengmeng had only a piece of bikini covering the key areas on her. Elvis had already taken a closer look at her when he pulled her into his arms, she had no signs of mating nor smells of other males. This had confirmed his guess. Gu Mengmeng was a virgin.

This piece of knowledge had made Elvis delighted, as it meant that if he brings Gu Mengmeng back to the tribe, he would be her first partner. The thought of this quirky little creature one day becoming his partner made Elvis grinn slightly, showing an evil but attractive smile.

He then untied the hide on his waist and wrapped it around Gu Mengmeng. He did not mind being naked himself, since everyone regardless of gender behaved like this in this world, but he would mind if someone else saw Gu Mengmeng. Just the thought of someone seeing the beautiful Gu Mengmeng made him felt suffocated, even wanting to dig out all the beasts’ eyes.

Being wrapped tightly, Gu Mengmeng lied in Elvis’s arms, with only her clear big eyes showing. The male hormones on the hide made Gu Mengmeng’s heart pound, and she even forgot what she was asking.

Which dynasty? Why does it matter?!

Having handsome men is key!

Elvis was satisfied at Gu Mengmeng’s coveted look, with her clear eyes showing only his reflection. This made Elvis contented wholeheartedly. He had start to understand why those males became like idiots after mating, even if their partner asked them to die immediately, they would split open their chests without hesitation and cut their hearts out to offer to the females.

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