Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 21: A New Tactic of Hitting Up Girls?

This image, to Barete, was like heaven. But, to Elvis, it was a bottomless chasm.

Eventually, Elvis did not chase Gu Mengmeng and just turned around to leave with his brows furrowed.

Yes, males hurt too.

Elvis’s hand brushed against his left chest, the suffocating pain carving straight into his bones even though no blood could be seen. On the other hand, the main culprit of this hardship was currently running towards another male, eagerly treating a mere superficial wound.

Gu Mengmeng was completely fleeing for her life, of course she could not care much about Elvis. Her entire mind was filled with thoughts on how to avoid the people of Saint Nazaire to the greatest extent to ease her escape. This was the real reason why she chose Barete. Compared to Elvis who could bend a tree branch with his bare hands, the severely injured Barete was a more ideal choice.

The scene that enveloped Gu Mengmeng when she reached the stream was a little strange.

Most of the males had followed Elvis to visit Nina at Lea’s cave. Although there were many of them who had decided to pursue Gu Mengmeng, females were still the most precious treasure in the tribe. Males had the obligation to protect all females in the tribe before mating. So, now that Nina was severely wounded, they had to find out what exactly happened.

There was two to three pursuers of Gu Mengmeng left by the stream. The reason they stayed was not because they did not care for Nina, but because the cause of injury was not clear. If any wild or ferocious beasts were to invade or attack, it would be very dangerous when a female was weak and vulnerable so there must always be males protecting every female by her side.

As compared to the huge bunch of males who left with Elvis, it was easier for Gu Mengmeng to find an opportunity to shake off these three innocent males.

But compared to these three who she could not even name, Barete who was still in the stream appeared particularly… special.

He maintained a strange pose, half lying in the stream, his wound soaking in the water just like that. His flesh, which was exposed, wrinkled up as a result while the flowing water in the stream entered his mouth and nostrils from time to time. He was in agony evidently but he still did not move a single inch.

“Barete? What happened?” Gu Mengmeng could not think more, and she instinctively rushed forward to help him sit up.

Barete looked at Gu Mengmeng, asking in a rather awkward tone, “Can I move now?”

“Huh?” Gu Mengmeng was unable to respond straight away.

“Didn’t you ask me to sit and not move just now? So…” Barete was a little guilty. Actually, when he was thrown by Elvis just now, he secretly moved a sharp stone once to avoid hitting it. Even though he knew that Gu Mengmeng would not know about it, he was still feeling guilty so his volume became softer and softer.

“Ah?!” Gu Mengmeng smacked her forehead as she did not know whether to laugh or cry, “So when Elvis threw you earlier, you did not dodge. When so many of them ganged up to beat you, you did not escape just because I asked you not to move?”

“Yeah,” Barete nodded his head frankly.

Gu Mengmeng felt a weak whack on the back of her head as she asked herself, the corners of her lips twitching, “Is this a new tactic of hitting up girls?”


“I asked you not to move because I was scared that your wound will worsen if you stood up and it was not beneficial for your recovery. I did not ask you to be a punching bag and not dodge a single bit when they hit you,” Gu Mengmeng held onto Barete’s arm and helped him up.

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