Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 29: You Want to Eat It With The Skin?

Eat? Eat it raw?!

Let alone eat, Gu Mengmeng felt nauseous just after seeing the bloody look. She almost vomited after retching a few times.

“Leader, lent me some fire.” Gu Mengmeng looked at Elvis pitifully.

“Fire?” Elvis frowned, clearly not understanding Gu Mengmeng.

As long as he had it, he will give her everything she wants, let alone lending it to her.

Even though he did not have it, as long as he knew what it was, he will snatch it at all costs to prevent her from not having it.



What was that?

Gu Mengmeng looked at Elvis, feeling extremely unfair.

Damn it, both of their expressions were dumbfounded but why was his of a much higher quality than hers? He was clearly a life idiot who did not even know what was fire!

Gu Mengmeng sighed heavily, thinking silently in her mind: This superficial society that looked at appearance…

“Leader, can you find two dry tree branches for me? One thicker by a little, yeah… as thick as your arm. The other one thinner, around the same thickness of my two fingers.” Gu Mengmeng said as she gestured, trying to let Elvis understand her.

Elvis looked at the rabbit meat in his hands and turned to look at Gu Mengmeng in expectation, passing it to her, “Eat this first, I’ll find you some wood.”

Gu Mengmeng stepped backwards out of instinct and said with a slightly awkward tone, “Leader, I don’t eat raw meat.”

“Raw meat?” Elvis looked down at the rabbit.

Its skin was just peeled, how fresh was it! Why was she not eating it?

Elvis looked at Gu Mengmeng in doubt, “You want to eat it with the skin?”

Gu Mengmeng’s mouth twitched, yeah, there was not any fire here, that was why there can’t be cooked meat. Since there was not any cooked meat, how would Elvis know about raw meat?

Sigh, just because their living environments were different, the generation gap between them was as vast as the Pacific Ocean.

“Leader, I will need to start a fire with the branches before I can eat. Or else… I’ll die.” Gu Mengmeng tried to simplify her explanation, avoiding terms that Elvis could not understand. Or else until she finished explaining everything, Elvis would not need to find tools to help her start a fire anymore because she would have starved to death.

Elvis was unaware of Gu Mengmeng’s plans. He only understood Gu Mengmeng’s words literally and knew that she wanted firewood and fire. It was the procedure that messengers of the Beast Deity had to go through before eating or else they will die.


This was an extremely shocking word.

How could his Gu Mengmeng die because she did not have tree branches?

“Ok, wait here.” Elvis threw the rabbit meat at a side, disappearing as quick as wind to find wood for Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng stared at the bloody rabbit meat that was beyond recognition, lying on the floor and she sighed in silence.

No matter how good-looking Leader was, he was still a barbarian from ancient times who only knew that meat had to be peeled before eating. But why didn’t he know that the ingredients had to be cleaned first?

Sigh, seems like I can only produce ample food and clothing with my own hands.

As Gu Mengmeng thought about it, she picked up the rabbit meat from the floor stealthily, wanting to wash it in the stream at the tribe and then attempt to cook it by starting a fire with the dry tree branches Elvis returned with.

Due to the previous attempt to escape, she ended up walking around the tribe for half a day. However, now there was a blessing in disguise. At least Gu Mengmeng could find the landmarks in the tribe.

The way to the stream was to walk across the big empty land in the center of the tribe before walking for a while more.

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