Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 33: She Liked Lea!

Barete was very excited internally. He knew that he was currently receiving the Deity’s Punishment but he could not control the strong current inside him.

Elvis was the one who brought Gu Mengmeng back to Saint Nazaire while Lea was the one who saved Gu Mengmeng from Quentin. But Gu Mengmeng handed the tree branch to him in front of the two of them. Was this a proof that among the three of them, Gu Mengmeng liked him the best? After all, females will only give the males they liked the chance to do something for them.

Elvis who had the same thought as Barete had his face darkened even more. When she had not found Barete, she stuck with him closely but once she found Barete, she immediately left him.

Yet, the main culprit Gu Mengmeng had no idea that Elvis’s and Barete’s imaginations went as far as where the heavens were and was diligently analyzing how to place the thicker wooden stick for stabilization.

“Leader.” Gu Mengmeng looked up softly at Elvis, handing him the thicker wooden stick, “Can you split it from the middle?”

Elvis’s expression became a lot better. Look, Gu Mengmeng handed him the thicker one, this shows that he was more reliable than Barete.”

Thus, Elvis received the wooden stick haughtily from Gu Mengmeng. He exerted strength slightly from his fingers, splitting the wooden stick from the middle with a ‘crack’ sound.

Gu Mengmeng instinctively clapped and exclaimed as a way to fawn him over, “Leader is so capable, you’re really awesome, exactly what I wanted!”

Honestly, Gu Mengmeng’s boot-lick was over exaggerating but just nice, it worked perfectly for the males in this beast world. The males at the bottom of the Platform started to scan their surroundings in all directions to search for a thicker wood than the one Elvis just split in order to perform well in front of Gu Mengmeng.

But poor them had no idea that Gu Mengmeng was not in the mood to notice them because all she wanted was to eat now.

Gu Mengmeng laid the wood Elvis broke flat on the ground and eagerly waited for the one Barete was sharpening.

Gu Mengmeng’s gaze seemed to contain some form of magic which caused all males present, including Elvis to follow her gaze and all stare at Barete simultaneously. This, in turn, caused Barete to start feeling anxious, he did not know that sharpening a wooden stick under the view of the entire tribe was so damn stressful.

“What about me? Should I do something too?” The neglected Mr Holy condescended on his own accord. He kneeled on the ground on one leg, hooking Gu Mengmeng’s chin with his hand gently, turning her small face towards himself. Using a natural and graceful smile to look at her, his long and narrow eyes seemed like it could bewitch someone, how was it possible for one to be this charming?

Gu Mengmeng spaced out due to this pair of eyes until no words came out. All she could do was open her little mouth slightly, blinking her eyes adorably while making eye contact with Mr Holy.

Witnessing the scene, Elvis clenched his fists secretly.

Because the look on Gu Mengmeng’s face was no different from when she met him for the first time at the lake.

She liked Lea!

This was the conclusion Elvis made. Honestly, he should feel happy but the flame in his chest told him that he was far from being as noble he thought he would be. He was selfish, and he wanted to possess Gu Mengmeng solely, not sharing her with anyone.

Even if it was Lea, he was unwilling to share.

This inadvertently erupted a beast pressure that caused the bunch of males below the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment to feel a strong sense of oppression. Those that were weaker almost passed out while Lea and Barete who were involved could feel it more vividly. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.