Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 179: Growing Stronger (2) [The End]


[War] Hwanmong

Health: 1000000/1000000

Hwanmong Energy: 1000000/1000000

Good Luck: 31

Charisma: 115

His status window showed that his health and Hwanmong energy had doubled.

He had taken his first step after becoming a Hwanmong Ruler.

Kang-jun had defeated the shadow that was formed from the demons of his heart. Not only did his sword mastery increase, but his mentality increased as well!

Kang-jun now had more strength as a Hwanmong Ruler.

It was due to defeating his heart demon.

His ability as a Hwanmong Ruler had been irrelevant.

Kang-jun had been able to defeat the shadow due to continually living a human life as well even after becoming a Hwanmong Ruler.

He felt the little joys and pleasures of being a human; it was fun.

He felt more happiness drinking beer and eating beef together with Hayun, Sang-hoon and Ji-eun than he did finding hundreds of small worlds.

The scale of the dimensional system was huge, but the small pleasures of life were much larger.

Therefore, even if he had no more abilities as a Hwanmong Ruler.

If he could feel the joys of living with his family and friends, he wouldn’t feel envious.

…At least, in terms of happiness.

After overcoming his heart demon, Kang-jun looked around the mysterious space called the grave of the gods.

He realized that it wasn’t the grave of the gods but a gateway to another world.

He could see a myriad of tunnels.

What worlds would appear when he entered those tunnels?

There seemed to be an infinite number of tunnels, so he could look forever.

‘There may be many things that could challenge a Hwanmong Ruler.’

As a Hwanmong Ruler, he felt his heart pounding with thrill as he stood before these infinite worlds.

How many exciting things existed?

Additionally, how much stronger could he become?

Exploring these unknown worlds would further expand Kang-jun’s territory.

As a Hwanmong Ruler, there were always endless challenges, so Kang-jun’s heart beat wildly.

‘At least I won’t be bored in the future.’

Kang-jun returned back through the tunnel, toward Rujel Continent where Heksia was waiting.

“Lord! What was inside?”

“Just a few shadows.”

Kang-jun had spent quite a long time in there, but on the outside, the amount of time that had passed was only enough time to drink a cup of tea.

Kang-jun smiled at Heksia.

“Anyway, you worked hard, so I’ll have to reward you.”

Heksia had fought the golems and removed the threat from Rujel Continent, fulfilling her mission as a guardian.

Therefore, he gave her a set of myth ranked armour and weapons, three legend ranked sets and 10 heroic sets.

“Wah! Myth ranked items!”

Additionally, there were three legend ranked sets! Heksia was very pleased.

“Lord, thank you very much.””

“There is no need to thank me. It is a prize for your hard work.”

Then Heksia glanced at Kang-jun with strange eyes.

“Can you give me another reward?”

“Another reward?”

“Yes, you should know.”

Kang-jun suddenly remembered when he first saw her.

The charismatic 439th Commander of the Earth Hwanmong Defense Army!

The demon’s distinctively sexy appearance had made Kang-jun’s heart pound.

Anyway, how could Kang-jun not know Heksia’s will? Kang-jun happily gave her the reward and left.

He continued his visits to Aquana, Klater, Melinad and Grania in order to encourage them.

In addition to that, he made sure that Driana and the now independent Sud as well as Rotas and the other demon kings were doing their tasks well.

He didn’t forget to visit the sealed world to encourage Cardia and Thanatos.

Cardia was interested in making dungeons, causing her to create one that was much more difficult than the hell grade dungeons.

It was a place that couldn’t be challenged unless someone was at least at the level of a transcendent!

Kang-jun hoped that one day, some sovereigns would break through to transcendence and visit here.

After leaving the sealed world, Kang-jun sought out Shaoniel who was leading the sovereign project.

“You’ve gone through a lot of trouble, Shaoniel.”

“It is hard work. Thank you for letting me do something this big.”

Shaoniel was proud about being given the authority to manage the sovereigns who had been released from hell.

It wasn’t just her. All the angels and celestial gods who were helping her were proud as well.

Kang-jun smiled.

He was very proud of Shaoniel.

She was a bright light in the Hwanmong that was infested with demonic gods.

It was very fortunate that he had acquired Goddess Shaoniel.

Kang-jun returned to the headquarters at the Delta building after visiting all the worlds of his household members and called Keirun.

“I will now have a party to comfort all of my people. Prepare to make the party as great as possible.”

“Yes, Lord. I understand.”

Keirun’s face lit up after hearing that there would be a party. He moved briskly with Aniel.

The location was the rest area in the Delta building.

The rest area was a huge island with all types of relaxing facilities.

In the central plaza, Kang-jun and his household members gathered.

The spirit rulers, Naga Queen, Heksia, Grania, Driana, Sud, Germuz and Rodiam were all there.

Rotas appeared in the guise of a tree while the demon kings attended in nice clothing.

That wasn’t all.

The chief gods of the Celestial World were there with the celestial gods as well as Cardia and all the other demonic gods.

Of course, Kang-jun had sealed their abilities completely and they promised not to expose their destructive nature.

As a result, the petrification curse didn’t occur when somebody saw Cardia.

Even so, her great beauty was enough to surprise everybody.

Sovereign Avia and the other sovereigns as well as the commanders of the Earth Hwanmong Defense Army were also invited.

Additionally, Rainkar had reached the level of a transcendent and returned to Earth Hwanmong in time for the party.

Kajel, who was being punished by Kang-jun for neglecting his duty, received a special pardon just for the party.

Having tasted the pain of hell, Kajel seemed enthusiastic about not repeating the same mistake twice.

Of course, Goddess Shaoniel and her followers had to join the party. It was the same for the advanced angel, Luminael.

They met with the chief gods and had a happy chat.



There was beautiful music and dancing taking place. Karosio and Shilenda showed off their unique charms as they danced and pranced around.

The gorgeous demon kings and demonic gods showed off their dance moves as well.

Kang-jun was glad to see everyone enjoying themselves.

The chief god of the north, Dianas, smiled at him and said,

“Due to all the demonic gods becoming Lucan’s burden, the dimensional system has become very peaceful these days. On behalf of Celestial World, I once again want to thank you, Lucan.”

Kang-jun laughed.

“It’s so that you can come to parties like this.”

“Is that so? Hahaha.”

If they were still in a war against the demonic gods, it would be impossible for the chief gods to attend Kang-jun’s party.

However, a major threat had been removed by Kang-jun.

There were still numerous small threats, but they were being dealt with by the sovereign project that Kang-jun had assigned to Shaoniel.

Those threats would be used to raise the sovereigns, so the Celestial World had less to do.

Then Dianas laughed suddenly.

Somehow, the chief gods and great demonic gods were sitting in one place and drinking. Moreover, Dianas was thrilled after finding out the Cardia’s identity.

After seeing Cardia, the rulers of the Celestial World intuitively grasped that she had reached another realm.

She was someone that the Celestial World was no match for.

‘It was a really dangerous moment.’

If Lucan hadn’t entered the Abyss and suppressed Cardia, what would have happened to the Celestial World? She couldn’t help sweating at the thought.

In the meantime, the atmosphere of the party heightened and it lasted for a long time.

Once the party was over, Kang-jun returned to reality.

He deliberately didn’t invite the people on Earth to the party.

He wanted to keep reality and Hwanmong separate.

It would be better not to call those living in reality to Hwanmong.

Kang-jun was the same.

He wanted to live as an ordinary human in this place.

If he didn’t use his wings, he couldn’t move quickly. However, he could enjoy the pleasure of walking slowly.

Additionally, he recently enjoyed going on jogs.

Was that all? He would travel by airplane, car, train or ship.

These were all the little pleasures of life.

In order to enjoy these as much as possible, he shouldn’t use his divine powers on Earth.

“Hayun, prepare quickly. Today, we are going to travel.”

“Travel? Really? To where?”

“The Maldives.”

“Wah! Really?”

Hayun clapped. Then Kang-jun scratched his head as someone occurred to him.

“Ah, that’s right. We need to find out if there are tickets first. I don’t know if we can go today.”

Hayun just smiled.

“It is okay to not go today, so let’s see if it is possible to book tickets.”


He could reach there instantly if he flew in a transparent state. No, he didn’t have to fly and could get there in less than a second through space movement.

However, then he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the pleasure of travelling on an airplane. Waiting at the airport was annoying but that was also one of the enjoyments of travelling.

Kang-jun intended to travel like normal humans and Hayun liked it as well.


Kang-jun sighed. He found out through the travel agency that flights to the Maldives weren’t very convenient, so he needed to have booked tickets a long time ago.

If he called Han Yeon-soo or Jang Seo-yeon, he could get a ticket quickly.

He had the power to do things like that.

However, if he did that, he might as well just move through space movement. So, Kang-jun decided to change the destination.

“Let’s go to Jeju Island. Fortunately, it is easy to get tickets to there.”

“Jeju Island is good!”

Hayun smiled and Kang-jun grabbed her hands.

“Then shall we go?”

“Wait, what about the luggage?”

“Yes, that’s right. Where is the carrier bag?”

Kang-jun and Hayun packed diligently instead of using his space.

They went down to the underground parking lot and drove the Venta S Class to the airport. However, an accident occurred on the road.

“The cars are blocked. We won’t be able to make it in time.”

“It’s okay. If we don’t make it, we’ll take the next flight.”

“Indeed. There is no hurry.”

There were joyful smiles on Kang-jun’s and Hayun’s faces.


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