Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 21: Occupying Everything (1)

[Stage 1 Barrack] 

-Capacity 0/10 

[Ratian infantry summoning: 1%] 

[A ratian infantry is scheduled to be summoned] 

[A ratian archer is scheduled to be summoned] 

[A ratian archer is scheduled to be summoned] 

[A giant ratian is scheduled to be summoned] 

The summoning was time consuming but took place immediately. Only one could be summoned at a time so it took a while for all five monsters to arrive. 

‘It will take a while if I wait.’ 

Kang-jun decided to move alone instead of waiting for his army. He should occupy the goshiwon on the 4th floor first. In reality, he only had a contract for Rooms 406 and 413, but he could occupy the rest through invasion. 

He started from the next room on the right. First, he stood in front of Room 405. 

[Room 405] 

-Invasion is possible 

[Would you like to invade? Yes/No] 

It would be frightening if he received this question in reality. 

This room wasn’t empty in reality. Kang-jun knew who was right next door. Kim Hyun-soo was an office worker in his 20s who had stayed in that room for many months. Their only relationship was light greetings when seeing each other. But now Kang-jun was invading his room! 

It was something he would never do in reality. But this was the world of Hwanmong. Common sense and the laws in reality didn’t apply to this world. 

‘Yes! Invade.’ 

Kang-jun didn’t hesitate to initiate the invasion. He needed to invade all of Dafeng, so Kang-jun had to hurry. 

[Attack and destroy the door.] 

Kang-jun immediately swung his bat at the door to Room 405. 

Kwang! Kwang kwang! 

A red durability gauge appeared. 

[Door to Room 405: 92%] 

It meant his attacks only caused the durability to fall by 8%. 


Kwang! Bam bam bam! Kwakwang! 

Kang-jun attacked with the club as well as his two feet. The durability fell in a flash. 

[Door to Room 405: 0%] 

The message stating that the door reached 0% durability appeared the moment the door faded away. 

[You have captured Room 405.] 

The inside of Room 405 was immediately revealed. It was an empty room without even a bed or a desk. Something was shining on the ground. 

[Solid Wooden Stick] 

‘Oh! Weapon!’ 

Kang-jun instantly looked at it. 

[Solid Wooden Stick] 

-Lightweight yet durable, it won’t break easily. 

-There is a 1% chance to stun enemies with a blow. 

The light and durable stick was incomparable to the ratian’s club. In addition, it had an option attached that gave a 1% chance of stunning the enemy. 

‘I can change weapons.’ 

Kang-jun immediately abandoned the club for the wooden stick. 

‘Next is Room 404!’ 

He broke the door in an instant. 

[You have captured Room 404.] 

[3 nodes have been gained.] 

Room 404 gave him three nodes. But that wasn’t the end. Kang-jun attacked and occupied Rooms 403, 402 and 401. 

He didn’t get money or items in every room. In some cases, he literally just smashed the door. 

However, each room had an updated information window. 

[Room 401] 

-Occupied territory 

-Territory effect: Construction of a research institute is possible. 

[Room 402] 

-Occupied territory 

-Territory effect: None 

[Room 403] 

-Occupied territory 

-Territory effect: None 

There was something like this. 

Kang-jun needed to consider the effect of each room so he could decide if he should form a contract in reality. For the most part, each of the rooms had no effect. But in the case of Room 401, it was possible to construct a research institute. 

‘What is a research institute?’ 

[Through the research institute, you can create more powerful monsters to make the war situation more favourable.] 

So, building a research institute meant his monsters would become stronger. If so, he needed to build it by any means. 

He would need to sign a contract for Room 401 in reality, just like Rooms 406 and 413. The manager Kwon Myeong-cheol would think he was crazy, but it would be beneficial to Kang-jun in Hwanmong. 

Money wouldn’t be a burden. Right now, Kang-jun had the ridiculous ability to earn one million won a day. 

[A ratian infantry has been summoned.] 

One ratian was finally summoned to the barrack. 

Ratian infantry No.001] 

Health: 70/70 

Strength: 2

Agility: 5

Intelligence: 1

Dexterity: 1 

“Keket! Rod! Please give a command. I will do whatever you want.” 

Surprisingly, the ratian could speak. It also spoke in Korean! 

“Come and attack the target with me.” 

“Kikikik! It is exciting.” 

The ratian infantry came to Room 407 and started attacking the door mercilessly with Kang-jun. 

Kwang kwang kwang! 

Bam bam! Bam bam bam! 

Thanks to that, the door to Room 407 was broken at a much faster rate. 

[You have captured Room 407.] 

[4 nodes have been gained.] 

‘It is easy to understand.’ 

Although it was an ugly monster with the head of a rat and the body of a monkey, it was still somewhat reassuring to have it as a subordinate. 

“Next is Room 408!” 


Kang-jun occupied the goshiwon rooms at a fast pace thanks to the ratian infantry. Another ratian infantry was summoned by the time he took over all the rooms and headed towards the kitchen. 

48 nodes.

Two Minor Health Recovery Potions. 

One Solid Wooden Stick. 

Those were the loot he obtained in the meantime. It was quite good.

Kang-jun headed for the goshiwon’s management office located near the stairs of the 4th floor with a satisfied smile. 

“Okay. Now it is time for the management office. Attack!” 

“Kukakat! I understand.” 

“Keket! I will follow you.” 

But unlike the small rooms, the door to the management office wasn’t easily broken. 

[The Dafeng goshiwon’s management office: 92%] 

Despite three people hitting at it, the durability only decreased by 8%. In addition, sometimes the door would swing open to attack. 

‘Ugh! This won’t work. Aura of Earth!’ 

In that case, he would use his skill! 

Aura of Earth consumed five black magic energy to increase defense for one minute. 

Kwang! Kwang! 

Due to that, Kang-jun wasn’t hurt by any attacks from the management office’s door. 

On the other hand, the ratians had no defense and their health continued to decrease. 

[Ratian infantry No.001] 

Health: 38/70 

[Ratian infantry No.002] 

Health: 32/70 

‘Ah! It would be a shame if they are killed.’ 

Kang-jun hastily moved them back. 

“I will attack this alone while you retreat.” 

The ratian infantry waited in the back. 

In the end, Kang-jun was forced to attack the door of the management office alone. However, Aura of Earth couldn’t fill in the gap from the missing attacks of the two ratians. 

[A ratian archer has been summoned.] 

Then a ratian archer with ranged attacks was summoned, so reducing the durability was even more straightforward. 

[The Dafeng goshiwon’s management office: 0%] 

He finally managed to break down the door of the management office. 

[You have occupied the management office.] 

[The goshiwon in the Dafeng building has been entirely captured.] 

He looked inside the management office and saw a scroll. 

Kang-jun examined it. 

[Inferior goshiwon knowledge has been acquired.] 

[The power of the management skills inside the goshiwon will increase.] 

‘Inferior goshiwon knowledge?’ 

Occupying the goshiwon gave him some knowledge about it. Of course, this knowledge wasn’t normal knowledge but associated with the skill. In other words, Kang-jun’s skill Draw In Customer would become much stronger inside the goshiwon. 

‘Will occupying something generate knowledge?’ 

Then taking control of the PC rooms on the 3rd floor might give knowledge about the PC rooms. What about the coffee shop and karaoke on the 2nd floor, real estate office on the 1st floor and karaoke bar in the basement? 

‘My guess is probably right.’ 

This was the world of Hwanmong! 

It wasn’t simple knowledge. In reality, money was power. In other words, he could earn money easier when occupying new territory. 

He would do whatever it took to occupy the building. 

It was at that moment. 

[Your time in the world of Hwanmong is over.] 

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.] 

Kang-jun heard a dreamy voice and the area in front of him became hazy. 


He was on his bed. It meant he had woken up from the dream. He came back to reality from Hwanmong. 

‘I’ve only occupied the 4th floor.’ 

Unfortunately, he had only started the occupation of the 3rd floor when the door to Hwanmong was closed. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was 7 a.m. 

‘I need to hurry up and prepare.’ 

Today he would go and make money by selling socks. 

Kang-jun opened the door without thinking. 


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