Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 33: Person Who Wins Everything (3)

Of course, he had been prepared before coming. It was probably going to be expensive. 

However, he was dumbfounded when he heard the amount was 2.8 billion. 2.8 billion won wasn’t an easy amount of money to grasp even after winning the lottery due to taxes. How could he save 2.8 billion? 

Then Kang-jun suddenly shook his head. He shouldn’t panic just yet. He now had the ability to make money. 

‘Indeed! I just need to gather it.’ 

He had the management skill Draw in Customers, so earning 2.8 billion wasn’t an impossible task. 

Soon he would move to an area of the market with a larger floating population and sell goods other than socks. 

Once he had enough capital, he would operate several stores. 

In particular, his skill would be amplified in a goshiwon, PC Room, karaoke, coffee shop, karaoke bar etc., and he could sweep in the money. Of course, the number of industries would increase in the future. 

Once he returned to Hwanmong, he would occupy the nearby shopping street. 

The problem was time! 

Even if he could earn money, it would be time consuming to save 2.8 billion. 

In the meantime, wouldn’t Sovereign Herod with enormous resources come to attack him? 

He had Keirun and Hayun so it wouldn’t be easy. However, there was still a considerable chance that he could be defeated. 

The realtor Kim Seok-cheol seemed to read Kang-jun’s troubled expression and said. 

“Boss-nim! You might not be able to buy the building with your money, but there is the bank. Usually you can get a loan for 70% of the value of the Dafeng building.” 

“A 70% loan is possible?” 

“Of course, if the deposit money is considered then it might be possible to get up to 80%. In this case, the interest rate is a little higher.” 

Kang-jun gave him a long look. 

Then Kim Seok-cheol gave an explanation. 

As the prices lowered, there would be an upturn in the market. The banks would be affected by the appraisal value. In the case of Dafeng, the building already had a one billion won loan, so Kang-jun could get an additional loan. 

As a result, Kang-jun only needed to gather approximately one billion won. 

“Of course, this takes into account the credit history of Boss-nim. If you have good credit with a bank then you can obtain better conditions.” 


Kang-jun laughed. 

Credit! He probably didn’t have a good credit history. 

There was no communication when he had a part time job and his card balances were sometimes overdue. He had never had a full time job, so he wouldn’t have a good credit rating. 

But it was possible to get a collateral loan even with a bad credit rating. There would just be adverse conditions. 

‘Yes. I will also occupy a nearby bank in the world of Hwanmong. There might be something good.’ 

Just like the realtor Kim Seok-cheol, the bank staff might suddenly become friendly to him if that happened. Who knows? The loan might end up having very good conditions. 

Anyway, his heart was much lighter now that he needed one billion instead of 2.8 billion to buy the Dafeng building. 

‘Okay. Let’s somehow raise one billion.’ 

He would be able to repay the loan once he bought the building. 

Anyway, he had made eight million won so far by selling socks. He would soon gather 10 million. 

Then Kim Seok-cheol said. 

“I will talk to the building owner and get you the lowest possible price. Hehe, I don’t want to brag but I am quite an expert.” 

“Today I only came to check the price. I’ll stop by and ask again soon.” 

“Then feel free to contact me at any time. Would you like to learn anything else?” 

“What are the prices of the other buildings around here?” 

Kang-jun was full of expectations about the possibility of cheaper buildings around here. However, those expectations were returned with despair. 

The narrow Dafeng building with outdated facilities was the cheapest. 

“This building was sold for 3.7 billion last month. The price of that green building is a minimum of 5.5 billion…” 

Even a four storey building was more than two billion. Of course, the building was several times more spacious than Dafeng and the location was good. 

But he started feeling pitiful while hearing the market prices of the buildings. 

Someone was the owner of those buildings. Who was the owner of a building worth 20 billion won? 

By the way, Kim Seok-cheol told Kang-jun the prices of buildings he didn’t even ask for. 

Some were even more than 80 billion. 80 billion! He just had to hope that the owner of that building wasn’t a sovereign. 

“That’s enough.” 

Kang-jun raised a hand. Or else a skyscraper worth hundreds of billions might emerge. 

Why would he want a lecture about the real estate in Gangnam? He wanted to give up after listening for a while. 

This fucking world! He was living in a room worth 250,000 won while others were living on top of the world. 

How many tycoons were in the world? They played in the world of hundreds of billions of won. 

Kang-jun didn’t care as long as none of them were sovereigns. No matter how unfair the world was, even it wouldn’t make a tycoon a sovereign.

However, it was a possibility when listening to Keirun’s words. There was no guarantee that Kang-jun wouldn’t have to fight a tycoon in the future. 

Kang-jun made a fist. 

‘Power. No matter how great the sovereign is, that is the only law that matters.’ 

Those who were strong would win. There was one enemy he would have to face first. Herod of the Yugang building! The first priority was getting rid of him. 

“That’s right, what is the value of the Yugang building?” 

“Ah, Yugang? That is roughly seven billion.” 

“Seven billion?” 



That person really was born with a gold spoon. Even the prices of their buildings were different, but Kang-jun took it more calmly than he expected. 

‘It doesn’t matter if he is bigger than me.’ 

His pride refused to give up. He would not be defeated by Herod coming for him. 

‘I will win. By all means!’ 

He would not be defeated by any sovereigns. 

After a while, he returned to Room 406.

Kang-jun sat on the bed and talked to Hayun sitting on the chair. 

“His name is Jung Kwang-hyeon. He is 35 years old and divorced. The building was given to him from his parents. Now he lives alone on the 5th floor of the Yugang building. Despite going to study abroad in the United States, he went to jail for sexual assault and drug charges. The divorce seemed to happen then as well.” 

Hayun received information about Sovereign Herod from the ghosts in the area. 

35 years old, divorced and had a lot of money. He had an expensive foreign car and was rolling in money. 

The ghosts had quite a bit of information. 

It was common for him to bring two or three women to his bed and to have orgy parties with his friends. He also previously had sexual assault and drug charges. It was clear that he had a horrible personality. 

But that wasn’t important right now. The important thing was that he was a sovereign! 

In other words, he had the same abilities as Kang-jun in Hwanmong. 

“Continue to gather information about him. Even very minor details.” 

“I understand, leave it to me. I have an iron grip on the ghosts.” 

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