Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 3: A Huge Surprise

Wen Jie was still dumbfounded, but there was nothing more she could say after Jiang Tingxu’s show of conviction.

“As long as you know what’s important. It’s not like you have to do anything to the Mo family. No matter how you look at it, you’ve been married to him for many years. Let me offer you some advice. You shouldn’t just give up everything you have for a man. If you do that, you might eventually end up with nothing at all!”

‘Exactly. Truer words have never been spoken. Back then, I ended up with nothing, didn’t I?

‘Not even ashes were left after death!


“Mm, I’ll listen to what you say, Aunt Wen. You couldn’t have said it better.”

Wen Jie’s solemn expression, which had been molded through decades of her professional career, finally broke.

“Alright then, I called you here to talk about this, but since you’ve already figured things out, I’ll explain it to your chief. Now head back to the Emergency Department and fulfill your duties. Don’t think too much about anything else.”

The hospital was always a busy place.


Jiang Tingxu stood in the elevator again. Her demeanor had changed completely compared to before. She felt as though she had reached enlightenment and everything was crystal clear to her!

After all, she had just experienced actual death!

There were actually many things that she had already understood, but all of it was simply hanging on her last thoughts. Now that those last thoughts no longer existed, it was only natural for her to come out a completely changed person.


A loud roar of thunder startled many people.

Jiang Tingxu was so shocked that she held her arms close to her body and chanted silently in her heart, ’Almighty God is most powerful. Let’s talk about this, okay? As they say, things get easier the second time. This is our third transaction with each other, right? Can’t you let me die of ripe old age this time?’


God did not respond at all after waiting for some time.

“Okay. I’ll take Your silence as acceptance! Don’t regret it, whoever regrets it is a sore loser!” she remarked, while silently gesturing by pointing her middle finger downward.

After waiting for some time, God still remained completely silent.

There were plenty of things that she no longer wanted to keep score of, but she was adamant about her decision not to spare those who harmed Aunt Wen and the others!

Although she was once a sweet and naïve young woman, spending 10 years in the battlefield did not make her a Holy Mary.

Jiang Tingxu smirked coldly when she went out of the elevator.

Little did she expect a huge surprise to be waiting for her.

The nurse at the triage desk stopped her just as she walked into the emergency room. “Dr. Jiang, over here! Someone is looking for you!”

Someone was looking for her?

She looked over and staggered back in shock after seeing the small figure standing next to the triage desk.

Why was it him?


The little figure then walked over solemnly and stood straight in front of Jiang Tingxu. His expression was as arrogant as could be.

“Jiang Tingxu. Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, you know?” A cutesy childlike voice sounded even more adorable with that hint of arrogance.

As a military doctor with more than 10 years’ experience, Jiang Tingxu had calmed herself down in just a few seconds.

“What did you call me?” she asked in a rather flat tone. She appeared not to speak in as warm a tone as other mothers speaking to their child.

The little kid was exactly the same as she remembered. He took after his father from head to toe and was far from the definition of cute!

She seemed to finally understand the disgust her own mother felt. The little figure was so angry that both his cheeks were red.

“Humph!” He snorted coldly and did not even greet her.

Jiang Tingxu did not really take issue with how the kid addressed her. His height barely even reached her thighs and she glanced condescendingly at him.

“Come with me,” she ordered, as she lifted her feet and left without waiting for the child to answer.

It was his choice whether to follow or not. This is a mid-grade elixir.

That little guy was smart, and there were no shortages of bodyguards around him to protect him.

It just so happened that no one else was in the office. Jiang Tingxu sat on a chair while the small figure leaned against the door and scanned the entire office.

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