Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 31: Do You Have to Be So Direct, Dr. Jiang?


He even had a small household mirror.

“Are you going on a date?” asked.

“No, it’s a little gathering of fellow online gamers.”

It was the first time Jiang Tingxu met someone who genuinely did a face-to-face meetup with online friends. Curious, she asked again, “Females or males?”

‘Things like this were only popular a couple of years ago, weren’t they?

‘Hmm…it was at least ten years ago, during junior high and senior high.’

Guan Xiaodong explained, “Males, of course. We don’t have any women in our circle.”

Jiang Tingxu let out a ‘tch’.

“How would you know? When it comes to the internet, you wouldn’t know whether the person behind the screen is a man or a woman unless you actually see them in person.”

There were plenty of women who played games disguised as women.

There were also probably a lot of shemales who played female roles among boys.

Guan Xiaodong did not expect that Dr. Jiang’s prophecy would come true.

When he would later go for the meetup, he would end up being the sole man amongst all the other girls!

“By the way, I meant to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

Jiang Tingxu moved the chair she was sitting on.

“Do you know if there are any places to rent near our hospital?”

Qiao Ran was coincidentally standing at the door when she heard Jiang Tingxu’s question.

“Hey, do you want to rent a place, Dr. Jiang? You can ask me. I know a place! It isn’t far from our hospital, and the environment is quite good too. It ranks quite highly in Yun City in terms of its security.”


If Qiao Ran could say it with such conviction, then it was most definitely a good first choice!

There was no point delaying now that Jiang Tingxu had made a firm decision. It was best to move away from Violet Imperial Hill as quickly as possible.

Qiao Ran nodded repeatedly. “You’ll get a discount if you rent it, Dr. Jiang. Hehe, that house happens to belong to my friend who went abroad some time ago.”

No wonder Qiao Ran could speak with such conviction.

Discount or not was not the most important thing. Jiang Tingxu’s main concern was to move in as soon as possible.

“Can I see the room?”

“Absolutely. I have a video on my phone. Can I email it to you right now?”


Qiao Ran put down a stack of records and went out in a hurry.

It did not take long for Jiang Tingxu to receive Qiao Ran’s email.

Plenty of pictures were attached, including one taken in a panoramically. The décor was tasteful and luxurious, while the furniture and appliances were all complete. Far from being plain-looking, it was apparent that few people lived there in the past.

There were two bedrooms and one living room, but the second bedroom was turned into a study. Meanwhile, her most favorite aspect of the house was the large outdoor balcony.

Jiang Tingxu had practically made a decision in her heart and quickly sent Qiao Ran a WeChat message.

[I’ll take it!]

Qiao Ran could not help but feel a little dumbfounded when she received the message and replied with two sets of ellipses.

It was then that she reacted to it.

[Dr. Jiang, aren’t you going to view the place first before deciding?] she asked.

Jiang Tingxu texted back.

[No need for that. I saw from your photos and videos. I like the house very much, so I’ll rent it. Ask your friend how much the rent will be.]

[*sweat* OK, I’ll ask.]

Guan Xiaodong had been watching all that and his face twitched several times before he finally asked, “Do you have to be so direct, Dr. Jiang?”

He had never seen anyone conclude a deal to rent a house so quickly!

Was there anything abnormal with her action?

She had seen the pictures and videos. The homeowner was a friend of Nurse Qiao. There were also a number of problems which she no longer had to worry about anymore. Since she liked it, she might as well rent it!

It was that simple!

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