Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 32: Jiang Tingxu Was a Rich Woman Indeed

If Mo Boyuan was not a decisive person, how could he have successfully founded J.M. Morgan more than a decade ago when he was only a student?

Qiao Ran sent another message. [Dr. Jiang, my friend told me she’d give you 30% off. The rental will be 6,000RMB a month. The house is completely renovated and never lived in before. It’s brand new, and she’ll send a part-time cleaner to clean it on occasion. You can move in whenever you like.]

6,000 was not cheap, but it was acceptable.

Outsiders were unaware that Jiang Tingxu was a rich woman despite only being an intern!

A young madam from the Mo family could never be short of money.

In addition, she was spoiled and raised in the Mo family environment since she was still a child.

[OK, no problem.]

In fact, Qiao Ran was still a little worried, because the salary of ordinary doctors and nurses was not that high. Although they could afford to pay 6,000, they still had to eat or drink.

However, she never expected Dr. Jiang to accept without any hesitation.

Qiao Ran replied, [The key is in my house. How about you come with me to get it after work before going to Silk Cloud Apartments?”

Jiang Tingxu quickly thought about it in her mind. [I want to go back home first. We’ll just meet at Silk Cloud.]


The two had just finished their discussion when the next shift’s Dr. Zhao and Dr. Wu had already come in.

“Good morning.”

Jiang Tingxu and Guan Xiaodong responded at the same time, “Good morning.”

Zhao Xian leaned close to Jiang Tingxu and asked, “Did anything happen to those car accident patients last night?”

Jiang Tingxu was a little unaccustomed to being approached so suddenly, so she became a little stiff and turned slightly to the side. “Fortunately, everything went smoothly last night.”

From what she could remember, the people in the Emergency Department were all very nice and had a harmonious relationship with each other. It was unlike the other departments with their office politics and factions.

Dr. Wu sat at the endmost table and asked casually while sorting out his stuff.

“What time did Deputy Chief Pei and the others end their operation last night? I heard that the patient’s injury was very critical! Nothing went wrong, I believe?”

That prompted Dr. Zhao to shoot him a stern look.

“Are you looking forward to something going wrong? I knew you weren’t a good person. Typical scheming mentality!”


‘Aren’t these two a thing? Why do they speak as though they’d been enemies for eight generations?’

However, it did not take long for the Dr. Guan behind to solve the puzzle.

“Okay, okay. Come on, Dr. Wu and Dr. Zhao. Don’t put on such a big display of affection so early in the morning, okay? It’s like you’re both worried that other people are oblivious to your relationship.”

As soon as Guan Xiaodong’s spoke, he was nearly struck by Dr. Zhao’s hidden weapon. He was lucky to have dodged it quickly.

“Oh, Little Guan, Little Guan. You’re gutsy, aren’t you? How dare you tease Sister Xian?”

The office was suddenly rife with movement, and such a scene had not appeared in front of Jiang Tingxu for a very long time.

The sight of it made her curl her mouth into a smile.

In the end, it was Dr. Wu who spoke up and stopped the two of them.

“Enough! Time to do the rounds!”

Everyone in the office got up and went out with whatever that they had prepared.

At the end of the corridor, Dr. Liao and the other doctors were waiting, and everyone greeted each other.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Pei Rusi came about two minutes later and looked much more energetic than when he just got off the operating table.

“Is everyone here? Let’s start!”

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