Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 35: Ningning Doesn’t Want You Either

“Ningning, you’re a smart boy. The problems between your father and I run really deep. You can probably see that, don’t you?”

The little guy kept quiet, but it did not prevent Jiang Tingxu from continuing.

“I plan to move out, but it’s not because I don’t want you anymore. You’re my child, and our relationship with each other will never end.”

The angry little guy finally reacted when he heard that. He asked, “Where are you going to live if you move out? You don’t have any other houses except this one, do you Jiang Tingxu?”

The child was obviously showing concern, but the way he expressed it was quite hurtful.

Jiang Tingxu felt choked.

“Who said I don’t have a house? It’s just a bit further away. My father left it to me.”

He said it as though she did not have a house at all. In any case, renting a house was incredibly convenient in modern times and there was no shortage of places to live.

The little guy pouted and continued.

“Why didn’t Dad move out? Dad has a lot of houses, and he’ll be okay with this place. Jiang Tingxu, maybe you shouldn’t move out. Let Dad move out. He doesn’t come back often anyway.”

It was dangerous outside! Jiang Tingxu would be very unsafe out there as a woman, and the worry on the little guy’s face was practically overflowing.

It was also the first time Jiang Tingxu discovered how adorable her son was despite being arrogant and stubborn all the time!

She must have missed so many things in the past!

The child was clearly siding with her, so why did she stupidly believe that the child did not like her?

She smiled at her ridiculousness and explained, “It’s too far from where I work. It takes 40 minutes by taxi, so I plan to change to a closer place.”

However, the little guy did not buy it.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it. You’re going to divorce Dad, right? There are several children in our kindergarten whose parents are divorced. They use this kind of argument to deceive the children.

“I know that you won’t come back anymore after you move away!

“Hmph, you’re a meanie!

“I don’t want you either!”

After a fierce roar, he turned around and ran upstairs.

However, he could no longer control his emotions after returning to the room. He tucked his small body into the bed and hid there.

Children were the ones who were most affected by a divorce!

No child in the world would want their parents to be separate.

That was despite his mother rarely taking care of him over the years, while his father was the kind that was nowhere to be seen all year round.

In any case, Mom, Dad and himself were still a family!

The little guy’s heart was crushed to bits.

“Jiang Tingxu is a meanie. Meanie! Jiang the Meanie…”

Jiang Tingxu—who followed her son up—stood at the door, and her mouth twitched when she saw him scolding her while crying.

In the end, she still tried to come to a compromise.

She went up the bed and gently lifted the blanket.

“I didn’t even cry when you scolded me. Why are you crying?”

His crying face looked up.

“Jiang the Meanie. Go away!”

He looked really sad with his red and teary face.


“Then I’ll go. You can let go of me.”

Suddenly, a little hand rushed forward to her leg and clutched her trouser leg tightly. He held on tight and did not let go in the slightest.

“Okay. I’ll bring you with me, how about that? Do you have class in the afternoon?”

“Mm, math class.”

“Then I’ll send you back to the old mansion later. Is that ok?”


The little boy gradually stopped crying after finally reaching an agreement. Meanwhile, Jiang Tingxu’s pants had been grabbed on so strongly that it was as creased as a piece of salted preserved vegetable. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.