Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 44: Entertainment Godfather also gossips

The person who came was Lu Yanlan’s manager. She must have been angered by Lu Yanlan’s flirtatious actions last night and was in a state of rage.

However, the protagonist didn’t seem to feel as strongly about it.

“Sister He, aren’t you taking it too seriously? ”

Bo He laughed out in frustration:

“Too serious?”

Lu Yanlan, you’re really out of your mind. What do you think happened to the female artistes who had been trying to blackmail Mo Boyuan all these years?

“You’re really something. Fine, what happens after this is none of my business. Since Movie Queen Lu is so amazing, go see the boss yourself. ”

There had long been an unwritten rule in the industry: You could scam anyone, except Mo Boyuan!

Putting aside the fact that Mo Boyuan had the backing of the Mo family, just his 180 million fans alone were definitely not to be trifled with.

That was why they said that Lu Yanlan had really gone overboard. What had given her the gall to do that!

What made her dare to blatantly go against Emperor Mo!

Bo He had been Lu Yanlan’s manager for many years. Outsiders may not know the true colors of Movie Queen Lu, but Bo He was well familiar with them.

This woman was not just any ordinary vicious person!

However, it was hard to make it in this industry, unless you had Mo Boyuan’s monstrous influence and status, and could do whatever you wanted without being bound by the rules of the industry.

If the others were not cunning or scheming enough, they would not be able to make it big!

Therefore, it didn’t feel like a big deal.

But this time it was different!

Movie King Mo had personally posted on his blog. His attitude made it clear that it would not be long before this matter got completely exposed.

Instead of waiting until then, it would be better for them to distance themselves from this matter. Lu Yanlan was not the only artiste they had. If they could make Lu Yanlan popular, they would naturally be able to do the same for others!

Over the years, Lu Yanlan’s popularity had grown and she started showing less and less respect for her manager. Although she did not hit and scold her like how she treated her assistant, she often mocked and ridiculed her.

It was only because of their many years of friendship that she managed to win the Best Actress award!

Did she really think that her manager was a pushover?

Seeing that her manager was really going to give up on her, Lu Yanlan finally realized what was about to happen:

“Sister He, don’t go. ” She grabbed Bo He’s arm tightly.

Shengshi Entertainment, which Lu Yanlan was under, was one of the top three entertainment companies in the country.

The big boss of Shengshi Entertainment was none other than the youngest member of the Tan family in Yun City, Tan Yiming!

Tan Yiming and Mo Boyuan have been as tight as thieves since young.

Heh, Lu Yanlan shouldn’t have been so complacent. She was practically courting death!

“The boss is in the office. If you don’t want anything to happen to your career, you better get your ass there now!”

After saying that, Bo He flung her hands away and left.

Shengshi Entertainment’s top floor, the president’s office.

Tan Yiming sat on his office chair. “I didn’t expect you to be so cultured. However, I’m still very curious. Why would someone who never posts on Weibo suddenly post something like that?

Because of your sister-in-law? ”

He did not expect that the almighty godfather of entertainment would actually be so gossipy!

However, the person on the other end of the phone clearly did not intend to satisfy his curiosity:

“if there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up! ”

“C’mon, don’t do that. When are you free to bring your sister-in-law out for a gathering? There’s a charity gala next week, how about it? ”

When men start gossiping, there was really nothing a woman could do.

“We’ll talk about it later. I’m flying to Country M in the afternoon. While I’m not here, help me keep an eye on that woman. ”

Tan Yiming immediately laughed out loud:

“Second brother, you’ve finally come to your senses? However, looking at your sister-in-law’s reaction yesterday, it seems like it was a little late! ”


The call was abruptly cut off by the other side.

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