Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 48: Nothing More Than An Astonished Gaze

The Mo family’s old mansion was not built in a secluded place like the suburbs, it was built within the Yun City District itself.

It was said that the mansion was passed down from the Mo family’s ancestors. Even during that special period a few decades ago… It had been specially protected and had a history of hundreds of years. Just the annual maintenance fee alone was an astronomical sum.

However, for some reason, only the old master, the little guy beside her, and the servants lived in this huge house.

The other two generations of the Mo family did not seem to like living here. They all moved out early.

Jiang Tingxu had also lived in this house for a few years when she was young. When Mo Boyuan moved out of high school, she also moved out.

At that time, who didn’t know that the young master of the Mo family always had a follower behind him that he couldn’t shake off?


Suddenly thinking of the past, Jiang Tingxu’s heart skipped a beat. However, she didn’t mind it too much.

It was something that had really happened. It was useless to reject it. It was better to accept it calmly!

“Jiang Tingxu, what’s wrong? ” The little guy asked worriedly.

She came back to his reality and shook her head:

“It’s nothing. Get out of the car. ”

“Okay. ”

The mother and son walked through the door and saw the butler coming up to them:

“Young Madam, Little Master. ”

“Uncle Jin. ”

“Hello, Grandpa Jin. ”

Uncle Jin was the current butler of the old residence. He had been a subordinate of Old Master Mo for many years. Just like Uncle Mu, he had watched the three generations of the Mo family grow up.

Of course, there was only one person in the third generation, and he was only less than four years old.

“Uncle Jin, is grandfather at home? ”

“Yes, he is. He should be… ”

There was no need for Uncle Jin to explain. Even from such a large courtyard, he could hear his grandfather’s furious roar.

There was no one else who could make his grandfather roar like that other than Mo Xu.

“Ah, it’s little uncle who made great-grandfather angry again! ”

Even Little Ningning was used to it. It was evident how terrible Mo Xu was.

The mother and son went in with Uncle Jin. On the way, several servants saw them and looked surprised:

Why did Young Madam Come Back with Little Master?

Did they see wrongly?

It was not that Jiang Tingxu could not feel the surprised gazes of the servants. Although she did not care about what others thought, her chest still tightened. From the corner of her eyes, she looked at her son who was following behind her.

Who knew that at this moment, the little guy suddenly grabbed Jiang Tingxu’s hand with great force.

Uncle Jin, who was at the side, glanced discreetly at the few servants. The servants quickly left.


Actually, she really wanted to say that there was really no need.

After all, it was just a few people’s astonished gazes. What she had experienced before, was a hundred times, a thousand times worse than this!

However, when she felt her son protecting her just now, she swallowed her words.

The old man’s furious roar was getting closer and closer. Just as the mother and son reached the door, Mo Xu rushed out.

Fortunately, Jiang Tingxu reacted quickly and hurriedly pulled her son back.

“Bang! ”

Uncle Mo was not so lucky.

Just from the sound of the heavy crash on the ground, one could tell how painful it was.

Inside the room, Old Master Mo also heard the loud crash, and walked out in large strides.

Glancing at his grandson, who was currently lying on the ground with his fangs bared and his claws out, Old Master Mo looked away in indifference and shifted his gaze to the mother and son:

“Tingxu is back? Quick, come in and sit down. ” A smile instantly bloomed on the face of the excited old man.

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