Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 49: You Couldn’t Have Been Dumped by My Elder Brother, Right?

Mo Xu cried out in pain. Uncle Jin went forward to help him up:

“Second young master, do we need to call a doctor? ”

Hiss ~

It was so painful that he had to take a deep breath before speaking with difficulty:

“There’s no need! ”

If they really called the family doctor over, it wouldn’t even take half an hour for everyone in the industry to find out about this embarrassing matter!

As the second young master of the Mo family and the current president of the Mo Group, such a disgraceful incident must not be made known!

The small figure gently approached Mo Xu and sized him up:

“Uncle, Ningning feels that you’re in a lot of pain. Are you really not going to call for a doctor? If you become a cripple, Ningning will look down on you! ”

When Mo Xu heard his nephew’s words, he was so angry that he almost hit the roof.

“F *ck, Mo Zhining, who told you that a fall could cripple you? Is your uncle that lousy? ”

Little Ningning nodded earnestly.


This time, he really spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I’m good, Mo Zhining. You don’t have to worry about me, you little rascal! Hurry up and do your homework! ”

If there was one thing that a man cared about, it was being told that he’s incapable!

Jiang Tingxu laughed inwardly. Later, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed out loud.

Little Ningning snorted at Mo Xu and hid behind his mother.

Naturally, Mo Xu’s gaze fell on Jiang Tingxu:

“Little Jiangjiang, did I just hear you laugh at your Brother Xu? ”

This was a funny nickname. Fortunately, she had gotten used to it since young.

“Oh, Little Xu, you didn’t hear wrongly. I was laughing at you! ”

Mo Xu was only one year older than Jiang Tingxu. They had grown up together since young, so their relationship wasn’t as bad as everyone thought.

However, Mo Xu’s impression of Jiang Tingxu was that she was really obedient and cute, when she first came to the Mo family.

However, since she started chasing after his big brother as if she had been bewitched, there was no need to mention that anymore.

The girl who was cute and adorable had actually turned into a female version of his big brother. Mo Xu no longer found her cute!

All these years, the two of them wouldn’t even make eye contact.

Therefore, when Jiang Tingxu called Mo Xu ‘Little Xu’ just now, Mo Xu was very surprised.

He didn’t bother hiding his inquisitive gaze:

“Ha, after not seeing you for a while, Little Jiangjiang has changed quite a bit. You seem to have reverted to your original self! Why, have you decided to drop your pretence after being completely abandoned by my big brother?

Had it been in the past, if Jiang Tingxu had heard such words from him, she would definitely have made a move without any hesitation.

But now… That gaze, if he wasn’t wrong, was one of contempt, right?


Who knows who abandoned who.

Mo Xu’s eyes twitched. Who was this girl looking down upon?

At this moment, Old Master Mo’s voice came from the room:

“Tingxu, why aren’t you coming in? ”

Jiang Tingxu ignored Mo Xu and looked at her son:

“I’m going in. You should accompany your uncle. After all, he’s practically a disabled person now. ”

Little Ningning really wanted to go in with her, but how could Jiang Tingxu let him?

There were some things that she had to inform the old man about, before doing them. Otherwise, she would feel sorry towards the old man who had always doted on her.

However, those things were not suitable for the ears of this sensitive little guy.

Seeing the determined look on Jiang Tingxu’s face, the little guy pursed his lips and could only agree.

In the room, the old man was sitting on a rosewood chair. Seeing his favorite granddaughter-in-law come in, he hurriedly waved his hand to signal her to sit down beside him.

“Tingxu, it’s been a long time since you’ve come back to see this old man!” He grumbled.

However, he personally poured her a cup of tea:

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