Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 10: I Saw Mu Tangxue Today

Mu Qiqi, seated in the center of the classroom was twirling a pen between her fingers. She looked relaxed and confident.

“The next question is on differentiation and integration. It’s very different from the syllabus, so perhaps none of you might get it?” The teacher boasted as he wrote the question. “It would be grand if any of you saw it…”

The students traded glances at one another—not many of them had seen it before.

After all, they were studying university syllabus early-on instead.

“No volunteers?” The teacher asked. “Now’s the time to show off your ability!”

“Can you solve it? I saw it before, but I don’t know how to do it.”

“It’s so difficult. Maybe no one knows?”

None of them noticed a figure standing outside the window.

Her gaze was burning, but was ultimately fixed upon a single person: Mu Qiqi, her very own sister!

How could this be?

What was actually going on?

Didn’t their vermin uncle sell her off? Why was she sitting in that classroom and enjoying a better education than her own?

That was also the moment when Mu Qiqi suddenly raised her hand.

“May I try?” She asked.

Everyone turned towards Mu Qiqi in surprise. Could she really handle such a difficult question too?

“Come forward,” the teacher said.

Rising confidently from her desk, Mu Qiqi walked to the blackboard and took the chalk from the teacher, and wrote down a series of formula.

“You really know how to scare us, teacher,” she said. “The main idea in the differentiation is actually just algebra, so we could still solve it by studying it carefully…”

Amused, the teacher turned to the rest of the class. “Where’s your applause? As expected of our number one—I finally love teaching here.”

Mu Tangxue studied the question on the blackboard. She could not solve it.

And yet, Mu Qiqi could.

She had really changed—where was the old Mu Qiqi who would be scolded in every maths class?

That sister of hers knew nothing, and was number one from the bottom back in Van Gogh!

She couldn’t believe it. It must be an illusion.

Perhaps sensing someone outside the window, Mu Qiqi turned towards the figure as she stepped off the lecture platform.

They made eye contact, with sparks flying in a split second…

There was surprise in Mu Qiqi’s gaze when she saw Mu Tangxue, but it only took her an instant to regain composure. With a confident smile, she returned to her seat.

On the other hand, Mu Tangxue was dumbstruck.

Was that still Mu Qiqi? With that confident and almost flaunting look on the face?

She was supposed to be under her shadow wherever they went!

But that clearly wasn’t the case now!


Mu Tangxue couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it!

“Qiqi, well done! You could actually solve that question!”

Mu Qiqi heard her classmate’s voice even as her heart thumped furiously. She did not expect that Mu Tangxue would find her in Eaton under such circumstances.

Be that as it may, what just happened must have been an incredible shock for Mu Tangxue.

It was not hard to tell with her shocked look!

Amidst her pleasure, Mu Qiqi was also a little worried. If Mu Tangxue went home and told the family that shew was at Eaton, there was no telling what convoluted ideas they would come up with to deal with her.

Still, it was a moment that would definitely have come someday!

When she turned towards the window again, Mu Tangxue was already nowhere to be seen.

Later, during recess, Mu Qiqi phoned Su Zipei.

“Aunt Zipei, I saw Mu Tangxue today.”

“What? She went to Eaton? Did she tell you anything? Why is she there?”

“I don’t know either; I just wanted you to know.”

Right now, she was prepared mentally to fight the Mu family, no matter what they do, and either the net breaks or fish would die.

One way or another, her goal in the end was definitely not returning to the Mu family.

After some thought, Mu Qiqi messaged Sheng Xiao that about seeing Mu Tangxue too.

[I don’t want to trouble you, but I saw Mu Tangxue in Eaton today… I don’t know what the Mu family would do next…]

Sheng Xiao was just finished with a video conference, and replied when he saw the message: Pay attention in class!

However, he also told Jing Yun, “Get to Eaton!”

“What is it, Young Master?” Jing Yun was tidying their meeting materials.

“Mu Tangxue just showed up in Eaton. Go take a look and see what’s happening.”

“Young Master, our work is important…”

Sheng Xiao glared at him coldly. “I think I should change my assistant too!”

Even so, he was hoping that Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi did not keep in touch.

In fact, she believed that Mu Qiqi’s arrival had affected Sheng Xiao greatly, like now: one message from her, and he was immediately throwing away what he should be doing to help her first.

Nevertheless, Jing Yun did as Sheng Xiao told. Reaching Eaton, he learned that the Mu family had visited because Mu Tangxue wanted to transfer schools!

Incidentally, Mu Tangxue and her father’s secretary had just left when Jing Yun arrived.

He reported his findings to Sheng Xiao by phone, and the latter laughed like a demon after learning had what happened.

“No way she’s getting into Eaton. Talk to the principal, tell him what I think.”

“Wasn’t she bullying Mu Qiqi all along? If she couldn’t attend Eaton when her sister is, how terrible would she feel… to have the sister she trampled beneath her feet suddenly turning things around?”

“And I’m most happy when others are upset!”

“Got it.” Jing Yun replied and did what he was told to the letter.

Why would Eaton’s principal accommodate Sheng Xiao’s behavior?

That was because their families were partnered in other business. Even if the Mu family holds some reputation, there are more reputable families in Jianchuan than one could count.


Mu Tangxue’s soul seemed to have left her body when she left Eaton.

Her sister who should have been sold off was attending a school better than her own, getting better grades and more attention than she did.

She felt as if her heart was being clawed just thinking about it.

She really wanted to know what was going on.

Even so, she could not recklessly inform her parents. If they brought Mu Qiqi back, wouldn’t all her efforts before gone to waste?

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