Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 13: All She Has Is You

No wonder she could not reach Su Zipei… they were receiving financial support from a rich person.

However, how could a poor woman like her and an abandoned child get acquainted with someone like that?

Mama Mu hence planned a trip to the small mansion to meet her sister and learn the whole truth.

Later, Mu Tangxue also learned that Mu Qiqi was attending Eaton because she was receiving backing from some tycoon. However, she had also learned from her aunt’s former neighbor that Mu Qiqi was dragged off to be sold.

In other words, Mu Qiqi might be drawing benefits from an illicit relationship!

Mu Tangxue smiled at the very thought. Here she had been thinking what trick Mu Qiqi was using to rise above herself. How filthy!

That being said, how would she let her father know that Mu Qiqi was using her own body to get rich?


In the afternoon, Mama Mu headed out for the small mansion. However, the security guards stopped her when her car approached the address, although they were willing to help her relay a message.

Su Zipei did not expect that Mama Mu would show up so quickly. Still, her position was assured and there was nothing to fear—her only desire was for Mu Qiqi to have a good life, and she could clearly feel that she was happy with the Sheng family.

She laughed coldly at the thought of her niece returning to the Mu family. What, is she going to let her be tormented again?

Grooming up a little, Su Zipei went to the mansion gates and found her sister.

She did not receive her warmly like before.

“Zipei… let’s go to a café nearby…”

“Skip the café. Say what you have to say—I still have to cook for Qiqi later.” Su Zipei simply opened her sister’s car door and planted herself on the seat. “What is it?”

Mama Mu did not expect that Su Zipei could be so cold towards her, and made a pained smile.

“You’re blaming me for not helping Qiqi.”

Su Zipei said nothing, but merely kept her eyes staring straight ahead.

“You know your brother-in-law’s temper very well… I…”

“You don’t have to explain a thing. If you weren’t so fearful of losing your place, you wouldn’t have stayed silent when your daughter is being disowned!” Su Zipei said coldly. “They are both twins, and yet only Qiqi is thrown away!”


“Don’t call me, don’t come looking for us. Qiqi is living well now—she isn’t eating from your table, and she certainly doesn’t need your money. You must be happy that your daughter is being raised by someone else. What else do you want?” Su Zipei’s words were almost overexcited.

“I don’t know how it came to this either…” Mama Mu put her hands over her face and leaned on the steering wheel. “I didn’t want that… but Qiqi killed her own grandmother.”

“And what evidence do you have to prove that? Mu Tangxue’s words?” Su Zipei’s smile became even colder.

“Tangxue wouldn’t lie…”

“And Qiqi would? Well, whatever. It’s not like it was just a few times your preferential treatment reared its ugly head. Either way, Qiqi won’t go back, and if there’s any goodness left in your head, don’t trouble Qiqi. She has no ties with the Mu family.”

With those words, Su Zipei opened the door and was about to get off, but Mama Mu stopped her. “Zipei, don’t go. Have you thought about what your brother-in-law would think if he knows?”

“So what? Is Qiqi not allowed to receive help so that the Mu family stays happy? Is she supposed to live in poverty, and being sold is what she deserved? Is that what you want?”

When she saw that Mama Mu was left speechless, Su Zipei smiled and opened the door. “There is a saying that the weak are the vilest. You are no longer my sister from today, so don’t ever come here again. I won’t meet you even if you do!”

With that, Su Zipei got out of Mama Mu’s car.

Recently, Su Zipei had become strong-willed, influenced by Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi. She had kept her patience in the past, only to receive endless hurt and lies in return—so why stay silent anymore?

Therefore, it was not Mu Qiqi’s own fate that changed after she was taken in. Su Zipei’s own fate had changed too!

Meanwhile, Su Zipei’s words left Mama Mu in overwhelming grief. Her husband never tried to understand her difficulties at home, and now her own sister would not recognize her pain.

After all, in her mind, Mu Qiqi was a child of the Mu family, and must ultimately obey their rules no matter who was helping her!

Both killing her grandmother or being disowned by her own family were scandals that would affect the Mu family stocks.

If she mishandled it, her husband would definitely be coming after her.

But now, not even Su Zipei would listen to her!

As such, she broke down completely in the car, crying her heart out!

Even so, would Su Zipei give a damn?

She would only find them being dramatic! Who did the Mu family think themselves are? The emperor? And everyone must obey them?

It took great lengths to free Mu Qiqi from a life of suffering and misery to come under someone else’s care, and yet the Mu family were worried that her troubles would come to light and affect them? That Mu Qiqi’s life would just run its course as they hoped for?

Su Zipei truly wished then that every person of the Mu family would just die off—even if she knew that such thoughts were very evil!


Mu Qiqi knew nothing about what happened, only that her aunt gave her a bear hug once she reached home.

“What happened? Aunt Zipei?”

“From now on, no matter how the Mu family would find you, beg you or trouble you, never yield. Stay with Young Master Sheng no matter what—throw away whatever blood grudge or grievance. I only wish that you live in happiness.”

Even if she was young, Mu Qiqi was sensitive enough to guess that something had happened to have her aunt tell her those things.

And why she would hate the Mu family so deeply!

“Aunt Zipei, relax. I won’t leave even if Brother Sheng chases me off! I’ll show the Mu family what’s what!”

“And I never knew you two have such hobbies.”

Sheng Xiao’s demonic voice suddenly spoke from beside them.

The grand Crown Prince of Huang Yao, freeloading meals from the house of an orphan and a single mother!

“Young Master Sheng!” Su Zipei exclaimed quickly and respectfully, freeing Mu Qiqi.

“Mu Qiqi, go get your homework done.” Sheng Xiao briskly said.

Mu Qiqi nodded obediently—he would not be leaving soon anyway.

“Then I’ll start cooking.” Su Zipei quickly left for the kitchen.

Sheng Xiao followed her. Leaning on the kitchen doorway, he asked to confirm, “Did someone from the Mu family visit in the afternoon?”

“You knew?” Su Zipei was surprised.

“I had Jing Yun greet them for insurance!” Sheng Xiao said frankly.

Su Zipei sneered coldly at the mention of Mama Mu, and told Sheng Xiao all about her visit in the afternoon.

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