Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 22: Qiqi Is Actually So Rotten?

In Mu Tangxue’s mind, Mu Qiqi needed four whole months before becoming a part of the class.

On the other hand, she would need only four days.

And when that time comes, she would absolutely keep Mu Qiqi isolated from the rest of the class!

However, Mu Qiqi knew what she was planning. Mu Tangxue only succeeded before because she simply abided by it and did nothing.

But would she stand by it now for nothing?

After the doorbell rang, the class teacher entered the classroom with a name list and smiled at everyone. “A competition sponsored by the International Mathematical Olympiad will be held in A Town. Our school will be sending two students to participate, and by luck our class managed to get a place.”

“Mu Tangxue, I understand that you were always representing Van Gogh in competitions when you were studying there, and have much experience.”

The class all turned towards Mu Tangxue.

They did not expect that her results were so good despite her delicate appearance.

“Yes, teacher.” Mu Tangxue quickly smiled in return. Perhaps the teacher is sending her as a representative this time as well?

“However, from what I could tell from your current results, Qiqi’s is better in mathematics and more knowledgeable than you are. That is why I’m planning to have Qiqi participate this time and honor our class. What do you think, class?”

“Teacher, it’s not like our opinion matters—Qiqi should go since she scored full marks for maths!”

“Yes, Qiqi should go!”

The class gave Mu Qiqi their vote of confidence at once.

The teacher smiled as well. “Then it’s decided… Qiqi, do your best!”

“Understood, teacher.” Mu Qiqi’s excellent scores allowed her to be confident, which was also a way of making friends in school as well. Therefore, even Mu Tangxue, who was amongst the top graders in Van Gogh was squeezed outside the top twenty in Eaton then.

Mu Tangxue certainly could not help but feel jealous when she saw that Mu Qiqi was respected and envied by the class.

In the past, Mu Qiqi’s grades were rock-bottom. She did not expect her to improve so rapidly in just four months.

One of their classmates whispered to Mu Tangxue right then. “Was Mu Qiqi already so great in Van Gogh?”

Mu Tangxue grinned but did not reply, because Mu Qiqi was an ugly duckling back in Van Gogh.

Now that she thought about it, when Mu Qiqi is away for the competition, she would have a good chance to bring their classmates to her side.

And when Mu Qiqi returned after two days, she would have a big gift waiting.


Mu Qiqi was ready to leave school after the bell rang, but she was told to meet the teacher in the staff room.

“Qiqi, do your best in the competition at A Town tomorrow.”

“Yes, teacher. But do you have something else to tell me?” Mu Qiqi said, perceptive about the teacher’s intention.

“Just do your best, I’ll have your back in school.”

“Understood.” Mu Qiqi nodded, smiling.

Whatever the teacher noticed or saw, Mu Qiqi was very sure that the teacher was now completely on her side.

In the very least, not everyone could be bought with Mu Tangxue’s schemes.

After she got home, Mu Qiqi told Su Zipei about participating in the mathematics competition. Her aunt was naturally happy for her.

“Qiqi, you’re really going places.”

However, Mu Qiqi knew that Mu Tangxue was going to be trying something when she was away from Eaton.

At night, when Mu Qiqi was packing her luggage, her eyes were glued to her mobile phone.

She thought that she should tell Sheng Xiao about going to A Town, but she did not want to disturb him at the same time.

The next morning, Mu Qiqi placed her bags inside Old Lin’s car.

Regrettably, he did not get to see Sheng Xiao as he hoped for.

“Will you be alright by yourself in A Town?”

Mu Qiqi shook her head when Su Zipei asked after her. “I’ll be fine, Aunt Zipei.”

“Then come home as soon as you can!”

When Mu Qiqi turned to get on Old Lin’s car, he glanced at her from the rearview mirror. “Miss Qiqi, are you waiting for Young Master?”


“He’s always rushing about, and he did things without a pattern. You don’t have to wait for him—just tell him if anything happens, make an appointment.”

At those words, Mu Qiqi looked down at the mobile phone in her palm.

After thinking about it, she sent Sheng Xiao a message. “I’m joining a competition in A Town…”

Mu Qiqi wanted to see him. Even if she could not, she would have a peace of mind just by hearing his voice.

And as she had thought, Sheng Xiao called her right after she sent him the message. “Why didn’t you tell me yesterday?”

“I thought you were busy and didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Where will you be staying tonight?” Sheng Xiao ignored her entirely, only worried that she was alone and unprotected out there.

“The school has made arrangements. You can relax.” Mu Qiqi replied.

“Do your best.”

With those three words, Sheng Xiao hung up. Mu Qiqi could hear that he was having a meeting on the other end.

Still, she was much calmer after hearing his voice.

With that, she would have the courage to face any challenge.


Mu Tangxue glanced at Mu Qiqi’s seat when she was away for the competition.

Many of her classmates kept asking her why a pair of twins like them would live separated.

Mu Tangxue smiled, speaking carefully and evasively. Soon, however, a student from Van Gogh wrote an interesting post online: Rumor has it that our bottom-feeder turned things around in Eaton?

Beneath the post was Mu Qiqi’s grades and disciplinary records in Van Gogh over the years!

The post was shared elsewhere quickly, and Van Gogh students who had friends at Eaton downloaded the records to show their friends as well.

Her obvious punishments and rock-bottom result generated wild interest towards Mu Qiqi, especially amongst her own classmates.

All of them were stunned by the post. “Was Qiqi actually so rotten?”

“Isn’t she just a troublemaker?”

“Her grades are so horrible, and she’s even suspended before. Did she come to Eaton because she couldn’t survive in Van Gogh?”

“She must be cheating to get such good grades here.”

The class hotly debated about the post.

Even Mu Qiqi’s tablemate was left in disbelief by the post.

Was that really Mu Qiqi?

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