Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 25: Mu Qiqi Is So Self-Driven!

After all, Mu Qiqi had looked for her before she came to the classroom.

“Please give me a chance to explain to the class.” She said.

The teacher looked at her and nodded. “Don’t let me down. Convince them.”

“Yes, teacher.” Mu Qiqi’s gaze was determined.

That was why they shared that look.

“Before we begin our lesson, there are things I have to say since it matters to our class’s honor.”

“Mu Qiqi, please stand up and tell everyone what is the deal with the post from Van Gogh.”

Everyone instantly turned their eyes to Mu Qiqi.

At the same time, Mu Tangxue looked as if she was going to enjoy the show. She sneered coldly as she imagined how Mu Qiqi would try to clear herself from the muck.

Moreover, with her being told to come forward and explain, wasn’t it clear that Mu Qiqi was going to embarrass herself?

Indeed, Mu Tangxue thought that she was starting to like the teacher for some reason. Or should she say that the teacher suddenly learned to see the bigger picture?

As everyone looked on doubtfully, Mu Qiqi had got to her feet, bowing deeply to everyone first before starting, “Being your fellow classmate, it is my apology everyone has to suffer mockery with me… even so, everything mentioned in that exposé post from Van Gogh is true!”

Mu Qiqi’s words left the class instantly dumbstruck. After all, they never imagined that Mu Qiqi would admit it so simply.

“Are you crazy, Qiqi?” Qianqian called out to her, tugging at her sleeve.

Wasn’t she asking to be hated?

In fact, Qianqian could feel the looks of disgust shot towards them from every direction.

Was Mu Qiqi intending to just self-destruct?

However, Mu Qiqi then continued, “That being said, what I admit to is that the school has punished me. As for the rest, making friends with thugs, smoking and abortion are all fake news. I have played truant and skipped classes, played pranks on my teachers and fellow classmates, occasionally causing trouble in the broadcast room and break school rules—but I never hurt others. I hated studying, and that’s all there is to it.

“I guess everyone must be curious why I like to bully Mu Tangxue too, and why twins like us are so distant. The truth is that Mu Tangxue was frail and liked to get sick since she was very young, and our parents therefore paid her more affection and care.

“I felt hurt, and because I yearned for love as well, I became bad, got in fights and was marked with demerit by the school. Even the fact that I have rock-bottom grades is all because I wanted my parents to care for me…

“Even so, I realized it didn’t matter whatever I do. Everything I did was wrong, and in the end, even my parents would not acknowledge me and simply abandoned me to my aunt’s care.

“Why would they do that to me? I asked my aunt countless times, and she eventually told me that I would be liked if I started working hard. That’s why I began to make effort, and I spent sleepless nights studying when I first came to Eaton. I trust everyone could see that.

“I admit that I was once a bad kid, but can’t bad child learn to improve?

“Can’t a bad kid suddenly want to study hard?

“Can’t a bad kid do her best because she learned to be better?

“Teacher, bad kids like us lack love in the first place. Could we not be afforded dignity because of that?”

The class was left silenced by Mu Qiqi’s words.

“It’s alright for you to suspect that I’m cheating. I won’t blame you because I can prove myself by going through countless exams. After all, not even I could believe that my results have improved so rapidly, but I did pay ten times the effort!

“Sorry if I had troubled everyone else here.

“Even so, I will prove myself as always.”

With those words, Mu Qiqi bowed to everyone in apology once again.

The entire class applauded loudly at that. In that very moment, she was the role model of a prodigal child, moreover, everyone did have an inherent tolerance towards bad children who would change their ways.

Furthermore, Mu Qiqi had told the dark tale of how she was treated at home, and why she kept bullying Tangxue. Along with how much hard work she had put in when she came to Eaton, the class now gladly accepted that Mu Qiqi was a bad apple now making amends.

“Qiqi has explained about the rumors. What do you think, class?” The teacher asked them after Mu Qiqi sat down.

“I think she’s brave enough to admit her mistakes, and she managed to turn things around just in time!” Qianqian quickly raised her hand, showing her support to her tablemate.

“Qiqi is so self-driven!”

“I think Qiqi is very strong. She never gave up on herself in the end… it’s an awesome side to her.”

“No wonder… although they share the same birthdays, only Tangxue invited us to her birthday party… Poor Qiqi, she doesn’t matter to their parents at all.”

Everyone in class indicated their belief towards Mu Qiqi, leaving Mu Tangxue very upset.

Soon, Mu Qiqi’s confession spread to the rest of the school, and it was now known that she was a role model of turning things around, a legendary student who changed from rotten apple to genius in four months.

In fact, many other students who shared the same experience sought her out quietly, requesting that she shared her experience in studying. In return, Mu Qiqi was willing to lend her notes for others to copy.

That naturally dispelled rumors that she was cheating in exams as well.

Mu Tangxue glared spitefully from afar as their classmates surrounded Mu Qiqi at recess.

She simply did not expect that Mu Qiqi would do such a thing—she had simply revealed everything even after she had basically been sentenced to death.

“Qiqi, where are you looking? Hurry up, teach me this question…”

Mu Qiqi simply smiled regretfully. “Let me have a few words with Mu Tangxue first, alright?”

Her classmates held their exam papers and let her out of their circle, and she went to Mu Tangxue.

“Are you satisfied with my answer?” She asked.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Sister. ”

“That’s fine, as long as you get it in your head. Did you think that I’m going to keep yielding to you without end?

“I would have you return what I lost to me.

“Mu Tangxue, your tricks are now meaningless against me.”

With that, Mu Qiqi moved away from Mu Tangxue, knocking her heavily on her shoulder.

Mu Tangxue clenched her fists heavily, because she was really helpless against Mu Tangxue in that very moment.

Even so, she was smiling coldly.

‘Pay her back?’ She thought. ‘How? Our parents don’t want you, Mu Qiqi!

‘No matter how good your grades are, you’re just a little animal no one wants.

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