Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 30: I Thought You Weren’t Coming

Even Mu Tangxue’s dress for the night was a light pink one-shoulder dress. She appeared compelling noble, like a princess from a medieval fairy tale.

Her classmates arrived one after another, bearing their carefully selected gifts. However, even after Mu Qiqi’s tablemate Qian Qian had arrived, Mu Qiqi was nowhere to be seen.

Still, it was unusual: Mama Mu appeared very friendly and the Mu family’s servants seemed rather easygoing. It was hard to imagine Mu Qiqi was treated so differently here.

Mu Tangxue was the center of attention. Looking beautiful and carefree as she mingled amongst her classmates, she was definitely drawing everyone’s attention.

“Tangxue, looking beautiful tonight…”

“Tangxue, how do you stay that fit?”

Such were always the topics girls discuss after school—especially daughters of the rich who only ever speak of international goods.

Mu Tangxue was absolutely pleased, but that was also Mama Mu tugged at her and asked, “Where’s your sister? Why isn’t she here yet?”

“Mommy, we don’t even know if she would come.” Mu Tang told Mama Mu since she imagined that Mu Qiqi would never get past herself and take the humiliation.

After all, was there a place for her in the Mu family?

“Where has she gone to at this hour? It’s no different from the past, as if she was never disciplined at home…”

Mu Tangxue laughed quietly, before playing coy with her mother. “Mommy, you can’t blame sis since she is all by herself out there…”

“Her guardianship had already been taken away. Even if she’s no longer my daughter strictly speaking, I invited her to this party in goodwill… does she think that she’s playing a game?”

“Mommy, don’t be upset for some outsider.”

Meanwhile, everyone else was looking for any sign of Mu Qiqi as well, but she definitely had yet to arrive.

They were all curious about her relationship with the Mu family, although it was quite clear now that her existence was not of any importance to the Mu family.

After all, every photograph and furnishing prepared in the party was only for Mu Tangxue.

There was clearly no place for Mu Qiqi here.

“Whatever, we don’t have to wait. Let’s sing you a birthday song.” Mama Mu took her daughter’s hand and led her to the huge three-tiered cake, but that was when their butler entered.

“Elder Young Mistress has returned,” he informed mother and daughter.

Everyone in the party turned towards the door at once to find Mu Qiqi in a white lace dress and entering the Mu family mansion. Her makeup was minimal and her hair was knotted into a bun, giving her a most natural presence. Coupled with her delicate skin, she was just like a goddess beneath the lights, surrounded with divine air and luminous herself.

“Qiqi…” Qian Qian quickly ran to her side. “I thought you weren’t coming.”

“It’s my birthday too.” Mu Qiqi smiled confidently at her.

Meanwhile, both Mama Mu and Mu Tangxue’s face dropped at Mu Qiqi’s very appearance—because the dress she was wearing was the one Mu Tangxue had her eyes on!

So, Mu Qiqi had taken it!

Mama Mu glanced at Mu Tangxue once and then moved in front of Mu Qiqi’s face. “Qiqi, what time is it?” She told her. “Why are you so late?”

“Greetings, Aunty Mu.” Mu Qiqi replied calmly and graciously with a grin. “Sorry but traffic was a nightmare. My driver had to take the long road.”

Aunty Mu!

The way Mu Qiqi called her certainly left her most humiliated.

“Sis, she’s Mom.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not a part of the Mu family if I remember correctly. That’s why Aunty Mu has no reason to demand that I come early as a guest.” Mu Qiqi laughed.

Mama Mu was absolutely stunned right then. Was that even her submissive elder daughter who left five months ago?

How did she become so glib and supremely confident?

In fact, the delicate Mu Tangxue was at once compared to Mu Qiqi’s newfound personality for some unknown reason.

Everyone else was also looking at Mu Qiqi as if they were watching a show, before giving her thumbs-up.



“Sis, you shouldn’t say that. You lived here for so many years after all…”

“You don’t have to remind me of my past humiliation.” Mu Qiqi said, before approaching Mu Tangxue and whispering into her ear, “Or I will take away your entire life… just like how I took away this dress.”

Mu Tangxue’s face dropped at once.

“I never expected that’s all you’ve learned in the months you were gone,” Mama Mu said, making a show of her anger. “There’s no sign of your noble birth at all… Tangxue, play the piano for our guests, set the mood.”

But was the ability to play the piano really all that impressive? And who wasn’t of noble birth around here?

Mu Qiqi was completely unconcerned with the stares from the Mu family, and simply moved aside for a lively chat with her classmates.

“Qiqi, you actually dared to talk back to your mother?” Qian Qian then asked Mu Qiqi sneakily. “If that was me, I would have been beaten to a pulp.”

“Because I’m not a Mu. And they are clearly out to humiliate me, so why should I pull my punches?”

“Ah. You twins are so weird.” Qian Qian scratched her head. She simply couldn’t understand why Mama Mu would have a different set of eyes for a pair of twins.

Naturally, the party which had been going fine had become much more colorful with Mu Qiqi’s arrival—Mu Tangxue did rack her brains to come up with ways she could outshine Mu Qiqi.

It was just that Mu Qiqi proved to be full of personality and utterly irrepressible.

Indeed, the entire Mu family was shocked by her change.

Where had that meek, cowering and tame Mu Qiqi gone to? They have no idea who that girl before them right now at all!

Mama Mu was unhappy as well, even if she had complicated feelings about Mu Qiqi. Even if she had brought her to this world herself, she felt relief when she was abandoned after the countless troubles that she had caused for her, just as there were moments where she felt sympathy for her.

That being said, she was now wondering seriously why Mu Qiqi was so confident after leaving the Mu family.

Did she really fail in raising her daughter?

To quell her rising annoyance with Mu Qiqi, Mama Mu took out the present she prepared for Mu Tangxue. “Baby, here’s your coming-of-age present. Mummy prepared it for you.”

Mu Tangxue received it and opened the gift right then and in front of their guests, revealing a unique pink diamond ring inside.

“Thanks, Mommy. I love it.”

“Why is that mother being so biased? Where is my Qiqi’s present?” Qian Qian muttered at once. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.