Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 34: Why Not Get A Girlfriend?


Even if Mu Qiqi was used to having her father spew those two words out of his mouth, she still felt a little embarrassed when he said that in front the teacher.

Still, she was no longer a part of the Mu family now. Even if she shared his blood in her veins, her guardianship was no longer in that man’s hand by law. Moreover, she was now an adult as of yesterday.

So why was she afraid? By what right?

At that very thought, Mu Qiqi looked up and leveled her eyes at Papa Mu. “Apologies, Uncle Mu, but Mu Tangxue was trying to frame me by tripping herself, and that’s why I pushed her. You only have your own precious daughter to blame for that instead of trying to pin it on me.”

Papa Mu saw red at her firm, well-spoken words and was about to slap her, only to be stopped by her class teacher.

“This is a school, sir.”

“No, teacher—allow him. There’s surveillance here, and I could have him meet my lawyer,” Mu Qiqi replied.

Papa Mu stared at Mu Qiqi in disbelief. He did not imagine that she had actually became so crafty.

“What did that backer of yours teach you? Where are your morals?”

“Even if I am immoral, I would still better than those who treat humans as livestock,” Mu Qiqi replied calmly.


The class teacher stood in front of Papa Mu when she saw that he was becoming agitated again. “Please stay calm, sir. This is a place for learning.”

“Don’t you stop me from teaching that little beast, miss. She was disowned because she killed her own grandmother—I thought it was over and done with since family scandals should never be leaked, but I never thought that she would become worse and hurt her sister!”

The class teacher turned in shock towards Mu Qiqi.

“I told you, it was Mu Tangxue who fed Grandma the wrong medicine!” Mu Qiqi said, at once insistent and a little helpless.

“Are you still trying to lie about that? Tangxue has always cared for and respected Grandma.”

“Sorry, but that’s not evidence.” Mu Qiqi retorted determinedly.

Her class teacher immediately caught the vital point in their exchange, and was rather stunned with how Papa Mu would treat Mu Qiqi.

“You actually have the face to say that? How many problems have you created for your family since you were a child? Should I remind you from start to finish in detail?”

Mu Qiqi bit her lip. Aggrieved, she said nothing.

“Remember, Mu Qiqi. I’m not going to be so kind if you hurt Tangxue again.”

With that, Papa Mu turned and left the staff room, leaving the class teacher troubled and Mu Qiqi humiliated.

Even so, Mu Qiqi did not cry. She firmly held her head high and stopped the tears that threatened to flow out.

Then, she turned to the teacher, and said with a quivering voice, “Teacher, trust me…I really didn’t kill Grandma.”

The class teacher felt very hurt to see her so and quickly hugged her, soothing her as if she were her own child.

“I believe you. I really do.”

After all, she had seen Mu Tangxue’s two-faced personality with her own eyes. If she had to choose between the twins, she would rather trust Mu Qiqi.

Moreover, she was certainly shocked by how differently Papa Mumu treated the twins, and therefore asked Mu Qiqi about the reason.

Mu Qiqi immediately spilled the beans about the grief she suffered over the years as if she had found a second mother, including being disowned and being sold off by her own uncle.

Her class teacher stayed silent for a long time afterwards, eventually adjusting her glasses and consoling her, “Qiqi, the reality is that humans are born as blank sheets—reacting and choosing under the influence of others is entirely a human instinct. That is why there isn’t one person is born kind, we are shaped by our environment and learned morals.”

“Then there are those born to be drama queens who have very impressive fake personalities. In fact, some are born with the gift of being awful.”

“Is there any lack of those in the news? Children barely a few years old strangling a neighbor’s baby or abandoning a stepmother’s child on the streets—those are all true.”

“It’s not unusual that you have such a sister. Twins often compete for affection even before they are born.”

“That is why you must confront that. You’re not wrong, understand?”

Mu Qiqi nodded.

“There’s nothing to hope for from your family, since rich families only value profit. You’re an adult now, so all I can say that you have found a wonderful backer and that you are are amazing yourself. Hold your head high from now on, because it’s fine. Alright?”

The truth was that Mu Qiqi understood all that reasoning. All she hoped for was that her teacher believed her too.

“Relax and go back to class. I’ll keep your secret.”

Mu Qiqi nodded, bowing deeply to her teacher in gratitude.

It was on this day that she had completely given up on the Mu family, deciding she would not concede even an inch from now on.

The days Papa Mu would scold and hit her to his heart’s content were over.

When she reached her class, Qian Qian quickly went up to her and ask, “Was Teacher scolding you?”

“No.” Mu Qiqi shook her head. “She was nice to me.”

“Well, I was worried since you were gone for so long…”

Mu Qiqi no longer expect Mu Tangxue to change since she was completely without conscience.

She would also consider her parents gone with the wind as her teacher had put it, and that she was born out of a stone.

And that would be enough.

When she got home at night, Mu Qiqi told Su Zipei about Papa Mu’s visit in school, leaving her almost in tears.

“I’ve never seen an animal like your father.”

“Aunt Zipei…”

Su Zipei took a deep breath before waving her off. “You’re living well now. Just pretend as if that bunch is already dead.”

Mu Qiqi nodded as she helped Su Zipei prepare dinner. However, when they were about to eat, Sheng Xiao strutted into the living room and sat himself at the dinner table.

Mu Qiqi’s face went red at once upon seeing saw him. She remembered holding hands last night, and it was as if his warmth was still there.

“It’s Christmas today, Young Master Sheng. Shouldn’t you be out playing with your friends?” Su Zipei asked as she brought out another pair of chopsticks.

“It’s noisy out there, and it’s quiet here.” With that, Sheng Xiao started to eat without a care in the world.

“Why not get a girlfriend then?” Su Zipei pressed, “You are at the peak of your life.”

Sheng Xiao glanced at Mu Qiqi by reflex, who lowered her head so deeply she almost planted her face in her bowl.

“I’m looking,” Sheng Xiao simply replied.

“When you do, both Qiqi and I will give you our blessings…”

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