Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 37: You’ve Been Busy

He was speaking to people on this side of the world who knew that he had come to make trouble.

Therefore, everything that he wanted, from cigars to beauties, were provided—even a top celebrity was being delivered to his arms.

When she saw Sheng Xiao whipping out his phone even as he talked business, she could not help giggling. “Who could be so important to Young Master Sheng?”

Sheng Xiao smiled evilly and lifted her chin. “Someone more important than you are, of course. And now that you know, why don’t you scoot?”

“Young Master Sheng…”

“Get lost.” With a single line, Sheng Xiao sent off that beauty.

He is going to need to rub his fingers with a hot towel in his hotel later. There was no telling what viruses lurked beneath that woman’s chin.

Meanwhile, Sheng Xiao’s opponent realized then that he was not one to make light of. At the very least, he was famous for not listening to reason or cowing to force.

“Since you’re in a hurry to get home to your lover, Mister Sheng, let’s cut to the chase. Perhaps you could look the other way regarding this matter?”

With those words, the man presented two large cases containing cash.

Sheng Xiao smiled after he opened them. “Did you not do your homework before contacting me? I basically like everything—except money!”

The face of the man darkened as he puffed on his cigar.

“Mister Sheng…”

“Do you have grounds to discuss things with me?” Sheng Xiao asked interestedly. “What a waste of my time. Jing Yun, contact their quality control department and send them the images you took.”

The man’s face turned ashen when he realized that he had been photographed…

Sheng Xiao then added, “I’m going back right now.”

“But it’s midnight, Young Master…”

“What did I say.”

He already had gone a day not seeing the little one. How could he stand waiting until tomorrow? However, after making some calls, Jing Yun then told Sheng Xiao, “Young Master, thunderstorms. There really isn’t anything we can do.”

It was only then that Sheng Xiao gave up instead of continuing with his demand.


Mu Qiqi went to school the next morning. With the entrance exams coming, she thought that she would try to get good results so that she would not disappoint Xiaoxiao and her aunt.

However, she noticed at once that everyone in school was gesturing at her when she walked through the front gates.

“Qiqi, you’re finally here.” Qian Qian ran to her at the gates, gasping. “Quick, look at the notice board.”

Mu Qiqi hurried off and found a large crowd surrounding the notice board, where pages of the diary she had torn apart yesterday were pieced together with cellophane tape.

There were around a dozen of them, and while there was nothing too important, there was a major highlight!


With her most private belonging pasted on the notice board for all to see, Mu Qiqi immediately pushed her way to the front and tore down every page.

“Mu Qiqi has quite the experience, doesn’t she? To like a man so…transparently.”

“Isn’t that just puberty?”

“Looks like unrequited love.”

“Qiqi!” Qian Qian quickly grabbed her by the hand, only to find her palm ice-cold. “Are you alright?”

Mu Qiqi shook her head, crumpled the diary pages into a ball, and headed straight for her classroom. When she saw Mu Tangxue having a laugh with several other classmates, she simply flung the paper ball on her head. “You’ve been busy last night and during P.E. class, hadn’t you?”

“Sis…” Mu Tangxue’s tears threatened to flow. “It’s not me…really.”

“You are the one caught with puppy love. What does that have to do with Mu Tangxue just because you’re exposed? Why do you bully her over every little thing?” The girl sitting behind Mu Tangxue finally could not help coming out to defend Mu Tangxue.

“What does that have to do with you?” Mu Qiqi shot back.

“You…don’t think you can do anything you like just because you have good grades. Now the who school’s laughing at you… how embarrassing, and you still have the gall to stand here?”

Mu Qiqi laughed at that and pointed at herself. “I’m eighteen and an adult. Do I need your consent to like someone?”

“Qiqi, don’t get mad.” Qian Qian quickly pulled her friend back, afraid that she would hit someone.

“It’s an invasion of privacy. I will find the culprit even if I have to go six feet under.”

That was when the class teacher called from outside the classroom, with the whole class watching.

“Mu Qiqi, come to my office. I know about the diary.”

“My studies have never been affected just because I like someone, Teacher.” Mu Qiqi explained. “And it’s my personal privacy, but something like this still happened between classmates.”

The class teacher adjusted her classes and nodded. “I know you’ve always worked hard and improved yourself. Even so, this is a major problem.”

“You can have me do anything then, Teacher…but can you not tell my guardian?”


“You know I’ve been disowned. I have only one kin—my aunt. I don’t want to see her disappointed. Moreover, I’ve done nothing wrong. Why should my guardian be summoned?”

Mu Qiqi was playing on both emotion and reason because it would be awkward if anyone at home were to learn about the incident.

The class teacher considered it for a moment and finally said, “I’d rather minimize the damage too, and I can certainly look the other way. However, can you stand all these rumors?”

That being said, the teacher knew very well that liking someone at Mu Qiqi’s age was very normal. After all, whose heartstrings had never been tugged in puberty?

Moreover, the problem was the invasion of privacy. Therefore, Mu Qiqi was right—why should the class teacher ask to see her guardian instead?

“Qiqi, do you promise me that you’ll keep your focus on your studies before you graduate?”

“I promise!”

“Alright. Go back to class.”

Mu Qiqi bowed in thanks to her teacher before turning and reentering the classroom.

It was just that she could hardly control her impulse to hit Mu Tangxue.

“Qiqi, are you alright? It doesn’t matter, really… it’s just some messy private affair, and there’ll always one or two here in school. It’s normal.” Qian Qian said, trying to set her at ease. “Wouldn’t it be over it done with after just a few words with your parents?”

“Do I have parents I could ask for?” Mu Qiqi asked in return.

“Oh, right. But if it’s really your sister, then she really is trying hard.”

Mu Qiqi turned to look at Mu Tangxue, who looked at her as well.

Mu Tangxue could certainly tell that Mu Qiqi was writing about his relationship with a man, but according to what she knew, Mu Qiqi only had her aunt, the little mansion, and a chauffeur at the moment.

Who was the man?

Things were getting interesting.

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