Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 39: Was That a Personal Lesson?

However, he did not react and did not seem to particular mind her liking someone else.

“Xiaoxiao, thanks for coming to see me tonight. You should hurry home and rest…” Mu Qiqi turned and was about to get out of the car, but Sheng Xiao pulled her back.

“Did I say that you could leave? Hmmm?”

“Is there something else?” Mu Qiqi asked.

“Didn’t you remember promising me that you won’t get caught up in puppy love earlier?” Sheng Xiao said, suddenly digging out old promises. “Don’t you think you’ve broke your promise?”


“Things never end well for anyone who lies to me.” Sheng Xiao started the car then, stepping on the accelerator and taking Mu Qiqi away from the little mansion.

Mu Qiqi thought that Sheng Xiao was angry, and quickly explained, “Xiaoxiao…I didn’t do that on purpose…don’t get upset…”

Sheng Xiao ignored her and floored the pedal instead. Soon, they arrived at Eaton’s main gates, and he parked the car on a junction where they could clearly see the entrance.


Sheng Xiao simply lifted her chin and said, “You’re sleeping with me here tonight.”

Mu Qiqi’s cheeks went red, but she did not understand his meaning.

“By the way, is that someone you like really from school?” Sheng Xiao asked teasingly. “I thought you’ve always liked someone else.”

Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao, afraid to even twitch because Sheng Xiao was using some strength.

She felt upset, but she still wouldn’t dare to reveal who she liked because that would trouble Sheng Xiao.

When he saw that there were trails of tears over her cheeks, Sheng Xiao suddenly moved and gave her a soft kiss on the tip of her nose. “What are you crying about, little one?”

It was a peck as soft as a swan’s feather, and yet Mu Qiqi’s heart suddenly felt overflowing with energy. Hence, blushing, she mustered her courage and asked, “Xiaoxiao…could it be…you know…”

“Shut up and come here.” Sheng Xiao stopped her from venturing further, and merely pulled her hands into his clothes.

Mu Qiqi looked at his exquisite looks from across the shortest of gaps, captivated.

“It’s difficult to not know, what with that look of yours as if you want to devour me.”

Mu Qiqi promptly smiled and then sighed. “Did you know how much I worried that you would misunderstand? Did you think my IQ is 250 like yours?”

Still, she now had peace of mind.

So Xiaoxiao knew everything, but he was not distancing himself and even willing to let her get so close.

Was she dreaming?

“Stop thinking nonsense and stop these guessing games. Just tell me when anything happens, immediately and no matter how big or small. Get it?”

Mu Qiqi quickly nodded; her hands and heart felt warm now.

“But are we here to stake out Mu Qiqi?”

Sheng Xiao appeared tired. His voice was actually hoarse as he lowered his seat and leaned down. “Classrooms in Eaton have no surveillance cameras because parents have requested protection of their children’s privacy. What, did you think that Mu Tangxue is that stupid?”

“She must have come to school very early so that she could stick those pages up on the noticeboard without anyone knowing. Did you think she would be happy with humiliating you just once? You have to catch her in the act.”

Most importantly, it was an excuse so that he could hang out with the little one.

Although they had not made things clear, Mu Qiqi now knew that Sheng Xiao was aware of her feelings for him, and he was not keeping his distance.

For his part, Sheng Xiao didn’t want to hurt the little one, nor was he willing to expose their relationship right now.

The little one was still little, after all.

“You should sleep if you’re sleepy, Xiaoxiao. I’ll keep watch!”

“It’s your problem in the first place. Of course you’ll keep watch.” With that, Sheng Xiao closed his eyes but with a faint smile.

Mu Qiqi watched his sleeping face happily. It seems that she would do anything willingly with the person she liked around her, and kept her eyes glued to the school gates.

The school gates open at five fifty, and it was just three minutes later when Mu Qiqi saw Mu Tangxue’s figure slipping into school.

“Stay in the car,” Sheng Xiao told Mu Qiqi, having saw it too. “Let Jing Yun go!”

“Where is he?” Mu Qiqi was surprised. Why didn’t she see him?

“He’s been on standby in the back half an hour ago.” Sheng Xiao honked the car, and Mu Qiqi soon saw a figure following behind Mu Tangxue.

“If Mister Jing is here, why don’t you go home and rest?”

“Mind your own business, okay?”

Mu Qiqi pondered then: although she couldn’t tell what Sheng Xiao was feeling, but surely he wouldn’t be alright with watch her sister being set up?

Even so, Mu Tangxue was being ridiculous. Mu Qiqi was not sure if she should praise her art or her patience to put together the pieces of her diary. It would definitely be too difficult.

Of course, Mu Tangxue would know about how much she hated the Mu family, but she would definitely be keeping it for their parents and she would tell them innocently that she had torn it off the school noticeboard.

As for the ‘him’ Mu Qiqi had mentioned, things would definitely be complicated.

‘He’ had been helping him, even bringing her out for dates for the last few days.

Mu Qiqi did not go into detail in her diary because arranging things was too much of a hassle.

Still, it was not too difficult to tell because that man had given her a pen, a mobile phone, a hair pin, and stolen a dress for her!

Could it be that Mu Qiqi had a sugar daddy? Mu Tangxue was even more curious about the man’s identity.

Naturally, she did not notice Jing Yun recording her in the act nearby as she pinned those diary pages on the noticeboard.

He even recorded her until she left, and returned to the car to deliver Sheng Xiao the footage.

“It’s showtime…” Sheng Xiao hooked his finger at Jing Yun, whispering instructions out of Mu Qiqi’s earshot.

Mu Qiqi did not ask.

Because she had nothing to fear as long as he was beside Sheng Xiao.

Still, Sheng Xiao caught her shoulder after telling Jing Yun what to do. “Watch and learn. From now on, retaliate the wicked by a hundredfold!”

Was that…a personal lesson?

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