Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 40: White Lotus Mu

She dashed into her room while Su Zipei in the kitchen making breakfast, changing into her school uniform and going downstairs while pretending she did not leave the house last night.

Su Zipei was all smiles and suspected nothing, urging her to hurry up and take her breakfast because she was going to be late for school.

However, Mu Qiqi remained restless because she did not know Xiaoxiao’s plans, although she was also expectant of what outcome awaited Mu Tangxue.

Soon enough, Mu Qiqi arrived at school to find it bustling with noise and excitement as usual. Once again, Qian Qian was waiting for her at the gates, although she was not as anxious as the day before.

She was obviously very excited instead.

“Qiqi, you’re finally here…”

“Again? What happened?” Mu Qiqi asked deliberately.

“Come, look…” Qian Qian pulled her to the noticeboard and gestured. “Some kindhearted person had recorded a video of that scheming bitch pinning your diary pages on the noticeboard. It’s everywhere: on the noticeboard, school forums, and even Van Gogh’s forums!”

“Well, well, well…HD and completely uncensored!” Qian Qian even exclaimed in delight, tugging at Mu Qiqi to show her as well. “There’s still more, look! That someone even left that behind.”

Mu Qiqi felt delight once she saw it. Its content was certainly interesting:

[Mu Tangxue, here observed pinning her own sister’s diary but feigning innocence like a white lotus1. Please do not hold back from calling her White Lotus Mu from now on!]

“Isn’t she just a white lotus? She would actually frame her own sister.”

“Invading others’ privacy…so disgusting.”

“Let’s call her White Lotus Mu from now on.”

The other students around them were saying what they thought out loud.

It seemed that Mu Tangxue was going to suffer in school for some time.

In the end, Qian Qian even told Mu Qiqi cunningly, “I’m telling you, that White Lotus is not in school yet!”

Having come to school so early and then leaving after her evil deeds, Mu Tangxue naturally had to be the last to school so that others wouldn’t suspect that she was exposing Mu Qiqi’s diary.

It was a pity, but her trick only worked against her.

Mu Qiqi stayed neutral and went to class with Qian Qian. It was when morning lessons had almost begun when Mu Tangxue finally arrived.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Standing by the classroom door, she panted heavily. She looked so weak as if she was about to faint.

The class teacher, reluctant to have anything to do with people from the Mu family, simply said, “Come in, Mu Tangxue. See me in my office after class.”

“Yes, teacher.”

Mu Tangxue then turned to Mu Qiqi. The diary pages she had put out today should have been more sensational, but why wasn’t Mu Qiqi coming to her?

And why was everyone else looking at her a little differently?

Still, Mu Tangxue couldn’t care less, and listened to the lesson seriously. However, once the recess bell rang, her classmate who had defended her yesterday stood up and said, “You’re quite hateful, really.”

Mu Tangxue was shocked because no one had ever spoken to her like that before, although she kept pretending to be weak. “Did I accidentally hurt you?”

“To think I actually defended you yesterday…I thought you were being framed since Mu Qiqi is always strutting around and she should be taught a lesson. I didn’t think that you were really the culprit.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t get it…” Mu Tangxue quickly denied.

“Did she not see the photos on the noticeboard?” Another classmate laughed.

“Of course. Why else would she deny that with such a thick face?”

“Don’t look at me with those white lotus eyes, I’m scared. By the way, the whole school is now calling you White Lotus Mu…you’re quite something to hurt your own sister with such purpose.”

“Stop that. I’ll tell Teacher.” Mu Tangxue was panicking inwardly, but kept her outward calm.

Nonetheless, when her classmates saw that she was still keeping up her act, they promptly pasted the noticeboard photos on the blackboard.

Mu Tangxue’s face turned pale white instantly.

“Do you see now, White Lotus Mu?”

“Where did that come from?” Mu Tangxue dashed to the blackboard and tore it down.

“There’s still a lot on the noticeboard, all in HD and uncensored. Why don’t you check it out?”

Ashen-faced, Mu Tangxue stumbled two steps behind before running up to Mu Qiqi. “Sis, you shouldn’t pretend to be me just for revenge and do something like this…”

Mu Qiqi said nothing, and it was Qian Qian who spoke out instead. “Look carefully. You two are very different even if you mostly resemble each other: you don’t have a mole on your nose but Qiqi does, and these photos are clear enough, even magnified a hundredfold. Have to say that whoever did this has a pretty good phone.”

“From the very start, Qiqi taught us how to tell the two of you apart. And here you are, still pretending…anyone normal could see that you’re not the same!”

Mu Tangxue was speechless, never expecting that Mu Qiqi was prepared for that.

“White Lotus Mu, I’ll find a hole to bury myself in if I were you. By the way, it’s not just the noticeboard—everyone in our school forum, and even Van Gogh’s school forum, are all stunned by your shocking behavior.”

Mu Tangxue’s hands were shaking. She quickly took her phone out, but couldn’t hold it steady.

“Keep up with your tricks, then! Listen up, guys, remember to keep your eyes on her…White Lotus Mu.”

Mu Tangxue clenched her fist at the nickname, but she could not do a thing.

None could have expected such a reversal.

Now, everyone in class hated her, just like how everyone hated Mu Qiqi in the past.

“White Lotus Mu!”

“White Lotus Mu!”

As the students’ jeering was becoming louder, their class teacher returned to class and yelled, “Stop making a ruckus. Mu Tangxue, come to my office—I won’t tell you twice.”

Mu Tangxue’s eyes flickered and she rushed out as fast as she could to the teacher’s office.

“Hahaha! That white lotus is finally exposed…it feels so good!” Qian Qian cooed.

She considered Mu Qiqi her best friend after all, and she was naturally unhappy when she was bullied.

Meanwhile, Mu Qiqi watched as Mu Tangxue left with a mysterious look. She had a feeling that their class teacher would call her to the staff room as well.

Naturally, Xiaoxiao was the one who had done everything. She had yet to make a move.

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