Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 41: Finally, The Tables Have Turned

However, her class teacher was not buying that. “Tangxue, you don’t have to start crying in such a hurry. Tell me, what’s the photos all about?”

“Teacher, I have been framed…it’s my sister pretending to be me and putting up those photos, causing everyone to misunderstand.”

She was still defending her lies.

“Teacher, you know I’ve always respected my sister… but I really don’t have anything to do with that, I’m innocent!”

Mu Tangxue even started to cough as she tried to explain, as if afraid that the others were not aware of her frail body.

Be that as it may, the teacher smiled faintly, “Tangxue. When you fainted and were sent to the hospital, I heard what you told your mother.”

Mu Tangxue was dumbstruck, but soon remembered that she had been lying in bed, blaming Mu Qiqi for hitting her in the head!

Her face blushed a crimson red, and she could only keep her head lowered, unable to say anything else.

“Even if I don’t know why you would treat your sister like that, I would still have to meet your parents.”

At those words, Mu Tangxue immediately caught the teacher’s arm and begged, “Teacher, I beg you…don’t tell my parents…I’ll apologize to my sister, I’ll ask her for forgiveness…please, don’t call my parents…”

“That won’t do. Your behavior has gone beyond pranks and your parents must be informed,” the teacher said firmly.

“Teacher, you’ll only hurt my sister if you do that. Don’t you know that my sister is a murderer?” Desperate, Mu Tangxue suddenly revealed that to the teacher.

However, the teacher was not surprised at all since she had heard about it from Mu Qiqi.

That being said, she did not expect that Mu Tangxue could be so vicious despite her young age—she had underestimated the intelligence and ability of kids nowadays.

After a pause, the teacher told Mu Qiqi to come to the office just as she had expected.

When she entered to find that Mu Tangxue’s face had turned pale white, she knew that things were not going well for her. Hence, she asked, “What’s the matter, teacher?”

“Sis…I didn’t really paste your diary on the noticeboard, right? You just used me as a scapegoat, so you pretended to be me and showed them, right?” Mu Tangxue quickly said.

Her words were neither questioning nor apologetic, but very overbearing.

It was simply disgusting.

“No way, that’s you,” Mu Qiqi replied.

“Sis, aren’t you afraid I’ll tell them about Grandma…”

“You’re accusing me of murder?” Mu Qiqi sneered at Mu Tangxue, turning towards her and staring at her as coldly as possible. “Please, do tell everyone. Who do you think everyone would believe now?”

“Daddy and Mommy said it was you…”

“You don’t have any evidence, and neither do they. It’s perfectly reasonable for me to say that you’re the one who framed me.”

“Moreover…” Mu Qiqi then began to approach Mu Tangxue with every step, staring at her viciously, “if you reveal the fact that a daughter of the Mu family has killed her own grandmother, do you think your father would spare you when the Mu family stocks drop to rock bottom? You’ll be the second person to be disowned when that happens.”

“Mu Tangxue, did you think that I’m still the Mu Qiqi who is afraid of everything? I’ll return whatever humiliation I suffered before by a hundredfold now. All you can do is threaten me, but that will never stop the whole school from looking at you with disgust.”

Mu Tangxue stumbled a few steps back, forced into a corner by Mu Qiqi.

She never imagined that she had become so fearsome.

“Qiqi, that’s enough.” The teacher cautioned her mildly then. “As for you, Tangxue, I want to meet your parents this afternoon.”

With Mu Qiqi immune to her threats, Mu Tangxue’s legs turned to jelly—she could never allow the Mu family know how she was really behaving in school.

Hence, she clattered to the floor, kneeling in front of both Mu Qiqi and the class teacher.

“Please, consider that I’m begging you…”

“Beg?” Mu Qiqi laughed at the word, ignoring her pleas. “You only want to maintain your angelic image at home. But why should I help you? I’m really looking forward to you being disowned.”

With those words, Mu Qiqi left the office while the teacher helped Mu Tangxue up. She certainly could not afford having that girl faint again.

“Tangxue, it’s not that I want this, but what you’ve done is very severe and that’s why I have to meet your parents. As for you, you would have to apologize to Mu Qiqi in front of the whole school. That is perhaps the only way everyone could forgive you. There’s nothing more important than to know that you’re wrong and change.”

Mu Tangxue’s face fell. It seemed that her parents were definitely going to be summoned.

But what way was there to convince Mama Mu that Mu Qiqi had set her up?

“Alright, that’s it. Go back to class, but you can tell me if you need help!”

Mu Tangxue returned to class, but it was as if her spirit had left her body.

Still, who would even get close to her?

She was someone who would throw her sister into a pit, whereas her classmates were all not even related by blood to her.

As the lessons continued, Mu Qiqi turned to give Mu Tangxue a meaningful look. After all, Mu Tangxue was enjoying a taste of whatever she had endured in the past.

The tables have finally turned.

“Qiqi, what did you all talk about in the office?” Qian Qian glanced at Mu Qiqi interestedly. “That look on your sister is as if both you and teacher worked together to bully her…don’t you think she might jump off the roof later? Well, I’m going to warn her that my family invested in that building…don’t dirty my domain, please.”

Mu Qiqi could not help but smile at Qian Qian’s words. “You and that mouth of yours… Still, she was kneeling and begging me just now, but I didn’t humor her.”

“Anyone who humors a person like that must not be right in the head,” Qian Qian rolled her eyes. “Luckily, everyone is graduating soon, or Eaton is going to chew her out.”

Mu Tangxue turned towards Mu Tangxue again but said nothing.

After all, she was now curious as to what Mu Tangxue would do to protect her ‘kind nature’ and to stop Mama Mu from coming to school.

That should prove interesting?

But wouldn’t she feel that it was merely burying her head in the sand? Now that her mask of faked kindness had been torn off, why couldn’t she simply show her true colors?

But that was none of her business.

Mu Qiqi smiled coldly—she would rather spend time with Sheng Xiao.

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