Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 43: Frequently Taking Her Away In The Night

Sheng Xiao snorted, and led her to his warm car.

After Mu Qiqi entered, she turned her head to look at Sheng Xiao’s handsome features. Her heard was thumping wildly at the moment when she remembered what Qian Qian had said.

She really wanted to try kissing Sheng Xiao, but she wouldn’t dare.

“What did you learn in school today?” Sheng Xiao knew about Mu Tangxue’s rooftop performance in school and that the whole school now felt repulsed by her.

“What you taught. Would I be so brave to forget it?” Mu Qiqi answered obediently.

“Good girl.”

“Where are we going tonight?” Mu Qiqi could not help asking as she watched him drive. “Looks like we are going far.”

To keep Mu Qiqi anonymous in Jianchuan, there were far too few places where they could play. Still, Sheng Xiao did not have any place he wanted to be at—all he would do was keep Mu Qiqi away from his acquaintances, and spend some time alone with her doing certain things.

Such as last night, where they had slept in the car.

However, Mu Qiqi received a call from Su Zipei halfway through their journey. “Qiqi, it’s late. Your room’s empty…where have you been?”

Mu Qiqi turned to Sheng Xiao in panic. Su Zipei rarely looked for her after she would return to her room. Still, she paused for a moment before replying, “I got hungry from reviewing test papers. That’s why I went out to buy something to eat.”

“What do you need? Don’t we have food at home?”

“I wanted something from outside…”

“Alright. Hurry back, don’t stay out for too long.” Su Zipei hung up, while Mu Qiqi was left looking dismayed.

“Xiaoxiao, I can’t keep you company tonight. I have to hurry home or Aunt Zipei will notice.”

“There’s a supermarket just ahead. Buy something to take home.” Shengxiao parked outside the building and bought a pile of snacks for Mu Qiqi.

However, both their faces looked somber on the return journey.

How long could their relationship last?

What would happen if others learned that she liked Sheng Xiao?

“Xiaoxiao…I…actually feel very guilty.”

Sheng Xiao said nothing. As the Crown Prince of Huang Yao, he always got what he wanted and did as he wished, and had never encountered something like this—bringing out the little one to play actually turned out to be greed.

Because he has to be careful that Mu Qiqi had not yet matured.

Soon, the car reached the little mansion. Mu Qiqi told him to stop outside so that they wouldn’t get caught by Su Zipei.

“Goodnight, Xiaoxiao…”

However, as soon as Sheng Xiao stopped the car, he caught Mu Qiqi’s wrist. As she turned, he held her chin and kissed her.

To be precise, it was biting!

Mu Qiqi struggled at the pain she felt, but Sheng Xiao did not let her go.

Still, it lasted only three seconds. Even so, she could feel him holding back his anger after he released her.

Damn it, Qian Qian. In what way did kisses resemble eating jelly?

“You’ve pulled me down to hell, so don’t leave me and run away by yourself!”

Mu Qiqi’s body shivered at that. She could feel the danger and the emotions threatening to overflow and burst out of her chest.

She probably didn’t know how much she like Sheng Xiao herself.

Clasping the packs of snacks and getting off the car, she watched as he left, enduring a gentle reprimand from Su Zipei when she returned inside. “Tell me if you want something next time, I’ll buy it for you. It’s dangerous for a girl to go out alone.”

“I know, Aunt Zipei,” Mu Qiqi replied, even as profound guilt lingered within her.

Her aunt was ever so nice to her, but she simply couldn’t tell her about Sheng Xiao.

After all, she was afraid that Su Zipei would be disappointed in her. She could agree with her aunt in anything, but Sheng Xiao was her own secret that she would keep hidden…

Even if he would marry some rich person’s daughter someday.

After throwing the snacks in her room, Mu Qiqi sent Sheng Xiao a message.

[Xiaoxiao, I want to study designing.]

After getting home and washing up, Sheng Xiao replied when he saw the message.


[Because I want to be close to you.]

Sheng Xiao was aware that Mu Qiqi was better suited for mathematics, and thus she could clearly try for the sciences. And yet she was now considering designing without considering her own preferences.



[Huang Yao has enough designers. We won’t miss you.]

Mu Qiqi was taken aback, but what Sheng Xiao said was the truth. Huang Yao often hired international masters to design their jewelry—how long would it take a small fry like her to make it?

Even so, she really wanted to be close to Sheng Xiao.


Mu Qiqi touched her broken lip when she remembered the kiss.

Qian Qian was such a liar!


Late at night, Papa Mu rushed to the hospital when he learned that Mu Tangxue had almost jumped off the roof.

Mu Tangxue had just slept, while Mama Mu was watching her by her bed.

Papa Mu scolded his wife at once. “Do you even watch over her? Why is she always hurt or admitted to the hospital?”

“Dear, don’t you know? Tangxue is suffering from Qiqi’s revenge… everyone in Eaton is bullying her!” Mu Qiqi promptly shifted the blame to her other daughter. “She’s not sparing Tangxue even after she’s left to another family…it’s not like we owe her.”

“What can we do? Her guardianship is not in our hands now!” Papa Mu seethed angrily. “And isn’t that because of you? If you had taught her better before, she wouldn’t be trying to fight us on every turn.”

“Now what? Are we going to let her do as she wishes?”

“I had Tangxue join Eaton so that she would keep an eye on Mu Qiqi and stop her from creating trouble. To think that she had actually made things worse! Call me as soon as she wakes up, I’ll tell her what to do.” Papa Mu instructed his wife to stay in the hospital, while he returned home to rest and wash up.

Being a person of absolute patriarchy, Papa Mu demanded that everyone in the family obey him.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Papa Mu and Mu Tangxue feared her…

And Mu Qiqi certainly hated him.

However, just as Papa Mu Was about to leave, Mu Tangxue suddenly opened her eyes and shouted at him, “Daddy…Sis has a sugar daddy!”

“What are you talking about?” Papa Mu stared at her in shock and disbelief.

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