Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 47: What If I Have Evidence?

Mu Qiqi could not hold back the scheme she had, and gingerly asked Mama Mu, “Mommy…I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you about what happened at school…are you upset?”

“To tell the truth, dear, I was really stunned when your sister told me that. I couldn’t believe it was you.”

“I really couldn’t stand her bullying me at school, that’s why I did that…” Mu Tangxue’s eyes went red. “You know I wouldn’t have taken it so far…I just wanted to teach her a lesson so that she wouldn’t keep bullying me…”

“I just didn’t think that I would shoot myself in the foot. I feel upset that about bringing shame to the family too, that’s why I don’t blame daddy…”

As Mu Tangxue expected, Mama Mu knew about the diary incident because Mu Qiqi spilled the beans on her.

Mama Mu would otherwise never have learned about that after she played her suicide show.

“Dear, you have to tolerate Mu Qiqi when you return to school. She listens to no one now and I’m afraid she’ll hurt you even more…you’re our only baby now, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Mu Tangxue sat up on her bed and nodded, her delicate features scrunched up in a scowl.

“Then…what about Sis having a sugar daddy?”

“I did talk to your aunt, but would she admit it? She says that Mu Qiqi sleeps at nine every night, but I actually suspect that Mu Qiqi is tricking her and creating trouble outside.” Mama Mu sneered. “But even if they are hardly innocent, we can’t do a thing to them. Your sister’s guardianship is out of our hands…”

Mu Tangxue did not press Mama Mu since she must have investigated by herself to get the information. And…did her aunt trust Mu Qiqi that much?

Even so, she still had a part of Mu Qiqi’s diary.

She would never believe that Su Zipei would remain unmoved when she showed it to her.


The next morning, Mu Qiqi received a call from Sheng Xiao once she got out of bed and was immediately full of focus.

“Xiaoxiao, why the early call? Did something happen?”

“Are you sure you’ll let me decide where you’ll study? You won’t regret it?” Sheng Xiao asked for her confirmation.

“I won’t regret it!” Mu Qiqi answered. “Could it be that you didn’t sleep yesterday over that?”

“You think too much.” Sheng Xiao sneered. “I’ve messaged you the name of the professional academy.”

After hanging up with honeyed thoughts, Mu Qiqi opened her inbox and sprung out of her bed once she saw the name of the academy.

Did Sheng Xiao want her to attend his alma mater and be his underclassman?

Upperclassman…underclassman. Mu Qiqi quickly decided to follow Sheng Xiao’s footsteps at the very thought.

Therefore, Mu Qiqi went to school earlier, but that was when Mu Tangxue appeared near the little mansion with her schoolbag.

She wanted to meet Su Zipei privately!

Because the security guards stopped her, she waited by the gates just like Mama Mu did before.

Su Zipei was leaving for the market, as she did every day to resupply for Mu Qiqi, when she found Mu Tangxue standing in the snow. Taken aback for a moment, she realized that it wasn’t Mu Qiqi.

Although they were twins, there was a distinct air that separated them, and Su Zipei could tell who was who at once.

Therefore, her reaction was unnatural.

Really, was the Mu family going to keep sending a different person to bother them without end?

That is why Su Zipei simply ignored her, but Mu Tangxue stopped her. “Aunt Zipei, I want to talk to you.”

“You’re waiting for me here and not even going to school? You’re not just going to say a few words.” Su Zipei smiled. “Tangxue, how are you going to drive us apart?”

“Don’t you know that Sis is meeting a man?” Mu Tangxue asked Su Zipei.

“I’ve said it before—Mu Qiqi don’t have the time to meet some stranger. When will you stop smearing her?”

“But what if I have evidence?” Mu Tangxue said, and took out a few diary pages that she pieced together from her bag and passed it to Su Zipei. “Take a look, Aunt Zipei. I’m worried about Sis too.”

Su Zipei took the diary pages but did not respond kindly to Mu Tangxue.

Instead, she simply dumped the pages into her drawer—who would read such a private thing?

Why wouldn’t the Mu family leave Qiqi alone?

Moreover, Mu Qiqi definitely wouldn’t be happy if she learned about that. She was her only relative, or would she not trust her?


Meanwhile, Mu Tangxue didn’t expect Su Zipei to read the diary pages either. In fact, she had expected that Su Zipei was aware of Mu Qiqi’s affair, and that her trip would be wasted.

Still, telling Mu Qiqi about that and seeing her reaction was fine too.

“Look, White Lotus Mu is coming to class…”

“Quite brave.”

Mu Qiqi then found Tangxue gesturing at her to talk outside.

With several minutes left before class, Mu Qiqi walked outside the classroom, and Mu Tangxue followed moments later. “When you had gone to school, I handed over the rest of your diary to Aunt Zipei,” she told Mu Qiqi. “She must be enjoying your stories about holding hands with a man and what not at home now.”

Mu Qiqi kept her calm appearance despite her panic. “Mu Tangxue, do you know why you’re called White Lotus Mu? That’s because you only know how to hide in dark corners, doing shady business, and yet insist that you’re innocent.”

“That’s not important,” Mu Tangxue replied. “I just want to know who your sugar daddy is. You know very well that he exists even if others wouldn’t believe it. Sister, I’m going to keep poking at that fact and not let go.”

Mu Qiqi glared at her coldly, but was not bothered to spare a word with trash like her.

“I’m kind of excited how Aunt Zipei would look at you when you reach home…what could it be?”

Despite seeing that look of accomplishment on Mu Tangxue’s face, Mu Qiqi smiled instead.

“Let’s talk about you instead,” she said, moving closer to her twin. “Our parents must’ve given you such an ugly look when they heard about your embarrassing story.”

“But that’s how I came to be…from now on, you only have yourself to blame. Uncle Mu would actually hit you, and with that tender body of yours…protect it, or you won’t survive one hit!”

“Mu Tangxue, you had better pray that Aunt Zipei did not read my diary or I will make Uncle Mu even angrier with you.”

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