Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 6: I’m Upset If She Is Bullied

She was ready to be looked upon differently.

However, upon arrival, she found that the teachers of the school had formed two rows alongside two vice-principals of Eaton, standing by the school gates and were waiting for someone!

“So many people for a reception… Who could be that noble?” Mu Qiqi muttered in curiosity.

However, Old Lin the chauffeur laughed cheerfully. “Miss Mu, they’re here to receive you!”

“Me?” Mu Qiqi pointed at herself in surprise.

Old Lin parked the black sedan beside the gates to the luxurious building, got down from the car and opened the door for her.

Mu Qiqi alighted hesitantly, and the teachers at the reception promptly bowed towards her respectfully. “Welcome, Miss Mu!”

She froze.

“Go ahead, Miss Mu. No one would dare to belittle you here!” Old Lin said, seizing the moment. “Our young master has arranged it especially for you!”

Wouldn’t Sheng Xiao find such a grand welcoming reception too exaggerated? Still, he had lived basking under every attention and enjoyed it. All who knew him were aware of his demonic side, but were compelled to lower their heads and defer themselves because he was the Crown Prince of Huang Yao, or simply because of his personal charisma.

Now, since Mu Qiqi was under his wing, she was not going to miss all the things he enjoyed!

She felt greatly valued like never before.

‘Mu Qiqi, everything has really changed for you.’

Afraid and doubtful at first, her tension promptly eased amidst innumerable envious gazes. Having been evasive towards the other’s eyes, she gained a trace of confidence.


Why would Sheng Xiao arrange something like that?

Mu Qiqi was already asleep when he arrived at the small mansion1 last night. He knocked on Su Zipei’s door, and asked about Mu Qiqi’s life in the Mu family.

Su Zipei was surprised. She was very aware of Sheng Xiao’s character, and yet, such a grand persona had come by himself to ask about Qiqi…

As such, the unease inside her grew.

“Young Master Sheng, could you be thinking about using Qiqi to seek revenge against t-the Mu family?”

Sheng Xiao laughed shortly.

“What does a grudge from the last generation have to do with me?” He smiled teasingly. “I’m just curious why a pair of twins is treated so differently. Don’t tell me that you don’t know—you may be one of the Mu family’s poorer relatives, but you definitely would know what’s going on inside!”

Su Zipei took a deep breath before answering Sheng Xiao seriously, “The hurt and self-doubt her own family had broken into her is nothing you could have imagined, Young Master Sheng!”

“She often ran into trouble when she was still with the Mu family since a young age. Since her uncles always had their eye on the company which belonged to Qiqi’s father, they would often make a fuss by using Qiqi as an excuse. That is why her father never liked her as a daughter since she never afforded her an ease of mind!”

“On the other hand, Qiqi’s younger sister Tangxue was sickly and given more attention. Moreover, she often charms her grandparents with her silver tongue, which left Qiqi ignored by her family. As that continued, the Mu family eventually failed to realize that they were treating the twins so differently.”

“This time, although Qiqi was disowned for causing her grandmother’s death, I believe it also has to with her uncles using it as an excuse to take control of the company. It must be why my sister’s husband abandoned her—to silence those uncles!”

“That’s what I heard from my sister… although some is what I guess!”

Su Zipei could not hold back her tears even as she told her story.

“Young Master Sheng, you’re right: twins should have been treated the same, and was there ever a child who wasn’t their own parents’ favorite? And yet her father still did what he did!”

“Poor Qiqi… she was never loved even if she was born to a rich family. I myself had seen a few times how her father taught her a ‘lesson’—he did not allow her to grow any self-confidence at all! I only knew that because I saw it with my own eyes!”

Su Zipei only knew that Mu Qiqi was always causing trouble, but unaware that everything was mostly Mu Tangxue’s fault. After all, Mu Tangxue knew that her parents would love her more for that!

Sheng Xiao listened to her and was silent for some time, before rising from the sofa. “Aunt Su, I’m going to say what needs saying first.”

“With the Sheng family, Mu Qiqi will enjoy what I myself enjoy. However, because you are living off us, you must at least appear loyal to us. If I find out that you still have any connection with the Mu family, I’ll let you have a taste of how I do things.”

Su Zipei quickly nodded. “Be rest assured, Young Master Sheng. I’m not an important person, but I hope that Qiqi would make it. I would do anything for you because you helped her, and although I couldn’t bear a child, I think of Qiqi as my own daughter!”

Sheng Xiao nodded in satisfaction at that answer. “Then I can tell you that Mu Qiqi’s blood flows in my veins as well.”

He was referring to the fact that Mu Qiqi had a blood transfusion with him.

“It feels as if I share a life with her, and that’s why I can’t leave her alone.”

“Because my things can only be mine. I’m upset if she’s bullied…”

“I’m being frank here so that you would understand and not be suspicious from now on. I don’t have the patience to explain everything to you.”

“I understand, Young Master Sheng!” Su Zipei answered determinedly. She would do anything and keep an eye closed as long as Sheng Xiao treated Mu Qiqi fairly.

“Mu Qiqi has school tomorrow. Try to help her adapt to her new life as fast as you can, and she better learn how to walk by my side!”

Sheng Xiao was dangerous and tyrannical, ever ruthless and true to his own words.

Nevertheless, his stubbornness was backed by his unparalleled ability!

Was it Mu Qiqi’s fortune or misfortune to have such a man willing to help her?

That was why Mu Qiqi received such a noble reception in Eaton the next morning.

She was no longer held back or hurt by Mu Tangxue as she returned to school. She had deliberately neglected her studies to score poorly in exams so that Mu Tangxue stayed happy and not cause more trouble for their parents.

Now, she wants everyone else to see what she was truly capable of!

Thanks to Sheng Xiao’s flawless arrangement, her classmates were not especially concerned or suspicious about her background, allowing her to be at ease.

And for that, she had Sheng Xiao to thank for.

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