Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 8: No Mercy Next Time

That was why she woke up as early as she could the next day, and asked her chauffeur to take her to the slums where Su Zipei lived.

“Young Mistress, it is a filthy place. You should ask me if you need anything; you don’t have to get down from the car!”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhong,” Mu Tangxue replied courteously.

She had always been the perfect young lady of the Mu family in front of everyone else: beautiful, noble, kind, and understanding towards others.

“Ah, you are sisters in the end… you are the only one who misses her!” The chauffeur thought that Mu Tangxue had come to visit, and was moved by her sentimental side.

“Uncle Zhong, I don’t see anyone inside Aunt’s home. Could you help me ask around?”

“Yes, Young Mistress. Please wait.” The chauffeur quickly left the car, but soon returned with a somber look.

“What is it?”

“Young Mistress… the neighbors are saying… that they saw your sister sold off by that vermin uncle of yours!”

Sold off?

Mu Tangxue was delighted at those words, although she kept her head lowered as if upset.

In reality, she herself predicted that it was not unusual that their greedy uncle would sell her sister.

“Young Mistress, my condolences.”

“Poor, poor sister. Let’s go, Uncle Zhong.”

Since his sister was sold off, that Mu Qiqi in the national rankings was definitely not her sister.

Still, she never expected her despicable uncle proved to be such a help!

From now on, she no longer had to worry about having someone looking identical to herself and claiming her rightful attention in the family.

“Uncle Zhong, please don’t tell Dad about this. You know he’s upset whenever my sister’s mentioned, I’m afraid he might take it out on her again.”

“Be rest assured, Young Mistress!” The chauffeur thought that Mu Tangxue was ever kind and considerate toward others, and had never belittled him despite his place as a chauffeur.

Only Mu Qiqi and herself knew how vicious she could be!


Meanwhile, Mu Qiqi was not sad that she could not defeat Mu Tangxue in the mock exam.

She was just unable to decide whether she was disappointed in her own ranking or because she wouldn’t meet Sheng Xiao.

And the next mock exam was two months later…

Su Zipei, believing that she had been lacking and not realizing that Mu Qiqi was having her troubled maiden moment comforted her then. “Qiqi, your result is already very good after being away from your studies for so long.”

“I’m fine, Aunt Zipei.” Mu Qiqi was setting her mind at ease instead.

“Look, what have I got you?” Su Zipei then took out a box from behind her and showed it to Mu Qiqi. “I had been forced to save up before this, but I really wanted to buy you something you would like. So, here you are…”

It was a mobile phone —the latest and most expensive model.

“Qiqi, I’ve already saved my number in it.”

Mu Qiqi suddenly felt stirred as she looked at Su Zipei, whose face resembled her own mother and was closer to her.

“Look, here’s mine.” Su Zipei then took out another mobile phone from her pocket, but Mu Qiqi could tell at once that it was much older and worn out.

She hence quickly snatched Su Zipei’s phone, took out the new phone from the box and handed it to her aunt. “I’ll use this one instead.”

“Why?” Su Zipei exclaimed in surprise.

“I only have to keep in touch with you every day, Aunt Zipei. I don’t need a nice phone—it’ll affect my studies.”

Su Zipei nodded, understanding that her niece was being thoughtful. “Well, you can trade it with me anytime you want it!”

Meanwhile, Mu Qiqi scrolled through the logs of the old phone. Her eyes twinkled when she saw the name: Young Master Sheng.

Sheng Xiao had given that number to Su Zipei in case of emergencies, but she had yet to use it.

Mu Qiqi clenched the phone as if it was a treasure and pocketed it.

It was why she must pull herself together.

With that thought, Mu Qiqi gave Su Zipei a hug and put even more effort into her studies.

At the same time, she would comb the internet for everything Sheng Xiao was doing, researching his preferences, fashion style while also joining various clubs in her school…

She was not going to waste time, or would at least use it in a way that serves Sheng Xiao—even if it was merely a simple instruction from the man.

Su Zipei could clearly see that Mu Qiqi was changing too. Apart from studying, she was also active in co-curricular events, reaching out to her classmates and becoming more confident.

In that period, Mu Qiqi would only see Sheng Xiao through the small tv in the living room. That was how she learned that how busy the Crown Prince of Huang Yao was.

At the same time, she never used that number in the phone contact list…


Sheng Xiao had just finished a meeting with an Italian national in Hotel Huang Yao. His father recently had a minor surgery for his heart, leaving him caught with handling company work and without really resting for a few days.

He had some free time for the moment before a video conference in the next hour, but when he took the moment to have a break, he heard the message alert from his phone.

Picking up his phone, he saw that the sender was Su Zipei, but the contents left his eyes widening.

[Um… Qiqi here. I was two places below Mu Tangxue in the mock exam, I will do better next time.]

He did not expect that she would suddenly send him a message either.

He was so busy lately that even Jing Yun did not have the time to visit them, and therefore did not receive any feedback.

The hotel was quite near the small mansion. He could go there at night.

Hence, when night came, Sheng Xiao got into his car but was stopped by Jing Yun.

“Young Master,” he reminded, “did you forget that you agreed with her that you would only see her if she beats Mu Tangxue?”

“It was a random thing. Still, you remembered.” Sheng Xiao joked.

“I always keep your words at heart.”

“Then you should know that I met her, and learned that she asked you to relay to me about wanting to meet me. But since you made your own call on that matter, why not help me decide my life as well?”

Sheng Xiao’s dangerous words left Jing Yun feeling a chill inside. “My apologies, Young Master.”

“No mercy next time.”

With that, Sheng Xiao drove his sports car and went straight to the small mansion.

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