Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 46: Crisis

All was silent.

The only sounds were the sporadic chirps of insects.

Yu Mingye arrived at the campsite with Feng Wu over his shoulder, only to find it brightly lit. Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun, and the rest of the team had gathered round, and by the looks on their faces, Feng Xun was arguing with the rest of them.

Feng Wu and Yu Mingye looked at each other awkwardly.

“They’ve realized I’m gone,” Feng Wu said in a serious tone, looking straight into Yu Mingye’s eyes.

That would render Yu Mingye’s plan useless, for Feng Wu would easily draw suspicion to herself after being missing for so long. She would never get close enough to Jun Linyuan.

Yu Mingye opened his eyes wide and glared at Feng Wu!

After all the effort he had spent on this girl, she was exposed because he had snatched her away?!

Would all that effort go to waste?!

Yu Mingye glowered at Feng Wu. “How could you be exposed?!”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes. “You’re blaming me now?”

Yu Mingye snapped, “Yes, I’m blaming you! It’s all your fault! What good can you do now?!”

Feng Wu was speechless. “Aren’t you overreacting over something so trivial?”

“Trivial?” Yu Mingye was so pissed that he broke into laughter. “You call that trivial?”

Jun Linyuan had discovered that she was missing and was suspicious of her. She could no longer get close to the fruit. Yu Mingyue thought that all his effort so far was for naught…

“Attack on my signal — act as planned when I raise my right hand.”

Contrary to Yu Mingye’s frenzied rage, Feng Wu remained composed. Her eyes betrayed no emotion and seemed to glow blue in the dark.

Yu Mingye’s heart lurched when he saw her eyes.

What a pair of eyes… She was way too unperturbed and level-headed to be a coward. Plus, how could her eyes be so beautiful? They reminded him of the most brilliant stars in the sky, which he found so attractive!


Yu Mingye smacked his own forehead. How could he have such feelings for such an ordinary girl? It had to be an illusion! It had to be!

The girl he was going to fall in love with had to at least be as good-looking as himself! Yu Mingye clenched his fists in determination.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was rubbing herself against plants moist with dew. Only after her hair and clothes were slightly wet did she walk away quickly, still wrapped in her blanket.

Somewhere ahead, Feng Xun was bickering with Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi smirked. “Are you still going to vouch for that girl you picked up from the side of the road? Would she go missing if she wasn’t up to something?!”

Feng Xun snapped, “Fine, if you’re convinced that she’s up to no good, tell me what it is! She has to have a motive, right?”

“That Immortal Spiritual Fruit, of course!” Fairy Muyao was shaking with excitement now that she could finally charge Feng Wu with something. “Obviously she’s here for the fruit!”

“But Boss Jun has that fruit with him now, not her. Why would she run away?” Feng Xun smirked.

That rendered Fairy Muyao speechless. “Sh- she’s probably…”

“Shouldn’t you be in bed? Why are you shouting at each other?” A calm voice rang out behind them.

Everyone turned around instantly.

“Xiaowu!” Feng Xun rushed to Feng Wu’s side first. He took her hand and asked in an excited voice, “Where did you go in the middle of the night? We’ve been looking everywhere for you! I thought something happened to you!”

Seeing Feng Wu return, Fairy Muyao burned with rage. “She must have gone to tip someone off!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.