Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 47: Is He Going to Kill Her?

Feng Xun glared at Fairy Muyao. “Shut up!”

Fairy Muyao snorted and turned her angry gaze on Feng Wu. “Speak! Where were you? Why couldn’t we find you anywhere? Did you go off to send secret messages to someone?”

Feng Wu looked at Fairy Muyao with a bemused expression and blinked her limpid eyes. “I left the campsite for a while. That’s all.”

“Don’t even try to tell us that you went to relieve yourself! We looked everywhere and you weren’t there! How far could you have gone to do that anyway?” Fairy Muyao asked sharply.

Feng Wu still looked as innocent as ever. “I went to take a shower under a waterfall about 5km from here.”

Fairy Muyao wouldn’t believe a word she said. “Then why didn’t you respond when we called your name?”

“It was drowned out by all the splashing at the waterfall, I suppose,” Feng Wu said casually. “Did you really go all the way to the waterfall to search for me?”

Fairy Muyao fell silent.

Feng Wu could easily handle Fairy Muyao’s accusation and Xuan Yi’s gaze didn’t bother her at all. However —

When that piercing, intense gaze turned toward her —

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched and her heart began to race. She barely knew where to put her hands, let alone think straight…

Jun Linyuan’s gaze was so sharp.

It was as if he could look into her mind!

Feng Wu exhaled, turned around, and met Jun Linyuan’s gaze with her limpid eyes.

Their eyes met, and a sizzling arc of lightning seemed to spark and ignite the air between them!

Keeping his intense gaze on Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and walked toward Feng Wu with steady steps, keeping a hand behind his back.

He stopped right in front of Feng Wu and looked down at her.

Thanks to her beautiful master’s teaching, Feng Wu had seen much more of the world than most people her age, but she got sweaty palms at the pressure Jun Linyuan gave her with his gaze.

What an intimidating sensation!

It was as if he was going to grab her neck at any moment and snap it with a crack.

A chill ran down Feng Wu’s spine.

“Your… Royal Highness.” Feng Wu forced herself to stay calm. She raised her head and looked right into his eyes.

Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on Feng Wu without uttering a word, his sharp eyes reminding her of an eagle. All of a sudden, he reached out toward Feng Wu with his right hand, which was as fair as a piece of white jade.

Feng Wu could taste death in her mouth and she got goosebumps all over!

Fine sweat covered her forehead!

She couldn’t back away now!

If she did, she would be deemed guilty. Hence, not only couldn’t she stumble back, she had to maintain eye contact with Jun Linyuan the whole time.

It was really difficult…

Feng Xun tried to intervene, but was stopped by Xuan Yi.

Just when Feng Wu thought Jun Linyuan was going to strangle her —

Jun Linyuan drew his hand back with a magnolia petal between his fingers.

He had removed it from Feng Wu’s hair.

Still staring at Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu slowly heaved a sigh of relief…

For a moment there, the hairs on the back of her neck had stood up and she really thought Jun Linyuan was going to throttle her.

Feng Wu then spotted that pear-sized Immortal Spiritual Fruit dangling on Jun Linyuan’s waistband —

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