Heaven’s Devourer

After the outsiders had left, only Hao Tian, Yuan Xi, and Emperor Yuan Hao remained at Tian Wu Hall.

At this time, the Nine Regicides King and the Spectral Concubine, who had left last, were already far away. Only then did Yuan Hao dare to slam the table, his face full of rage. He said, “Wu You, that slut! She dares to play such tricks with me!? I want the order out now, to exterminate her maternal tribe!”

“Pa!” Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian’s gaze turned cold. With just a look, he turned the wine on the table into a palm, which delivered a slap to Yuan Hao’s cheek, turning it red.

“Why did you hit me?” Yuan Hao leapt back, frightened. This slap confused him.

“You have been too rash lately. It’s so obvious that if I were not in Capital Wu, your empire would be played out within a few days,” Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian coldly replied.

“You… You treat Yuan Chen like your treasure. I’m also your son, but you’ve never even favored me once!” Hearing such an insult, in addition to the stinging slap, Yuan Hao’s self-control was starting to crack.

“Shut up. If not for you, Master would not remain at Capital Wu. Now get out and reflect.” Empress Dowager Yuan Xi also stared with some threat in her eyes.

“Hmph.” Yuan Hao flicked his sleeves and left in a huff.

“Master, please do not blame Yuan Hao.” Yuan Xi prostrated herself pitifully before Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. She was too clear on the disparity between an immortal and a mortal. If it were not for the fact that Yuan Chen was accomplished, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian would not even look at her.

“That useless Yuan Hao. I can’t be bothered with him.” Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian dismissed it with a wave, and said, “Yuan Xi, the only strange thing today is: why did Sun Wudao speak up for Wu You and help her to cause Spectral Concubine and the others to stay in Capital Wu for a month’s time?”

Yuan Xi stood up and considered this. She said, “My instincts tell me that Sun Wudao might have an interest in Wu You. I hear some gossip that the citizens of Dong Yue Wu are very unhappy that we are giving Princess Wu You’s hand in marriage to the Nine Regicides King.”

“When Dong Yue Wu has a navy and we triple our territory, they will all shut up.” Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian laughed indifferently.

“Yes, with Yuan Chen around, we have a reason to remain in control at Dong Yue Wu. And then we will expand the country. All the cultivation resources within our borders will belong to you, Master.”

That was the reason that they were allying with East God Nation.

Immortals could not interfere in mortal conflicts. If Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian wanted more, this was a great idea.

“We cannot let Sun Wudao ruin our work.” A fierce glint appeared in Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian’s eyes.

Yuan Xi had an idea. She said, “Not so. If he wants to cause trouble, he must go up against the Spectral Concubine. You say that the Spectral Concubine is more powerful than he is. That will be a good opportunity to use the Spectral Concubine to finish him off and take revenge for Senior Sister Wan Qing. Master, you raised Senior Sister Wan Qing from young. You have to avenge her so she can rest peacefully.”

Given the situation now, they could not move openly on Wu Yu.

“I wanted Sun Wudao to remain peacefully on Heavenly Immortal Peak. Since he has come to cause trouble and irk the Spectral Concubine, then I cannot be blamed. At most, Sun Wudao will be finished off. That will be trouble between the Scarlet Sea’s Seven Ghosts and the Heavenly Sword Sect. It will h ave nothing to do with us. If the Heavenly Sword Sect sends another Immortal Kingdom Supervisor, then Yuan Chen and the others can deal with it.

“I just feel that this Sun Wudao seems to be a threat. Sending him to hell would be prudent.”

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian considered this, then made his decision.


East Sun Hall.

This was the most luxurious place within the palace. It was where Dong Yue Wu royalty received their most esteemed guests. The Spectral Concubine and the Nine Regicides King stayed within.

East Sun Hall normally glittered golden, but the Nine Regicides King had given orders for all candles and lights to be extinguished, plunging the huge palace into darkness. It looked dead and desolate in the middle of the night.

In the main hall of East Sun Hall, the Spectral Concubine lazed on a golden chair. She was tightly wrapped in clothing, revealing only a pair of slender, white legs. A tall and sturdy man was kneeling beneath her feet. Although he was smiling, his ugly features only made it look grotesque.

His huge, rough hands were carefully cupping Spectral Concubine’s feet. He was using his tongue to lick the Spectral Concubine and make her laugh.

The Spectral Concubine giggled and said, “Oh, Regicides, dear, you have been entranced by a beauty today. Even without my agreement, you already gave your consent. If I still had my past temper, that would have been your head.”

“Sorceress, spare me! In Regicide’s heart, the Sorceress is the most beautiful immortal in the world. That Princess Wu You, once married back to the East God Nation, can be given to the brothers to enjoy some Dong Yue Wu flavor,” the Nine Regicides King guffawed.

“I don’t believe it. Aren’t you itching for her? After all, she’s also a beauty.”

“Your Darling Regicides only has the Sorceress in his heart,” the Nine Regicides King vowed.

“Go, you outrageous mortal. Your life is mine.” Spectral Concubine tinkled.

“Your wish is my command!” Nine Regicides King said.

“Then why did you lengthen our stay by a month?”

“Regicides once heard the Sorceress say that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is a taboo ground for you. You wanted to taste fresh meat here… Except there was no opportunity. Since Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian has invited you over, it is a rare opportunity. The Sorceress has been starved on the road, and now is a good time to enjoy myself in Capital Wu.”

“I see. Darling Regicides, you are so thoughtful.” Spectral Concubine laughed until her body shook.

The two chatted for a couple of hours, then the Spectral Concubine withdrew her pristine legs and said, “That will do. Go and rest. The time has come for me to go and hunt.”

“Respectful greetings to the Sorceress.” Nine Regicides King prostrated himself on the floor.


Back in Carefree Palace, Wu You breathed a sigh of relief.

“I was so afraid that you were going to fight that Spectral Concubine there and then.” Wu You’s beautiful eyes turned to Wu Yu, concerned.

“Relax. I am now on the path of the Immortal Dao. I am naturally clear that unless I have no other choice, there is no need to duke to the death against those stronger than myself.” Wu Yu smiled slightly

No matter what, he could not cause worry to the person who cared the most about him in this world.

“Next, I will bring that Nine Regicides King and Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian in circles. You focus on cultivating. I think a month is the limit of the East God Nation people. It’s up to you how much you can improve in this month….”

Wu You had fought hard for this time.

“Sister, I will not disappoint you,” Wu Yu vowed with conviction.

“If we are forced into a corner and become helpless, then I will die in battle before your eyes.”

Wu You listened to him, her eyes wet with tears. She shook her head, saying, “You must remember that I will never be disappointed by you, no matter how things turn out. Compared to you, my life is inconsequential. You are on the immortal path, and your future is unlimited. Do not waste your life for me; otherwise, I will not be able to rest in the next world.”

Her attitude was firm.

Wu Yu knew that there was no point in debating further. He should instead make use of the time to cultivate A Staff to Ascension.

After Wu You had gone to bed, Wu Yu rested for a while to recover his energy, then he took out the Demon Subduing Staff.

“The practice room is too enclosed, whereas A Staff to Ascension requires a will with space to expand. I had better find the most expansive space that I can.”

Luckily, there was a tower within Carefree Palace. From the highest point, one could see half of Capital Wu. The field of vision was excellent, and Wu Yu went there in the night. He looked down on the seemingly peaceful Capital Wu, where dangers were abound on many battlefields. He closed his eyes and concentrated, gripping the Demon Subduing Staff. He carefully felt out the connection between the Demon Subduing Staff, his surroundings, and himself.

“I am calm. I am at peace.”

Wu Yu tried to psych himself up.

But sometimes, the more anxious one was, the more impossible it was to enter a state of deep concentration. And his heart was restless because he knew deep down that he was still extremely far from achieving A Staff to Ascension.

“How? Just how should I comprehend A Staff to Ascension?”

This had become Wu Yu’s greatest worry.

As he was wrestling with his conflicted thoughts, a strange stench suddenly appeared in the air of Capital Wu. The smell of blood, mingled with a sinister scent….

Wu Yu’s eyes flared open.

“No demonic aura. Not a demon. Who would be using such methods to kill people in Capital Wu in the dead of night?”

He liked to mind his own business.

However, he was born in Capital Wu, and he had a deep affection for the citizens of Capital Wu. This was his homeland.


Wu Yu brandished the Demon Subduing Staff and instantly disappeared from the tower. He disappeared from the streets of Capital Wu.

“This way!”

The closer he got, the thicker the malevolent scent became. This was not a scent that an ordinary fight between mortals could create. It had to be the supernatural at work.

“The Spectral Concubine!”

Wu Yu knew that it had to be her.

Wan Qing was already killed. It had to be the Spectral Concubine.

In a flash, he arrived at a quiet house. The door was open, and from within came a wave of the stench of blood. It was evil, but also different from a demonic aura.

Wu Yu stood outside the house. He could see that the walls, furniture, and floor inside the house were covered in fresh blood. There were four corpses on the floor – an old man, an old woman, as well as a young couple. All had died in a terrible fashion, and the blood that painted the house belonged to them.

In the bedroom, there was still movement. A shadow moved in the blackness. When Wu Yu looked, the person had also sensed Wu Yu’s presence. They turned back. It was indeed the Spectral Concubine, her face pale!

Both her hands were covered in fresh blood. Behind her was a wooden bed, which had been torn apart, revealing a diagram drawn in fresh blood on the wooden boards. And in the middle of the diagram was a child, still crying at the top of his lungs. He was unharmed, but the blood diagram on the wood began to glow, and tentacles seemed to reach within the body of the infant.

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