Hello, Mr. Major General

Chapter 42: Real Bros

“Who’s worried about you?” Gu Nianzhi was aware of his body now that she was up against him. She tilted her head and the white-gold floral earrings on her earlobes refracted the sunlight into a tiny rainbow, and briefly blinded Mei Xiawen. He raised his arms to block it out, and Gu Nianzhi took the opportunity to push him away and quickly strode back to her dorm. Mei Xiawen smiled as he watched her and only drove away when he saw her enter the building. On his way back, he got another call from Ai Weinan.

“Class Rep, you’re a true bro! With someone like Class Rep as my dear

friend, I have no regrets in life!” Ai Weinan was so emotional over the phone that her voice wavered.

Mei Xiawen smiled. “We’re bros, so there’s no need to be so polite.”

“This is not being polite. This is being thankful.” Ai Weinan was overjoyed. “Class Rep, what are you up to lately? Did you take the graduate examination?”

“No, graduation is around the corner, and right now I’m headed home.” Mei Xiawen turned the steering wheel to navigate out of campus and drive back to his place. Ai Weinan chatted with him for a while along the way. Mei mentioned that he was treating some friends to the Red Manor Restaurant tonight and Ai Weinan was ecstatic. “Class Rep! I haven’t eaten there for a few years now. Be sure to eat lots for my sake!”

“Hahaha, I will. ” Mei Xiawen eased into the highway ramp. “I’m driving, so I’ll talk to you later. See you when I get back.”

“Yup, bye Class Rep!” On the other end of the line, Ai Weinan hung up and looked at the extra one hundred and fifty thousand yuan in her bank account and felt at once envious and elated.

Ai Weinan’s roommate poked her shoulder and asked curiously, “What is it? Why are you grinning like an idiot. You were just bawling about a hundred thousand and some yuan yesterday, and now it’s like you’re totally ok.”

“Of course I’m ok. I borrowed the money.” Ai Weinan showed her phone to her roommate. “Remember the handsome Class Rep I told you about?”

“Yeah, yeah, the one who’s polite and elegant, and rich to boot. What about him?”

“He lent it to me. I just asked him and he transferred it to me right away.”

The roommate shrieked, “Really?! He lent you a hundred something thousand without any collateral?!”

“Like I said, what collateral? What kind of relationship do you think I have with him? We’re true friends!” Ai Weinan laughed loudly.

“Even true bros or true friends or whatever, wouldn’t transfer you this much money without question.” The roommate’s eyes opened wide suddenly, and she grabbed Ai Weinan’s shoulder. “Unless…he’s interested in you!”

“That’s impossible!” Ai Weinan shot up, her face flushed. “We’re… we’re just really good friends!”

The roommate crossed her arms as she looked at her, dubious. Ai Weinan lowered her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror opposite them. Her eyes were glossy and skin rejuvenated. She looked prettier than she normally felt, and couldn’t help caressing her face and muttering, “Really?”

Was it possible that Class Rep liked her?

“Of course. Weinan, as someone with experience, I can tell you that there are not many men in the world that will transfer you so much money without question. You have to latch onto him, so good luck!” The roommate gave her a thumbs up.

Ai Wennan felt her lips curve into a smile. “I’m sure that you’re overthinking it.” She put away her phone and reached for her Chanel bag. “Right, now that I’ve borrowed the money, I have to make a trip home.”

“Isn’t that in C City?”

They were attending university in Z City, and the drive from there to C City was three hours. The trip time was significantly reduced to only half an hour via the bullet train, though.

“Yep, I’ll take the bullet train home and come back tomorrow. Cover for me and help me out if they take attendance during the public course in the afternoon.”

“No problem.”

That evening, Mei Xiawen picked up Gu Nianzhi and her roomates in a Chrysler SUV, and drove to the Red Manor Restaurant. Gu Nianzhi was in the front passenger seat while Fang Wenxin, Cao Yunshan, and Wang Junya sat in the back. Mei Xiawen had also brought his roommate, Lei Qiangsheng. Everyone called him Strongman because he was extremely tall and muscular. Mei Xiawen parked the car and guided them to the restaurant.

Inside, a hostess took them to the private room Mei Xiawen had reserved. It was a classical European style room with chandeliers glittering, strung in single file from the mirrored ceiling. An oil painting of a nude woman in a garden on one wall, and Monet’s Water Lilies series spanning the others, added a refined element to the space. Several champagne-colored, velvet couches were near the walls. A few small side tables laden with ashtrays, tissues and tiny succulent occupied the spaces between them.

“I’ve already ordered. Italian for six.” Mei Xiawen obviously frequented the establishment and was familiar with the food and seating.

The group seated themselves at a round dining table and Strongman began to flatter Green Tea Fang. “Green Tea, you’re wearing such a pretty outfit today, where is it from?”

Green Tea Fang held a cigarette in an ornate holder between her slim fingers as she elegantly blew a ring of smoke and gave Strongman a sidelong glance. “Strongman, I’ll tell you the brand if you wipe the drool off your face.”

“Am I drooling?” Strongman hastily wiped his mouth with a napkin and realized that Green Tea Fang was only teasing him. He didn’t care and laughed, then continued to praise her. Fang Wenxin’s exquisite aura and made her a goddess to most the male students in Class One of the Faculty of Law. Mei Xiawen was one of the few who could resist her charms because he only had eyes for Gu Nianzhi.

He sat besides her and patiently arranged the cutlery for her, quietly telling her the order in which to use them, and even pouring her a glass of milk tea. Gu Nianzhi actually wanted to drink black coffee, but supposed this would do.

“Thank you, Class Rep.” Gu Nianzhi sat besides Mei Xiawen; Little Temptress was on her other side. Little Temptress rested her head on a hand and leaned on the table. She asked Mei Xiawen feebly, “Class Rep, when is food going to be served?” I’ve been fasting since this morning for this dinner.”

“Little Temptress, I have some cookies, you want them?” The brawny Strongman actually had a soft side and liked to have snacks around. Of course, this was also another one of his tricks for flirting.

Wang Junya’s nickname was Little Temptress, and she would certainly not be fooled by tricks used on younger girls. She smiled charmingly and Strongman melted.

“I don’t want cookies. I want to eat fried onions and calamari rings.”

“Waitress! Waitress— Fried onions and calamari rings, right?” Strongman waved his arms at the waitress standing in the opposite private room and shouted, “An order of fried onions and calamari rings! Large!”

Mei Xiawen smiled as he shook his head and then turned to Gu Nianzhi. “Do you want a plate too? They’re pretty good.”

“Me? Can I order fish and chips?” Gu Nianzhi tilted her head.

The popular English street food was her favourite. It was fried in butter in a savory beer batter, and was absolutely heavenly when paired with tartar sauce. This was simple fare, but Gu Nianzhi was quite particular about its preparation. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.