I Have A Super USB Drive

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All five of them sat silently at the round table in the dimly lit sectioned box. Four of them were looking straight ahead at the person sitting across them.

The waiter who walked into the strange scene instantly got cold feet. The waiter only served the coffee to each person after a slight moment of hesitation.

“Thank you, you may leave now.”

After everyone had their beverages served, the young man gestured for the waiter to leave and close the door.

After that, he took a sip of the coffee on the table. He said in a low voice that could only be heard if you were sitting close by, “I’m sure each one of you have taken a look at the software I sent.”

SB and CZH exchanged glances. SB took out a pack of cigarettes and handed it out to everyone.

“I’m good, I’ll use mine.”

Guo Dazhuang waved it away and then retrieved a pack of cigarettes which he then placed on the table.

He did not know anyone here. How could he be certain that there was nothing strange mixed in the cigarettes?

CZH started first. “Your product does have a lot of potential. If you want us to invest in it, the two of us are willing to buy forty percent of your company’s shares for two hundred million.”

Zhan Fei shot a strange look at the two of them. Based on their aggression, he had expected that they would have something to say about being threatened. Instead, they made no mention of that and focused on the topic of the product right off the bat.

Just like the saying, there was no such thing as enemies so long there were mutual benefits.

Zhan Fei reflected for a split second before he quickly followed up. The ship was going to sail off if he just waited a moment longer.

“In that case, I’m also willing to buy ten percent of your company’s share for fifty million. I’m sure this is a reasonable price?”

This was not a gesture of generosity on Zhan Fei’s part. Even an outsider could recognize the potential of the software.

Nobody present at the moment was a fool. On the way here, Zhan Fei had thoroughly inspected the software. He even tried to steal the algorithm.

The only problem was that he was unable to break into the core section of the code so he had no choice but to give up and come here.

“Sorry, I’m only selling eight percent of my shares. It’ll also be limited to this project only.”

The youngster made no visible reaction at the notion of hundreds of millions. “Two percent each, no more than that.”

They exchanged glances again. CZH put on his negotiation tone. “Only this project? Is your company not accepting financial investments? No issues on the financial side?”

“Actually, money isn’t a problem.”

The youngster shook his head. “The only reason I’m willing to accept investments at such a discounted price is that I’m aware of the influence of each one of you in the IT industry. Did you really think that my translator assistant bot is only worth five hundred million?”

Zhan Fei and the others fell silent.

“Also, my team is currently developing another translation software that can translate conversations in real-time. Once it has succeeded, I’m certain that the profession of translators will be a thing of the past.”

Such audacity!

They shot harsh looks at the youngster. It was as if they were trying to pierce through him with their gaze.

It was a widely acknowledged fact that the translator profession would eventually be replaced by AI. However, nobody ever dared to make such a bold proclamation out loud.

When the bold claim came from the mysterious youngster, it somehow came out as being a lot more convincing.

On top of that, he had already proven that his hacking capabilities rivaled their own. The Little X Translation Assistant was also a symbol of his breakthrough in the artificial intelligence sector.

More importantly, it would be a waste of effort to stage this entire thing just to pocket several hundred million.

He could have taken it to technological giants like Apple instead of targeting them.

“With an investment of ten million today, I’m certain that each one of you will see a return of at least tenfold in the future.”

“What I’ll need from you all is to act as a safeguard for my company while it’s still in its infancy and protect it from competitors. That’s also why the only project comprised ‘Little X Translator Assistant’. Otherwise, won’t I be the one getting ripped off here?”

The youngster motioned with his arms spread open and resumed his explanation. “This is the reason I’ve invited all of you here. There are no threats, blackmail or any other strings attached. If you’re not interested in my project, you’re free to take your leave. I promise that you’ll never have to meet X again.”


The box was drowned in silence again.

After some time, Zhan Fei finally got up. “In that case, I agree to invest in this project of your company. Have your people contact me. I’ll be available over the next few days.”

After he had finished, he turned around and left.

“Same thing for both of us.”

SB and CZH followed after and made their leave. “Actually, you should consider our suggestion as well. Remember to contact us if your esteemed company is willing to sell your shares.”

After three of them had left, it was just the youngster and Guo Dazhuang left in the box.

“Mr. King, have you made your decision?”

“I thought that you were just going to be a representative and the real X will not reveal himself so soon.”

Sat across the table, Guo Dazhuang glared intently at Chen Chen. “But when I saw your calmness and confidence, I was convinced that you’re the X that had defeated me.”

“You flatter me.”

The youngster picked up a cigarette and began fiddling with it. “How would you react if I told you that I’m not X?”


Guo Dazhuan raised an eyebrow. “No, you’re X. I went through all of your files. Freshman in Shangdu Jiao Tong University’s Institute of Biological Science. You recently published two academic research on stem cells as the corresponding author. It sent waves across the entire academic world and you were hailed as a genius, am I right?”

The youngster began to clap in response. “I never planned to hide all that. It’s not that impressive digging up all that.”

“I never expected you to hide your tracks as a hacker so well. I couldn’t find any trace of it no matter how hard I searched.”

Guo Dazhuang sighed. “If it wasn’t for me witnessing your abilities as a hacker, I’d never believe you were a part of the hacker world. What they say about you is true. You’re not just a genius in biology but you’re also a genius with computers.”

“Let’s skip the small talk, King. Tell me your decision.” The youngster urged.

“I choose to refuse.”

Guo Dazhuang suddenly continued again. “I’m sure you didn’t see this coming. My principle in life is that we all have to face the consequences of our actions. I’ll never tolerate being threatened!”

The youngster was mildly surprised. He looked at Guo Dazhuang. “That’s a shame. In that case, I sincerely apologize for my previous actions.”

“It’s too late.”

Guo Dazhuang got up and shook his head. “I’m not a businessman, I merely established a company out of interest. My true identity is a hacker and you have just crossed the line.”

“Are you challenging me?”

The youngster’s expression became colder.

“That’s right. Unlike the three of them, I don’t value monetary gain as much. I already have more than enough to spend anyway.”

Guo Dazhuang sneered. “Also, I’m not just a hacker, I have some friends in the underworld as well. Don’t you think about threatening me with the dirt you have on me, otherwise, I can’t guarantee the safety of your parents.”

The youngster was not upset at the threat. He sighed instead. “I was too naïve. Human nature is always so unpredictable and difficult to grasp.”

Guo Dazhuang scoffed. He adjusted his coat before heading out.

“You forgot your cigarettes.”

Just as Guo Dazhuang was about to push open the door, the youngster spoke.

Guo Dazhuang halted in his step.

It was at this moment, the fluorescent lamps in the box went out with a “pfft”.

The box turned pitch black in an instant.

“What’s going on? A blackout?”

Guo Dazhuang turned around in shock. He saw the mysterious youngster remain silently seated. He could barely make out his silhouette.

“Is this your cigarette? I’m sure you don’t mind me smoking one.”

The figure in the dark raised his right hand. Following a sharp flick, a pea-sized flame shot up and illuminated half of the youngster’s face.

Amid the shadows and the flickering flames, the youngster’s face faded in and out like an apparition…

Guo Dazhuang’s fierce expression gave away and he looked like he was caught in a daze. He saw the flames leaping up and down, like stars in the sky.

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