I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 1 – I Cultivate Immortality While Others Practice Martial Arts

“Andrew, you don’t have any talent in this area. You’re destined to be an ordinary person in this life.”

“Trash. If not for having a good sister, I’m afraid you wouldn’t even pass the entrance exam.”

“I’m sorry, Andrew. I don’t like you. Your talent is too bad. If you encounter a demon beast in the future, you’ll have to let me protect you.”

A stab of sharp pain woke Andrew up from his sleep. He scanned the unfamiliar environment around him, feeling at a loss.

Someone was clearly talking to him just now. Why was it so quiet all of a sudden?

And why was he sitting in a classroom?

While Andrew was feeling puzzled, countless memories flashed in his mind. In less than half a minute, he came up with an answer: He had transmigrated!

He had transmigrated to a parallel world, and the historical development trajectory was no different from that of Earth.

The only difference was that this place was full of crises!

Many prosperous cities and countries had become a wasteland under the swarms of the demonic beasts. Fortunately, humans still had some hope. They could barely maintain their current situation by practicing martial arts.

As a result, the current society prioritized strength above all!

The more powerful a warrior, the higher their status in society. Not only could they easily get a high reward, but they could also enjoy more social resources.

Andrew’s eyes lit up at once. “As long as I’m strong enough, I can get everything I want…”

However, the memories in his mind were like a basin of cold water pouring on his body.

Practice martial arts?

Practice my ass!

The reason why he was ridiculed so casually by others was that this body was the famous trash of the school.

After practicing in the school for three years, he had gained nothing. Moreover, he was judged to have “no talent for cultivation” in the talent test a few days ago.

Just when Andrew was a little disappointed, a strange thought flashed in his mind.

He is him, and I am me. Maybe I can practice martial arts?

What if I am a genius in martial arts?

Andrew took out his phone from his desk and opened the browser. Now that strength was the norm, all kinds of basic martial arts could be found on the internet.

He randomly entered a few search terms and discovered a forum dedicated to martial artists. There, he stumbled upon a [Basic Genetic Energy Cultivation Method].

While silently reciting [Basic Genetic Energy Cultivation Method], Andrew posted a thread on the forum.

“May I ask if any warrior bigshot knows a cultivation method that can split a ten-thousand-mile mountain range with a sword slash.”

Very soon, there were a few replies at the bottom of the post.

“You’re nuts. Do you even practice martial arts? You’re dreaming!”

“Is the poster trying to split the East Africa Rift Valley with one sword?”

“No, the poster wants to be Zeus, Odin, or Thor!”

“Don’t laugh at the poster. He might just be a newbie. Let me explain. Martial artists are divided into nine grades. Above the ninth grade is the Ultimate realm. It is said that Ultimate Masters can split mountains and rivers with one palm. However, they are still a distance away from the level the poster mentioned.”

Andrew was a little disappointed. If so, the fighters who trained in martial arts were not too abnormal. At least compared to the superheroes in the movies, they were still much weaker.

However, if they could train to the Ultimate realm, it would not be too bad.

Andrew sat cross-legged on the stool and spread his hands in front of his knees. He softly chanted the [Basic Genetic Energy Cultivation Method].

“Genetic energy training method detected. Absorbing the primordial cosmic energy to temper the body…”

“Primordial cosmic energy? Why does it feel a little unreliable?”

Just as Andrew was slightly puzzled, he felt as if there was something extra in his body.

A warm current was spreading throughout his body.

Andrew was overjoyed. At the next moment, a clear voice sounded in his mind.


“Congratulations Host for absorbing a wisp of the primordial cosmic energy. Activating the system.

“System loading…”


Andrew was a little absent-minded. He didn’t notice the teacher with the Mediterranean hairstyle walking down from the podium.

“There are only over ten days until graduation. Are you still in a daze and not training?”

The teacher pointed at Andrew, his face full of anger.

“No wonder people say that you’re trash. For a person like you, I’m afraid that no university would want to recruit you. You might as well go home and sleep early!”

In the classroom, the other students turned their heads around. They all looked at Andrew in the same way.


The reason was simple. They had all passed the entrance exam to enter the school, but what about Andrew?

He had relied on his sister—a genius from Massachusetts—to enter through the back door!

But soon, their disgusted gazes changed. Instead, a gloating smile hung on their faces.


No University would admit a person who could not cultivate. It did not matter how talented his sister was; no university would be willing to spend resources on trash.


The originally sunny sky suddenly turned gloomy. A clap of thunder shook everyone’s eardrums, and only then did everyone shift their gazes away from Andrew.

“Is it a storm?”

“Storm? A fighter must have broken through the ninth grade and became an Ultimate Master!”

There were all kinds of suspicions in the classroom.

Only Andrew felt the surrounding air and was overjoyed.

How was there a storm outside? It was clearly the primordial cosmic energy!

And this primordial cosmic energy was rapidly gathering in his direction. However, since too much energy had accumulated in one place, it caused an energy storm, which was why it had such a tremendous momentum.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The windows directly exploded.

In the classroom, other than Andrew, the others all hid under their desks.

“Idiot! He’s not even hiding.”

“It’s best if he’s also blown away so that we won’t be annoyed to see him.”

When they saw Andrew still sitting cross-legged on his seat, the students laughed loudly.

Andrew ignored them, though.

He felt a huge force continuously surging into his body.
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